Prime Rib Bone For Dogs

Chewing bones is quite a pleasurable activity for dogs. Not only it keeps them entertained but also satisfies their inborn need to chew. If you have been finding the best dog bone, the answer is undoubtedly the “prime rib bone”. 

prime rib bones for dogs

What is a Prime Rib Bone? 

It is the most expensive and best cut of beef that is between the 6th and 12th rib of the cow. Many dog lovers would like to give prime rib bone to their pets but as it is the most expensive cut, not everyone can afford to buy it. Prime rib is also the most flavorful meat when cooked on the bone.

Can Dogs Chew Prime Rib Bone? 

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. The answer to it is YES! Prime rib is a soft bone as compared to other bones. It is easier for dogs to chew. Uncooked bones tend to splinter less and hence are safe for dogs to chew. Cooked bones are not considered ideal for dogs, so dog owners are advised to be careful regarding that. Because cooked bones have a higher risk of splintering, it can cause choking as well as organ damage to the dogs.

Bones are considered to be a substantial pedigree of minerals and other nutrients that greatly help to satisfy the appetite of your pet. This chewing on bones aids in plaque build-up prevention and other diseases of gums. It has been found that dogs that chew on bones tend to scratch their paws less. 

Dos and Don’ts:

Before giving any kind of bones to your dogs, it is advisable to know the dos and don’ts first.


  • Always give raw meat bones to your dog.
  • Give the bone to your pet only for 10-15 minutes, then take it away and refrigerate it. You should dispose of the bone after 3 or 4 days.
  • Large breeds like German Shepherd, Bloodhounds, and Mastiffs should be offered with large bones.
  • Your dog should always be supervised whenever you give them a bone.


  • Make sure you never offer any bad bone to your dog.
  • Cooked bones should not be given at any cost.
  • Small pieces of bones should be kept away from dogs as they might cause a choking hazard.
  • In case of any stomach problems, don’t give a bone to your pet.
  • If your dog is having a friend visiting it, don’t ever give your dog a bone to chew on.

Types Of Bones:

There are two types of bones that are crucial for dogs and are abundantly bought from butcher shops. These types are divided according to their content as well as their purpose. 

The two types are as follows:

  • Recreational Bones: If you want to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy, then these types of bones are ideal. These recreational bones greatly help in improving mental stimulation. Though these bones are not high in nutrition, they aid in cleaning the dog’s teeth and keep them safe from diseases. The soft cartilage and tissues on the bones sustain the good health of the dog’s mouth and teeth.
  • Edible Bones: These types of bones are solely for eating purposes. These bones are hollow from the inside and are soft to chew. These bones provide the utmost nutrition to the dog. These types of bones are an excellent source of calcium and other minerals that might be lacking in your dog.

To keep a perfect balance in the health of your dog, you should provide them with both kinds of bones. The combination of these uncooked bones offers a wide range of health benefits for your pets. Many veterinary doctors recommend giving round bones with bulges or lumps at the ends. These round bones do not break easily and do not cause any teeth problems.

It should be kept in mind that you should not give cooked bones to dogs in any situation. Besides cooked bones, frozen bones are also forbidden.

Why You Can’t Give Cooked Prime Rib Bone To Your Dog?

As much as your fur baby likes to chew on the rib bone, you must give it in uncooked form only.  Cooked bones are always a big no-no for your dog. There is a valid reason behind it. Want to know what? 

Let’s have a look at it.


Any bone when cooked becomes hard and brittle and rib bone is no exception. When your dog bites or chews on this dry or brittle rib bone, it gets crumbled into small pieces. These small pieces have a high risk of penetrating the dog’s internal organs, especially in the stomach. These small and sharp bones can poke through the stomach walls of the dogs, causing Peritonitis. This is a bacterial infection that can cause the death of your dog if not treated timely and properly.

The splintered prime bone can also dislodge in the throat or esophagus of dogs. This problem can cause breathing problems by blocking the throat that can ultimately kill your pet. 

Another problem caused by crumbled prime bone is that it might get stuck in the dog’s stomach or intestine. The bone fragment can be large enough to move around the dog’s stomach that can create blockage in the stomach. This will require immediate treatment from the doctor because if this bone has penetrated the dog’s internal system, it can engender infection. This infection can prove to be fatal and lead your dog to death.  

As cooked bones become hard and brittle, they will not be broken down and digested within the dog’s stomach. Now if your dog tries to excrete this hard bone, it will rupture or damage its rectum that causes severe bleeding. Do not try to remove the stuck bone by yourself and take your dog to a vet doctor immediately.

Final Verdict:

Uncooked prime rib bones are ideal for your dogs. These uncooked bones provide maximum benefits like nutrients as well as healthy teeth. As prime rib bones are considered a supreme cut, your dog will love them. They can enjoy maximum taste and flavor which are missing in cooked bones. Cooked bones can also be fatal and dangerous for your dog as they might cause several stomach-related problems. 

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