Is Fresh pet food good for Diabetic Dogs

Freshpet food is getting popular amongst dog owners.  The whole hype of this food being “fresh” and healthy makes you think if Fresh pet food is a good choice for diabetic dogs too?

In this article we will have an overview of what is Fresh pet food and if it’s good enough for your diabetic dog or not?

is freshpet good for diabetic dogs

Fresh pet food for diabetic dogs

Diabetes needs serious lifestyle management and this includes eating habits too. As diabetic dogs are injected insulin so they need to eat regularly and at the same time every day. Otherwise, Insulin irregularities can cause many uninvited problems.

Pet owners become more choosy when it comes to food options for diabetic dogs. Fresh pet food is food with no preservatives. We have seen dog foods that have a longer shelf life and can be stored for a certain period. Fresh pet food, on the other hand, doesn’t have added preservatives and stays fresh for a limited time only.


Is Fresh pet food good for diabetic dogs?

“Fresh pet food” is a general term also. Fresh food has no added preservatives but it doesn’t mean every fresh pet food is good for diabetic dogs too. Some fresh pet food vendors add ingredients as fillers that are high in carbohydrates. Ingesting more carbohydrates means more glucose in the dog’s body. So it’s important to know what kind of fresh pet food are you going to feed your diabetic dog.

What to look at when ordering “fresh pet” food for diabetic dogs?

While choosing fresh pet food for your dog with diabetes,  You have to look at two aspects.

  • its nutritional value and
  • the ingredients that you can feed to your diabetic dog.

The fresh pet food you order for your diabetic dog must have high nutritional value and there must be more portion of protein and fibers. Some diabetic dogs need to be fed two to three portions a day. So owners have to divide portions according to diabetic dogs’ needs.

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The Fresh pet brand

  • The brand “fresh pet food” claims to give your dog this high nutritional, and more protein-containing diet. They also claim in their tagline that they offer real food fresh from the fridge.
  • Other vendors add fillers in their diet which contains more carbs portion. Whereas “fresh pet food” vendors guarantee that there are no added fillers or by-products in their food at all. They also claim to use fresh food and vegetables in their food.
  • Keep in mind that this whole “fresh” hype doesn’t mean that food is human grade also. It simply means that their food is high-quality “feed grade” for pets.
  • They also have a different variety of foods for adults dogs too. Adult diabetic dogs need a properly balanced diet. Fresh pet food is enriched with mineral supplements and Vitamins to meet the needs of elderly dogs.

Their variety includes

  • food rolls
  • stews
  • bagged meals
  • Dog treats.

Which Freshpet food ingredients are good for diabetic dogs?

There is a wide range of recipes that are made for pets. However, ingredients that are good for diabetic dogs include

  • Beef
  • Egg
  • Chicken
  • Salmon
  • Carrots
  • Chickpeas
  • Lentils
  • Cinamon
  • Green vegetables
  • Quinoa
  • Yogurt
  • Brown rice (with a recommendation of a vet)

Food ingredients that are healthy but not allowed for diabetic dogs are

  • Rice
  • Watermelons
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Pumpkin
  • Berries

So Fresh pet food options that contain more protein and fiber content are good for diabetic dogs. Whereas foods that have more sucrose,  fructose, or carbs should not be given to dogs with diabetes. As they will raise the glucose level in diabetic dogs. (Read glucose level 500).

  • Also, fresh pet food is not raw food.  The food is cooked and pasteurized before selling.

Which Fresh pet food ingredient is an eyebrow-raiser?

  • Unlike other fresh pet food vendors, the brand Fresh pet owners produce the food in large quantities. To make sure that food quality stays uniform, they add emulsifiers and thickening additives (carrageenan and cassia Which is a big No for fresh food. It’s uncomfortable to know that even food that is claimed to come directly from the fridge has additives or emulsifiers
  • The brand Fresh pet claims a high protein portion but that protein doesn’t necessarily come from meat only. They use plant protein as a protein source too.

How long the Fresh pet food stays fresh?

Fresh pet food is always recommended to be kept in the refrigerator. It must be used within days before the expiry date that is written on the food.

  • Most of their dog food has an expiry of 7 days.
  • Single serving cups must be used within 2 days.
  • Dog treats stay fine for 10-14 days.

Is Fresh pet food organic?

Fresh pet food is natural but not organic. The vendors buy ingredients and make fresh pet food for both cats and dogs.

Is Fresh pet food a better choice? 

Fresh pet food is a better alternative to dry dog food or kibble for your dogs. Dog with diabetes needs healthy food that is gentle on the stomach too. Most diabetic dogs get upset stomachs a lot when they are on foods that have added preservatives and byproducts.

An upset stomach can lead to diarrhea and vomiting which may create other complications.  (Read diabetic dog diarrhea and diabetic dog throwing up to know more about consequences).

So fresh pet food is a good choice for diabetic dogs. For flavoring, you can always add a pinch of cinnamon.

Is Fresh pet food is a better alternative to home-cooked food too? 

Well,  fresh pet food has ingredients like rice and Peas too. At home,  when we make food for diabetic dogs,  we must be very careful while adding these ingredients.  The increased portion of rice, potatoes, or peas may raise the blood glucose level of a dog.

Fresh pet food users claim otherwise.  They say that even when their dog ate fresh pet food which had rice and peas in their ingredients list,  the dog’s blood glucose level stayed fine. So this makes fresh pet food a big go for diabetic dogs.

How to feed your dog Freshpet?

If your diabetic dog is on another food. Switch to fresh pet dog food slowly. Exchange portions before transitioning the whole diet. It is recommended to switch food within 7-10 days especially to diabetic dogs or they can get an upset stomach. (Read the consequences of switching dog food cold-turkey to know more).

Do vets recommend Freshpet food for diabetic dogs?

Yes!  Vets recommend feeding your diabetic dog healthy and fresh food like Fresh pet. There are no reported illnesses in Fresh pet user dogs till now. The product is completely safe and is considered a wise choice for diabetic dogs.

From where you can buy Fresh pet food for diabetic dogs?

Unlike other food vendors,  they don’t offer home delivery services. You can buy fresh pet food from major grocery stores. Also, they don’t have subscription services

 Is there any alternative to fresh pets for diabetic dogs?

Ollie and nom nom are other brands that offer fresh foods for pets. Still, the fresh pet has the advantage that they have low price than the other two. The average cost of fresh pet brand food is $25 a week approx. Whereas Ollie is $37.50 approx and Nom Nom is $39 approx.

Conclusion :

Is Fresh pet food recommended for diabetic dogs?

It’s a big YES!!!

Happy engaging your dog to a healthy lifestyle.

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