When to Stop Using a Crate at Night

Do you want to let your dog sleep freely out of the crate? Most dog owners want their dogs to sleep in the house when they reach the age of 7 to 9 months. Well, in our opinion, it is not the right time. The dog still needs to sleep in the crate as it is not ready to be free. Now you must be wondering that when to stop using a crate at night, right? Let us tell you all you want to know about this. Hang in there!

when to stop using crate at night

On what factors does the right time to get rid of the crate depend?

As every dog has different behavioral traits than others, it is essential to know that the age of letting them sleep out of the crate depends on their behavior and training. Also, another factor that determines either the dog can sleep without a crate or not is the reason behind using it before. If the dog has already dealt with the cause, such as lack of supervision or bathroom training outside the home, then it can sleep outside at night for sure, but if it is still struggling with the problem, it’s better not to allow it out of the crate at night.

If the cause behind crating the dog at night is housetraining, the ideal time for training is two months. After two months, most dogs get trained, and they are good to go without a crate at night. But make sure the dog has not soiled in your home or inside the crate, as it is an excellent sign that it is ready to live outside the crate.

Furthermore, if your canine eagerly resigns to be in the crate at night before bed or when it is clearly worried by the surroundings and is searching for a peaceful spot to withdraw, you most likely don’t need to uphold crating to such an extent. Encouraging your pup to utilize the crate refers to assisting it with relating to positive things. Thus, on the off chance that it as of now chooses to use it all alone, you can investigate leaving the entryway opened for some spans so it can go out and come back however it feels good.

Is it right to stop crating the dog at once?

No, it is a bad idea! Believe it or not, but it is pretty worse when you phase out the crate for the dog because it can risk all of the hard training you’ve been putting effort into. Now you must be wondering what the right thing to do is. Let us tell you! The general rule of thumb is that you have to take things calmly and slowly. Don’t rush! It takes some time to get rid of the crate for your little companion.

How to phase out a crate for the dog?

The initial step is to start keeping your dog out of the great for a long time. Precisely, you have to crate the dog more minor than you use to do on regular days. Start giving long gaps at night, and do not let the dog stay all night long in the crate. Whenever the dog is out of the crate, you still have to offer it the potty break, which will make the dog understand that it has a life outside the crate now.

Also, give the dog food and water outside the crate. But besides all these practices, you have to supervise the dog for the first few days to ensure that it is thoroughly trained and ready to be out of the crate at night.

In the end, you will actually want to work up to longer spans, such as avoiding your dog to put in a crate around evening time or at night when you are sleeping or out for some work.

In the initial days, leaving the dog with its most loved toy or a frozen treat for a distraction is recommended so that it may not have some time to destroy things. After some time, your dog might know how to live in a larger area than a crate, such as a living room or a kitchen.

What are the indications that show the right time to leave the dog loose?

As the dog matures, you might think that it wants to sleep freely outside the crate. Well, you are right! When a dog reaches the age of around 18-24 months, it is ready to be set free outside the crate at night. While some goofy dogs who still might want to climb the table, romp with a show, or unstuff the pillows should wait a little more, approximately 2-3 years of age is right for them.

Here we will discuss some conditions when you think your dog is ready to be out of the crate at night.

Separation anxiety:

A genuine issue for some dogs that can alter their behavior essentially is separation anxiety on the off chance that your dog whimpers, barks, or burrows in the crate at night. It might be experiencing the issue. It could be enticing to allow your canine to remain outside of the crate to prevent such behavior, however in case it is acting awful because it is furious about being left alone, you might return home to discover the baseboards bit, blinds torn from the windows or other dangerous conduct it has never thought of while you are near. In this case, you may need to housetrain the dog and let it set free to avoid any destruction or let the dog sleep in the same room at night so that it may not feel anxious.

Stops chewing:

Whether the dog is objecting to your shoes or the telephone charger, most young doggies discover biting and chewing powerful, and it is difficult for them to control it. Some grow out of this stage rather rapidly, while others keep biting and chewing on things into adulthood. Until your dog does not stop munching on something, it is a bad idea to let it out of the crate.

However, if the dog builds control and stops chewing the stuff, we think it’s the right time. Also, you can assist the dog by offering some chew toys so that it does not have to bite any of your important and valuable stuff. Let the dog distinguish between which things it can chew and which not. For this, you have to avoid giving the dog old shoes or torn towels for playing.


We know that the least you want is to waste the effort you have put on housetraining the dog by letting it out of the crate at night too soon. What worse could happen? The dog might go to some peaceful corner and excrete the waste and, on the off chance that you don’t discover it instantly and tidy it up thoroughly, there are high chances that it will get back to that spot for elimination.

Notwithstanding your dog doing everything outside dependably, you ought to likewise know when it should go out and when not. It will allow your little guy the best opportunity of accomplishment while changing to being out of the crate.

What’s the catch?

You don’t need to have to get rid of the crate for the dog. If your dog wishes to be inside for some reason, it’s cool. Also, you can keep the dog in the crate when you have to travel somewhere at night, let it be a vet or any other purpose. But when the dog is ready to come out, you should do it at the right time. In case your dog loves to sit in a specific place during the day, you can choose the same spot for night as well. How? All you have to do is open the crate door and place it near that spot. If your dog wills to be out, it will most probably come out and sleep there.

What essential things should the owner keep in his mind before leaving the dog without a crate at night?

Wondering when to stop using a crate at night for your dog? We have told you enough about that! Now it is time to know what things should be considered necessary while taking the critical step. Read the following points for a better understanding:

  • If your little dog’s bed will be put adjacent to your bed, then the least you could want is that it bounces up on your bed during the night while you are sleeping and disturb It would be best if you watched out for that.
  • Let the dog learn all the good and positive behaviors first to avoid any annoying behavior at night.
  • You better not play with your dog at night time when it is out of the crate. But why? If you practice such behavior, the dog will forget the difference between bedtime and
  • For a fruitful change, you should focus on the dog’s tendency to destroy anything and perceive how it acts around the house most of the time.

Is it okay to let the dog sleep anywhere in the house?

Well, we know that you are just as excited as your dog to let it sleep outside the crate, but you have to progress slowly. And how is that exactly? Let us tell you! You don’t want your dog to be everywhere in the house as you don’t know how it will react first. So, in our opinion, confine the dog to just one room where to pricy or important stuff is placed, to avoid any loss.  Also, if your dog is already familiar with any room, that room is the best choice for your dog. Also, ensure the following things:

  1. You can prevent the biting of the dog on the furniture by spraying the legs with an impediment.
  2. Provide your canine with loads of biting toys like a stuffed Kong to forestall weariness.
  3. Close up any garbage bins or cupboards you don’t need your canine to reach.
  4. Completely doggy proof this room, which means eliminating chewable items, wires, cleaners, and drugs.
  5. Before the dog goes to sleep, ensure that his physical activity requirement is fulfilled or stressed, in this way, the dog will sleep peacefully for a long time without waking up again and again due to restlessness.
  6. Once the dog passes this test in one room, it is ready to be free in the entire house and sleep wherever it pleases. However, if sleeping with your dog anywhere is not comfortable for you, you can confine it to the same room for how long you want.

How to deal with the dog jumping on the bed when it sleeps along with you?

As discussed, there are chances that the dog might want to jump on the bed. Now how would you deal with the situation? It would be best if you thought of a command for your dog and whenever it bounces on the bed, tell it to get down and sleep in its place.

Also, you can use the reward theory by simply rewarding your dog when it goes down the bed and settles at its spot. Repeating the method, again and again, will build a better understanding for the dog. Lastly, you can increase the distance between your bed and the dog’s bed so that it gets difficult for the dog to reach you.

Bottom Line:

We hope that all your concerns about when to stop using a crate at night have vanished as we have explained every aspect clearly. Lastly, an important tip we want to suggest to you is to take things slow, don’t rush! In a nutshell, waiting for your dog to get control of its behavior and get mature, then it is ready to get out of the crate.

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