How Much Horse Panacur for a Dog?

Once in a while, you’re saddened on noticing your dogs have got worms! Not the first, second, or third time but for the gazillionth time! It becomes a matter of concern for the entire family because they can spread it to humans too. That’s why most people say that dewormers should be regularly used for dogs, but do you know a cheap solution for worm load in the gut? Horse Panacur is an inexpensive yet excellent deworming solution (not for the dogs when it comes to name). However, if you are using a horse Panacur, how much horse Panacur for a dog should be given?

Before we move forward I must tell you one thing, horse Panacur is primarily made for horses thus it would show excellent effects and the least side effects over the horses. Despite that fact, if you still find the ingredients matching with dog dewormer (which obviously are), CONSULT THE VET before use. Even if he allows it, he will warn you about possible adverse effects that horse Panacur for a dog may carry.

Horse Panacur has been used for decades by dog breeders to treat dogs, even pregnant female dogs. It has a very safe ingredient, Fenbendazole. Thus, that’s the reason people still use it.

The most important factor while using horse Panacur is giving the right dose. In short, you must know how much horse Panacur for a dog?

Panacur Dose Calculator

What is Panacur?

Panacur is an orally taken dewormer that has fenbendazole as the active ingredient. It is used for treating parasites. 10% fenbendazole solution is used in making which is a safe dose.

The brand name covers products to deworm cats, dogs, livestock, and horses. What are the most commonly treated worms? Roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms are killed through fenbendazole. Although, not very effective for tapeworms that dogs typically get. Panacur controls both adult worms and larvae.

Moreover, it comes flavored and any pet would love it, apple cinnamon flavor!

Besides, in an off-label medication market, it is also used to treat Giardia and lungworm infections.

Most dewormers work by killing the larvae, attacking the central nervous system, or several other mechanisms. How does fenbendazole kill worms? Fenbendazole binds to the tubulin protein in parasites, hence the parasite is unable to form microtubules. And can it respire without the powerhouse(microtubule)? Absolutely not, so it is dead!

Panacur is safe to use for pregnant dogs which is why most people use it to kill worms that become active from the dormant phase during pregnancy. These worms, if not killed on time, can pass on to the newborn.

What are the routes of giving Panacur?

Panacur is given orally in three forms, paste, granule, and suspension. It goes through the digestive tract reaching the gut and destroying worm colonies. Panacur Equine Guard is used for horses.

Possible Side effects of fenbendazole

Anything is safe unless given off-limits or without any purpose. so first you need to monitor the dose. Panacur is a safe drug and is also given by vets to pregnant female dogs so that they don’t pass on the worms. However possible side effects include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Hives
  • Facial swelling
  • Pale gums
  • Itchinesshorse panacur for dogs

How much horse Panacur for a dog?

After having a brief introduction of what you may be giving your dog, it’s now time to see how much horse Panacur for a dog is suitable and safe. Horse Panacur is a safe, convenient, and cheap way to treat worms.

No blog or post can tell this better than a vet because he knows more about your dog internally than you and I do. Both dosage and duration of a drug are best guided by a vet. An inadequate dose can lead to drug resistance and nobody wants that. Right?

A horse’s intestine is much longer than a dog’s therefore the absorption and metabolism rate differs.

It is important to know which worms are residing inside your dog. The dose for Giardia is definitely going to be different than that given for roundworms.

Horses are much stronger and heavier than dogs so remember the dose varies to a great degree. High doses can cause side effects in small dogs and even prove to be fatal.

Note: A collie breed can strictly not take horse Panacur.

For Paste, most experienced breeders and dog moms suggest 1 turn per 10lbs. Each tube has 12 turns, repeat 3 days in a row. Some people have been using it effectively for years.

How much liquid horse Panacur for dogs? liquid Panacur is 1 ml per 4 lbs

1 cc of liquid Panacur per 20 pounds. People who have used liquid Panacur for about 6-7 years with the doctor’s consent say that the vet suggests 1 cc per 4.75lbs.

In other words, a 50 lb dog would need 5 notches (or half a tube) per day for 3 days.

Here is another easy-to-understand calculation if you still question how much horse Panacur for a dog.:

35 lb = 8 g/day of paste

40 lb = 9 g/day

45 lb = 10.25 g/day

50 lb= 11.5 g/day

55 lb = 12.5 g/day

Horse paste tubes are:

1 92 gram tube cost just a few bucks.

The tube is capable of treating three 45-pound dogs.

Dosage is 3 days in a row repeated every 2 weeks to cleanse worms. But if you are giving for prevention twice a month.

Thus it’s so much cheaper with promised results. No worm survives with this and that’s a tested promise.

It is also a treatment for Giardia. However, it has to be given for 5 days.

In general, Icc for 5lbs is the standard dose of horse Panacur for dogs.

How to use Panacur

There are three simple steps that you need to follow for effectively deworming the dog.

  1. Firstly you need to get the correct dose. In general for a small breed or low-weight dog up to 10lbs, 1g is okay. 11lbs to 20lb 2g and so on. Mostly 4g for larger dogs.
  2. One way is to mix the Panacur with the food so that the dog gulps it easily. You may use the liquid or paste form for this. On the other hand, the apple flavor is likable by most dogs so you may go for it directly. Using a syringe direct the paste into the mouth.
  3. Continue mostly for 3 days. In the case of Giardia, the treatment may go on for 5 days. Repeat every few weeks to keep your dog worm-free.

Pros and Cons of using Horse Panacur for dogs

If you are doubtful about using horse Panacur, I have summarized the benefits and drawbacks of using it.


  • Inexpensive
  • Well effective
  • Effective against giardia
  • Side effects are rarely ever seen.


  • Made for horses not dogs
  • Large doses can be given by mistake
  • Needs to be shaken well before use.


If you take expert advice, horse Panacur is for horses and not dogs. However, many people have been using it for decades and their dogs have been living completely worm-free because of horse Panacur. So if you want a cheap deworming solution, know how much horse Panacur for a dog is needed and start giving it.

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