My Dog Barks at me When I Sit on the Couch

Dogs love hours of attention from their owners. They can play for countless minutes and still not get bored. But you get tired, don’t you? However, the dog barks at you as soon as you sit on the couch. Why is that so?

Dogs have a circadian rhythm, they have a timely fixed routine where everything happens at a particular time. Eating time, playing time, pooping time, etc. Thus, when things don’t go the way they have been for a while, the dog will react by barking. Because honestly, can he talk and write to express his anger? No, so the dog will bark and try to speak that way.

Barking can be seriously irritating, especially when the dog barks after you sit down on the couch. Nobody wants to compromise on a relaxing time right? So let us find out the reason and solve the problem at its earliest.

my dog barks at me when i sit on the couch

Why does my dog start barking when I sit on the couch?

Barking is mainly to grab some attention. The dog wants something from you, and as you sit on the couch he thinks you won’t give it now. So to get you off the comfort stop and fulfill his demands, a dog barks at you when you sit on the couch. Is it that simple? No!

In order to find out the cause, you’ll have to investigate and pay some close attention to dog behavior.

Remember happy dogs don’t bark unless linked to a certain barking breed or behavioral problem.

Dog is hungry

Do you instantly put food in front of your dog as he barks? Well, your dog has learned that barking is his way of asking you for food. So if you haven’t given him food earlier, or he just returned after burning calories, he won’t let you sit. As you lay down on the couch your doggo will start barking at you!

Another reason could be that you probably dropped on the couch with a handful of snacks. And man anyone could be salivating at snacks, no? In this case, he’s again asking for whatever you’re eating.

Lastly, is it 8pm? Do you feed him at 8, before watching your favorite TV serial? Dog’s have some internal clocks fixed and they tend to know the time for everything. So if you get late with food time or playtime, he’ll protest and remind you by barking!

Make sure to avoid reward treatment as this will further aggravate the behavior.

Dog wants to go out and play

If you don’t take your doggo out to play, does he bark? Yes, that’s it!

The dog is barking as you sit on the couch because you haven’t taken him out for the daily dose of exercise.

How to find this out? Does he sit in peace once you’ve played with a ball or taken him out? That’s the answer.

Remember puppies and young dogs are energy balls and love playing.

Getting enough physical activities to help in the physical and mental wellbeing of a dog.

Dog wants a reward for Barking

There are chances that each time the dog barks, instead of inquiring the reason you throw treats towards him. Sadly, this is how you have encouraged the behavior and the dog brain has it fixed that each time he barks, he’ll be getting yummy treats. Not just treats, it could be toys, food, and most importantly attention. All dogs are greedy for these things.

What’s the solution? The best way is to ignore when the dog starts to bark nonstop.

Dog is Resource Guarding the couch spot

Dogs are very possessive about their food, toys, crate, owner, and even the places they sit and spend most of the time. If you sit on a spot on the couch where the dog normally sits, he is barking to get you off the place. Additionally, he considers that spot as his territory and allows absolutely no one to take the place.

So it’s time to sprinkle treats on a mat or some other spot so he stays there.

Dog requires some attention

Are you too busy in your daily routine? Have you been compromising on your dog time? Do you only pay attention to the dog when it barks? He is going through an attention deficit.

Chances are your four-legged friend is missing your old time together and he barks to get your attention.

You will know that as soon as you turn your attention towards it, the dog will stop barking immediately.

Instead of reacting to this, it’s better to find some healthy time and activity with him so his mood improves.

Dog is Jealous

Do you get on the couch and then immediately grab your child or some other pet? Do you have a relaxing time in your husband’s arms on the couch?

Well, let me tell you dogs are very possessive of their owners. They consider the owners as their resource and having to see them share time and space with somebody else comes as a threat to them. So the poor dog is going to bark and whine when he sees you with someone else.

Moreover, in the canine world, hugging, cuddling, and physical contact is also considered as a sign of fighting. So it’s likely that the dog might think of you in trouble, and is trying to scare the pet or person sitting with you. Sweet yet scary behavior.

It’s about time you don’t show love to other beings in front of the overly protective dog.

Dog is from a barking breed

Some dog breeds bark more than others. They’d bark at everything, everyone and sometimes without any reason, just their nature.

A good example is the Great Pyrenees. The bulky, furry dog barks every few minutes mostly without any reason.

Dog has a previous bad experience

Is your dog still barking after you fulfill his food, water, playing, and attention demands? Have you adopted it recently?

This is particularly linked to dogs that are rescued. When you rescue a dog you have no clue about his past experiences and grievances, chances are that sitting on a couch is linked to a bad memory that strikes. Therefore, he reacts by barking uncontrollably.

This is a behavioral problem that needs therapy and professional help.

For such behavior, it’s best to consult a behaviorist.

What can I do if my dog barks when I lay down on the couch?

Of Course, nobody wants to move once they have dropped onto the sofa. But on the other side, your dog barking can be seriously annoying and wouldn’t let you sit comfortably. What can be done to solve this issue?

Here are a few tips that will aid calming your dog down.

  • Complete all the main duties such as feeding and cleaning before you drop on the couch.
  • Don’t pay attention to the dog when he barks. Do not react in any possible way. Even a smile can be a reward for the poor dog.
  • Ignore him, get up and leave.
  • If your dog is a small breed or a puppy consider guiding down.
  • Reward their quiet behavior or time with small treats.
  • Engage the dog in some mental games as you rest.

Adopt these tips. If they don’t help it’s about time you see a behaviorist.


With that said, I’d say that if a dog barks at you when you sit on the couch it must be addressed promptly. Notice the behavior and investigate a little to find the cause. Once you know the reason behind it, you’ll be able to solve the barking issue completely.

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