Science Diet vs Blue Buffalo

Does your pet turn his nose up from a bag of his bread and you are in search of new pet food? Are you worried about how to pick the best diet for your dog without exceeding your budget? Are you guys comparing Science Diet and Blue Buffalo for your pet’s next diet? What to choose if it’s Science Diet V/s Blue Buffalo? All tough decisions.

How do you choose from the variety of food available on the market for dogs with multiple flavors? Finding an appropriate diet for your beloved dog is such a difficult hunt, and we realize the pain. So here we are to help you out.

Science Diet and Blue Buffalo, the two are amongst the best choices of food for your dog. Both Science Diet and Blue Buffalo are wide-quality brands with almost the same prices, so it makes sense to compare both of them. No?

In this article, we will answer all questions arising in your mind regarding your dog’s feed. Till you reach the end, you will get to know how to pick the best feed for your pet. Let’s get started, what are these brands about?

Science diet is a certified veterinarian food for dogs. It is marketed by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, which is part-owned by Colgate Palmolive Company now. It’s been established since 1930 and their journey continues with legacy. “Lifelong health starts with science”, it’s a slogan of the company-owned science diet. Without a doubt, they have proved the slogan to be correct!

Meanwhile, Blue Buffalo is another popular diet brand for dogs in the market, established in 2003 by the Bishop family. Comparatively, “Love them like family, feed them like family” is the brand family slogan for the Blue Buffalo. It was found when the company owner’s beloved pet was diagnosed with cancer and they were in search of quality food to minimize its side effects. And well they all did our dogs a favor. What do you say?

science diet vs blue buffalo

Ingredients Of Blue Buffalo V/S Science Diet

Both Science diet and Blue Buffalo have a wider variety of flavors and recipes. Blue Buffalo has an array of carefully selected ingredients for their recipes.

What is it made up of? It is a blend of Deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, barley, oatmeal, peas, flaxseed, potatoes and sweet potatoes, carrots, kelp, spinach, pumpkin, and barley grass, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, apples, pomegranate, menhaden fish meal, chicken fat, dried egg, and fish oil, vitamin E, iron, zinc and many more. There are so many healthy ingredients that I can barely say them in one go!

On the other side, Hill science has an assortment of ingredients that they make up into recipes, treats, and formulas. It includes chicken, water, beef, pork, fish, wheat flour, whole grain sorghum, glycerin, dried tomato pomace, pork plasma, iron dioxide, powder cellulose, corn gluten meal, brewer’s rice, pea protein, caramel, wheat gluten, whole grain corn, caramel color, liver and many more.

However, both are similar brands, Science diet has a total of 134 flavors which is equally noteworthy. If we talk about dry dog food, the science diet has 32 recipes while blue buffalo has 85 recipes. On the other hand, the Science diet has 30 recipes of wet dog food while Blue buffalo has 103 recipes in wet dog food concern.

I don’t think just looking at the ingredients and variety we can come up with a conclusion. We are still unable to decide the clear winner when it comes to Blue Buffalo Vs Science Diet.

Now, let’s compare both brands on a nutritional basis. Are you ready?

Protein Content

Blue Buffalo dry dog recipes contain 28.5% protein content while Science Diet dry dog offers 24.5% of protein content.

On the other hand, Blue Buffalo wet dog provides 40.3% protein against science diet which contains 25.8% of protein content.

In general, if we compare both of them we get to know that Blue Buffalo possesses more protein content in it as compared to Science Diet.

As we know protein is a macronutrient that provides essential amino acids to sustain life, especially in dogs and cats. Every pet needs an optimum quantity of protein in its diet, for the growth and repair of body cells and muscles.

Hence, it’s very essential to pick the best suitable diet after considering its ingredients.

Fat Content

Do you think fat is very important for the pet? Yes, it’s necessary but not so necessary if he’s too bulky. So let’s get into it. Although it’s a common practice to say that fat is very unhealthy for your health, it’s not for pets entirely.

A balanced diet must contain a minimum of 10% of fat which is guaranteed by every pet diet.

Both Blue Buffalo dry dog recipes (15.6%) and wet dog recipes (26.0%) contain more percentage of fats as compared to both aspects of recipes of Science Diet i.e. approx. 14.6% and 17.4% respectively.

Why are fats important? Fats are required for the proper growth and development of our pets. It provides absorption of some vitamins as well as maintains the shiny skin of your doggo which is a sign of healthy skin. Moreover, lipids also control water loss from the skin and give the highest energy dose to your pet.

Thus, fats give big nutritional support to your dog along with a taste. That’s also the reason dogs are so inclined towards it. But let me tell you if your dog is already bulky and has diseases such as Atherosclerosis excess fats are highly unsuitable.

So if your pup is malnourished and needs energy Blue Buffalo is a good option. However, for a lesser fat content Science, Diet proves to be right.

Fiber Content

If we talk about fibers, we all know that it’s essential and very necessary for your pets to aid them with digestion. After All, nobody likes constipated pets that pay rumors visits to litre and in constant pain.

The fiber content in Blue Buffalo dry dog food is 6.7% while in the wet or canned dog it contains 7.1%. On the other hand, the Science Diet contains 4.1% & 3.3% respectively.

Fibers are such an important need of the digestive system, as it aids in proper digestion as well as maintaining optimum levels of bacteria which are good for your pet’s GI system. More importantly, it promotes and enhances the functioning of the gut.

Dog food rich in fiber lowers the chances of constipation. Thinking of Science Diet Vs Blue Buffalo Food fiber content, Blue Buffalo is the clear winner.

Water Content

No one can live without water, including plants and humans. And let me tell you no healthy and balanced diet is complete without water.

Water helps to prevent dehydration, aids in proper body functioning, elimination of wastes from the body, regulation of body temperature, and nutritional transport throughout the body.

A little or some proportion of water is present in both wet or dry dog food. However, the water content of every diet influences the percentage of other food contents such as fat, proteins, etc.

In order to decide which dog food is more suitable for your dog, I’d suggest you comply with the dog’s energy and body needs. Look into how much fats, proteins, or fibre he needs for healthy functioning.

Taste Comparison Between Blue Buffalo & Science Diet

Taste is one of the important considerations while picking the best diet for your dog. Because let’s be honest some dogs are picky when it comes to food.

Since no dog will be attracted to food until it does not find it appetizing. Both dog food brands take a whole chicken and chicken-containing meal as their main ingredient and primary meat protein. Why Chicken? As they know chicken is one of the highly favorite meals that dogs love to eat.

However, when it comes to taste both earn high marks from dogs regularly fed with these diets.

Thus, the taste is incomparable and you can tick it off in the checklist.

Pros & Cons Of Blue Buffalo & Science Diet

Picking the best diet of choice without compiling its overall pros and cons is impossible. An individual should be prepared to deal with all the cons before making the right choice. After all, what you’re feeding your doggo shouldn’t turn out to be its enemy in the long term.

Blue Buffalo Pros

What are the benefits of Blue Buffalo?

  • Good choice of diet for active and small breed dogs.
  • Help to enhance immunity with vitamins and probiotics.
  • Rich in antioxidants, help to boost the immune system.
  • Contains a balanced amount of all essential macronutrients. (fats, proteins, fiber)
  • Good for dogs having a sensitive stomach or easily prone to GI upsets.
  • Contain a high proportion of omega fatty acids that maintain the shine of the outer coat.

Blue Buffalo Cons

What are the drawbacks of Blue Buffalo?

  • Contains some amount of grains.
  • As it contains an increased amount of fat content, it’s not suitable for overweight or large breed dogs.

Science Diet Pros

What are the benefits of the Science Diet?

  • Good choice of diet for active and large breed dogs.
  • Help to support and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Also, aids in the development of lean muscle with the right protein value.
  • Help to enhance immunity.
  • Rich in antioxidants, help to boost the immune system.

Science Diet Cons

What are the drawbacks of the Science Diet?

  • Recipes are low in proteins as compared to Blue Buffalo.
  • Some dog owners reported that their pets don’t like its taste, so they show resistance to eating.
  • Contain grains.


By the time you reach the end, I hope you know what’s best for your dog when comparing Science Dog Vs Blue Buffalo. Science Dog is more suitable for large breed dogs and Blue Buffalo is more of a choice for growing pups.


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