Greenies Vs Whimzees

It can be frustrating to pick your dog’s dental treat as it requires a struggle for choosing the best one among so many options. Every dog owner wants to be sure about the quality of the product such as it does not contain any dangerous substance. Also, besides being safe, the dental treats should work by providing a lot of health benefits. Among the wide range of products, Greenies and Whimzees, both are quite famous. Well, if we talk about greenies vs. whimzees, then there are a lot of features that can be compared. Let us have a look at both of the brands.

greenies vs whimzees


In 1996, Greenies were manufactured in the USA, which provides efficient teeth cleaning to the dog. Bringing out the white smiles of the dog, the Greenies Dental treat removes all the tartar and plaque from the dog’s teeth. Also, you will feel a sense of freshness in the dog’s breath as well.

Wide range of variety:

Following your pup, Greenies comes in a lot of sizes including petite, regular, teeny, and large. Also, not everyone has the same purpose of introducing dental treats to their dog. Some are concerned about ageing, while weight management and grain-free formulas are some of the other examples. Additionally, Greenies comes in quite a variety of flavours as well.

Approved by Veterinarian Oral Health Council:

The Greenies is 100% approved by the Veterinarian Oral health council. Just follow the care guidelines and the right dosage for better results. Usually, it is recommended by the experts that only one dosage each day is sufficient. Manufactured in AAFCO, Greenies have an all-natural formula that is beneficial for your dog’s health.


One should always monitor his/her dog while introducing a new thing and continue it until the dog understands how to consume it. There are chances that the dog can chock on this hence, never leave it alone for the first few attempts. Additionally, in the case of some dogs, the Greenies dental treats can be challenging to break down in the stomach hence, is harder to digest.

Other products:

Besides dental chews, Greenies offers a lot of other useful products. One of these products is Pill pockets which are inserted in a capsule, making it easier for you to give your dog medicine. As the dog will not be able to taste or smell the medicine after mixing it with Pill pockets hence, it will not give you a hard time. Plus, just like dental chews, Pill pockets come in a variety of flavours as well so, you can choose your dog’s favourite one.

Another great product of greenies is Breath Busters. Being a multi-day treat, Breath Busters can be given to your dog whenever their breath is needed to be refreshed. The caloric amount is quite low; 15 calories hence, this treat is not hazardous for the dogs at all. Also, it eliminates all the bacteria that cause a bad smell from the dog breath.

Nutritional Value:

It is important to know the nutritional value of everything you are giving to your pooch, just to make sure that you are providing an adequate amount of nutrients. The calorie amount varies depending on the size of the treat, but on average, there are 55 calories in each. This caloric amount is neither hazardous nor excellent. But, it does a great job for the dog.

The Greenies is a protein-rich treat, as the protein content is about 30%. It will not only aid in fulfilling your dog’s daily protein requirement but also provide it with a lot of energy and stamina. The concentration of fibre is 6% which is not alarming at all. Many people are concerned about the fat content in the treats. But don’t worry, because the fat content in the Greenies ranges from 5.5$ to 7%. That is an important comparison factor for Greenies vs Whimzees.

Sourcing and manufacturing:

Judy Roetheli and Joe discovered a natural way to improve their dog’s bad breath in 1996. The headquarters of the Greenies are located in Kansas, as it all started from there. Later in 2006, the company was sold to The Mars Petcare Corporation. Today, Greenies are manufacturing in the United States,  and multiple natural ingredients are collected from different corners of the world.


As mentioned above, there are no artificial or synthetic ingredients present in the Greenies which can compromise your dog’s health. All the ingredients are 100% natural and organic. If you are wondering about the formula, then it varies according to the size of the product. But for now, let us have a quick overview of the ingredients.

Choline chloride:

The choline chloride adds vitamin B complex in the formula of greenies which is quite beneficial for the dog’s health. However, a thing to consider is that how a water-soluble vitamin is added to the formula.


You always need something that helps you to absorb some important nutrients in your body. Well, biotin plays that role in Greenies. It is a natural supplement that helps the dog’s body to absorb the vital nutrients from the dental treat.

Potassium iodide:

Potassium iodide is one of the important ingredients of Greenies. It aids in the healthy metabolism and overall wellness of the pooch. Besides, it helps in the production of thyroid hormones. Found in almost every product of greenies, this one is quite beneficial.

Powdered cellulose:

Cellulose is derived from plants and comes with a lot of advantages. The most important function of cellulose is to give proper shape to the treat also, the bulk is maintained. Some brands do not use quality cellulose, but the ones derived from sawdust or woods, which is not beneficial for the dog.


One of the ingredients, which are present in almost all the treats is wheat. Among all the ingredients, wheat has the highest concentration in the Greenies dental treats. Just make sure, that your dog isn’t suffering from a Gluten allergy. Also, if it has to face difficulty in digesting the wheat, then we will recommend you to not give this dental treat in excess.


Being all-natural, Greenies dental treats come with a lot of benefits. Let us discuss some of them briefly.

  • As compared to other brands, a single pack contains more amounts of treats.
  • The treats are manufactured in variety to fulfil the specific purpose.
  • All the products are rich in minerals and vitamins.
  • Treats are suitable for both dogs as well as puppies.
  • A wide range of flavours makes it every dog’s favourite.
  • It is approved by Veterinarian Oral Health Council.
  • It aids in teeth whitening also, it freshens your dog’s breath.


There is nothing perfect as everything has some disadvantages along with the benefits. Some of the drawbacks of Greenies are:

  • Hazard of chocking
  • Can cause difficulty in digesting
  • Cause Bowel issues in some dogs

That completes greenies for greenies vs whimzees comparison. Lets move on to Whimzees now:


Whimzees is a trustable and well-reputed brand, which has been making dog treats, chews and toys for years. If you are looking for a low-fat, low-protein, but healthy dental cleaning method, then Whimzees is the ultimate choice.

Safe to use the product:

The Whimzees manufactures quality products and all of them are free from GMOs, preservatives, artificial colours, or any other toxic substances. Hence, your dog will never have to face serious health issues by consuming Whimzees treats. Also, it is free from grains as well as gluten which means, this treat is best for those pooches having a Gluten allergy.

Variety of designs:

The unique design of Whimzees dental treats not only helps the dog in grabbing the dental treat easily but also makes the chewing job easier. They have a hollow centre with exterior grooves and knobs. These grooves and knobs make sure that the dental treats cleanse the teeth even from hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, dental treats come in different shapes and designs. Based on your dog’s size, the Whimzees treats come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are shaped like different characters including sausage sticks, star-shaped, veggie sticks, hedgehogs or alligators.

Multiple health benefits:

By refreshing your dog’s breath, Whimzees treat to provide a lot of benefits to the dog’s dental health. They cleanse the teeth deeply also, lowers the chances of plaque formation. However, if there is any tartar or plaque even near the gum line, Whimzees treat plays an important role in removing them.  The number of ingredients is limited hence, the risk factors are also minimal.

Proper intake:

The Whimzees treats are a bit harder to break down as compared to other dental treats. Hence, it is recommended to give these treats to your dog along with water. By this, we hope that you understand the fact that this treatment is not suitable for puppies or dogs under 9 months of age.  They are also approved by Veterinary Oral Health Council, but still, you have to keep a check on the dosage. Although the dogs handle the dental trees in their paws, the smaller pieces can lead to choking hence, observe your dog until it gets used to.

Nutritional Value:

Although the Whimzees treats contain a lot of significant nutrients, it varies from other treats as well. The most noticeable nutritional value of these treats is protein. The protein content in Whimzees treat is quite less as compared to Greenies. As, the treats are from pure vegetable sources, and no meat, hence the crude fibre content is 1.10%. The fat content ranges from 2.3 to 4.0. As there is a variety of sizes, the calorie changes along with the size as well. That is an important factor for greenies vs whimzees comparison.

Sourcing and Manufacturing:

Manufactured by Wellpet LLC, the Whimzees dental treats have made their place in the market. All of the ingredients that are being used in the manufacturing of these treats are sourced from Europe. The headquarters of Whimzees are in Holland, but the dental treats are available in almost 3 countries of the world.


The Whimzees are veggie treats as they are made up of all-natural ingredients. Even some products made up of natural ingredients are not healthy sometimes. But, this one being a vegetarian option and having no artificial ingredient is healthy for your pooch. As the list of ingredients is limited, it reduces the chance of over-consumption of any nutrient.

The major ingredients of the Whimzees dental treats include yeast, malt extract, lecithin, Powdered cellulose, glycerin, and potato starch. Whereas, the additional ingredients are alfalfa, sweet lupine meal, annatto Extract colour, paprika, calcium carbonate, and clove bud oil. Let’s have a look at them briefly.

Clove Bud oil:

An ingredient that is not only therapeutic for your dog but provides a lot of benefit to its health is all that you need in its dental treat. Clove bud oil is that ingredient. But, it is present in the lowest concentration among all ingredients as higher concentrations can be harmful at times.

Calcium Carbonate:

The texture of the dental treats is the result of the presence of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is also beneficial in improving an upset stomach besides, it helps in digesting the treat easily.


People think that paprika is not good for the dog, but lower concentrations are not harmful. Paprika not only adds rich taste into the dental treats but also, is used to add colour to them.

Annatto Extract Color:

It is obvious from the name that the major colour of the Whimzees treat comes from this ingredient. Although it is a natural colour, can cause seizures or other allergic reactions to your adorable pooch.


As it is a pure veggie dental treat, there has to be something like an alternate meat protein. Alfalfa adds protein into the dental treat.


Whimzees dental treats is a complete package as it cleanses the teeth and freshens the breath. Following are some of the advantages of Whimzees:

  • Limited and essential ingredients reduce the risk of any over-consumption
  • The treats are absolutely free from GMOs and preservatives.
  • They are made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • As it has no gluten, it is suitable for even those dogs having a gluten allergy.
  • Multiple sizes and fun shapes make them attractive for the dog.
  • Unique design ensures that the teeth are cleaned from each corner.
  • They are easily digestible treats.
  • Having low-calorie treat is beneficial for the dog.


  • It contains low protein content.
  • No meat or meat supplements are present in the formula of these treats.

Which one is better Greenies or Whimzees?

Well, if we compared both Whimzees and Greenies treats, then they both have eccentric features and benefits. But, in our opinion, Greenies is better than Whimzees. Greenies treat not only tries to fulfil the nutritional needs of your dog but also cleanses the teeth. Besides improving bad breath, they play an important role in teeth whitening, which is not offered by Whimzees. But overall, both dental treats are worth buying.

So now the comparison of greenies vs whimzees should be clear in your mind.

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