How to pick a Golden Retriever Puppy from a Litter

Having the option to choose a Golden Retriever for adoption is a dream come true for many. Who doesn’t want that goldilocks to be a part of their fairy tale?. Although it’s a time to get super excited about adoption, the question is how to pick a Golden Retriever puppy from a litter?. Amongst many which one you will choose to give your heart to…

While considering this adoption, here are few tips:

How to pick a golden retreiver puppy from litter

Decide what do you want?

Before adopting a puppy, make up your mind about what do you want in your dog. For example, if you have decided on Golden Retriever, ask yourself what age it should be or what gender you want to adopt. You must know what to look for when buying a Golden retriever puppy. People have their preferences like the male gender is bigger. So they might want to adopt the male puppy.

Also, Golden retrievers have variant tones of color. Decide if you want more reddish or one with a yellowish tint. All puppies have varied behavioral traits. Some are more active and playful than others while others are calm and less naughty.Your preferences are the first step towards hugging your cutie…

Does the bloodline matter?

Oh yes,  the son of a king is a king himself. Along with some genetic insight, a dog inherits the traits of his parents too. Before adopting a Golden Retriever don’t forget to scrutinize his parents. The puppy will be very much like them.

Although you can’t measure the degree of how much the puppy will resemble the parents but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Contact a good breeder that will provide you what you are looking for.

How you should choose a Golden Retriever puppy?

Choosing a Golden Retriever puppy from the litter is not eenie meenie manie mow. You need to be careful while choosing one. Follow these simple steps and you will get the puppy of your dreams

Talk to the breeder

A breeder mostly knows,  which puppy behaves in which way and is close to your requirements. If you are a first-time parent,  research well and ask yourself which is a good breeder near me? Talk to the breeder about your requirements. Be clear and specific. Let him know what you prefer in your pup. Of course, he breeds and knows better what is best suited to you.

Observe the litter

An average Golden retriever puppy litter can have 4-12 puppies. Observe the litter. You will know which one to choose. By spending some time with puppies your heart will make the connection and you will get what you desire.

In litter, you need to observe the behavior and physical appearance of puppies.  They all behave differently. Some are more naughty than others while others are calm. Some questions that need to be addressed here are whether a pet parent wants a playful dog or a quiet companion ?. How a puppy behaves with other puppies or is he a friendly or dominant one?

Which puppy bonds well

In litter, not every pup is the same. Some bonds well whereas others tend to stay at distance.  It’s important to know if the puppy is social or not.  Sometimes parents regret adoption and have to return the puppy because he didn’t bond well. Show the toy and see which puppy is attracted to you.

Hug the puppy

Also, handle a puppy to see if he submits to parents or retaliates being handled. This will tell a lot about how the pup is going to behave later. Hug and pat the puppy. If the puppy feels comfortable in your lap or arms and bonds well, consider adopting that friendly creature.

Health matters!

Choosing a healthy puppy is important and necessary. You won’t want to pay hefty bills to vet. So check

  • If the pup is clean
  • There is no runny nose or eyes.
  • The ears are clean.
  • He is fluffy and furry with no hair patch missing. They are moving fine with no sign of limping.
  • The tail is proper.
  • He seems overall healthy and active.

If things seem ok then congrats on your new pup.

Some matches are made in heaven!

This is true. Sometimes you decide something and when you go for adoption,  you adopt the pup that was meant for you. Look for some cosmic signs…

How to pick a quality Golden Retriever puppy from a litter?

When you have decided to adopt a Golden Retriever, don’t fall for scams. Your Golden retriever should be purebred and legally registered.

Why purely bred?

Sometimes,  you get mixed-breed Golden Retriever. Mostly you find it out when you are already trying to resolve another situation. When the moment of truth crashes on your head that pup is not purebred,  it could be heartbreaking. For example, you were worried about why your pup has a gay tail?  And it turned out that the breeder failed you somewhere in the bloodline.

So always contact trustworthy and reliable breeder with already good reputation. A good breeder will always go through all the checks that must exist in a healthy Golden Retriever. He will also keep in mind the history of its ancestors.

Why legally registered?

When your pup is already registered,  it means that it falls within breed standards. If your pup has a pedigree,  congrats you are going to have a quality-wise purely bred pup.  According to AKC,  the difference between registration and pedigree is that registration only maintains the records of ancestors but the pedigree is a complete family tree.  A pedigree helps you to identify the expected traits of your Golden Retriever along with its complete history.

What is the importance of breeders while adopting Golden Retriever from a litter?

As AKC recommends,  go for the quality breeder. This is important especially when you are adopting a Golden retriever as a working dog. A quality breeder breeds quality pets. Also, different breeders breed Golden Retrievers based on different traits e.g. obedience,  agility,  field trials,  hunt tests, etc. A breeder is usually well aware of everything that needs to be known.  If you are looking for a show-quality Golden Retriever,  your breeder can guide you well.

How to identify a purebred Golden retriever puppy?

While adopting a Golden retriever puppy from a litter,  you must know how to identify one. There are always chances of fraud. Golden Retrievers vary in size,  coat thickness, and colors. This is how you can identify a purely bred Golden retriever.

Ask for papers

First thing first!  Don’t hesitate to ask for legal documents that ensure the ancestors and family history of the puppy. Your breeder must be able to provide you with the proof that puppy is purebred.

Legal documents also help you to identify the health history of the ancestors. AKC registered dogs are recommended as they are one of the largest dog registries that also maintain a proper pedigree of pet.  Their pedigree contains names, color, registration numbers, markings, and all the important data about ancestors. (Like if they have any record of winning titles or specific health history etc).

Identifying a Golden Retriever based on physical appearance:

Not every time the “legal document” is handy or even important. You can spot a Golden Retriever if you know what to look for. The Golden Retriever has an energetic and charismatic personality. They are friendly even in the presence of another pet. You will notice their happy aura and their urge to play with you. They will have a moderate temperament and high intelligence levels.

A Golden Retriever can have varied tones of Golden. It could be light,  dark,  cream,  red or white Golden. While looking at physical appearance,  also observe their tail which should be “on point”. Their tail should extend to hock. However, the thickness of the tail may vary. Golden retrievers have two fur coats, the less dense upper coat and a heavy undercoat. Also, their ears are short and folded.

How to prepare for a Golden Retriever puppy? 

Well,  the new member is going to be home soon. You will need to prepare. It’s time to give him the environment he deserves. Make your home comfortable and safe for the pup.  Keep all the chemicals and medicine away from reach. Buy accessories and toys and make some space for him. Everything poisonous to dogs must be kept away.

Your first week with a Golden Retriever puppy

When the pup is home, the first week is tough. Both you and the puppy need to adjust and bond. When you have adopted a young (2-4 weeks old)  Golden retriever puppy,  it will sleep a lot. Try to make him comfortable by giving him space. Take him for a walk and spend time with the pup. Make effort to bond up with him.  Soon you will be training him for socialization,  playing, potty and other things.

Are Golden Retriever puppies difficult?

Some people may suggest that Golden Retriever puppies are difficult but trust us no puppy is easy. Golden Retriever puppies are highly energetic and super active.  You may find difficulty in handling them.  They need constant companionship but isn’t it why you adopted them in the first place? Also,  they don’t get mature at a very young age and will take two to three years to settle down. Yes,  we admit they are a little restless but with careful handling and training, you can make these cute monsters well behaved.

Male or female Golden Retrievers?

If you are deciding between male and female Golden retrievers,  we are no one to intervene. You must know how a male or female are different from each other and then decide for yourself.

A male Golden Retriever puppy is more affectionate and caring towards you. On the other hand,  females are easier to train. There is also a minor difference in their sizes.  So when you are deciding how to pick a Golden Retriever puppy,  choose whatever you desire.

We think we have provided you enough information. Now it’s up to you how you would like to choose a Golden Retriever puppy from a litter. Best of luck!

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