My Puppy doesn’t Like Me

My puppy doesn’t like me“. This sounds heartbreaking and somehow trust shattering too. We can fully imagine how difficult it is for both the puppy and the owner to live in an unwanted situation.

Wishing to adopt a puppy and then finally making it happen is a dream come true. When you realize your puppy doesn’t like you,  you question yourself. Blaming on own self is common but trust us this is quite a common situation.  There is nothing wrong with you or how you treated your little angel. Sometimes there could be misunderstandings leading to the “my puppy doesn’t seem interested in me” thing.

my puppy doesnt like me

How to know if your puppy doesn’t like you?

when you have a puppy,  you know how much those little gestures count. For example, I know when I return home I always find Leonidas waiting for me. That little spark in his eyes when he sees me… Oh my! it brightens me up and no matter how tired I am, I always forget about everything else. When your puppy doesn’t like you,  it shows a certain resistance towards affection. Not only,  he will not be compassionate himself but will also reject your loving gestures.

If you are looking for “signs why my puppy doesn’t like me” know that when your puppy starts hiding from you and acts coldly when you are around, be prepared for heartbreak. He doesn’t like you! He will simply not seem interested in you anymore and will avoid little gestures like cuddling or showing affection.

Why my puppy doesn’t like me?

Puppies can act in unexpected ways especially when you have adopted them in the near past. Your puppy may not like you because

He has an abusive past

Psychological effects last longer than expected. If you have adopted a puppy from a shelter or rescue home,  chances are he had an abusive owner in the past that is why he ended up there in the first place. The imprints of the past will not allow the puppy to come near you and you may think that “my dog is scared of me. ”

They say time heals everything. You need to be kind and affectionate with consistency so that the puppy can develop a bond and that level of trust with you.

He doesn’t trust you

Broken trust takes forever to mend. Your puppy can develop a feeling of distrust after betrayal from you. (Depending on what he thinks a betrayal is?). Sometimes when you are not home when expected or you don’t give your dog that promised treat,  your puppy will hate you. Yup, the reason could be as simple as this.

But wait!  We have a feeling that this hatred is out of pure love… Awww…  We know you can win his heart again. Keep trying!

They are already in love with someone else

Here we are sensing a betrayal from another side. Maybe your puppy has developed a bond with someone else at home or wherever you take him. Dogs need love and time and when they get it from someone else,  they fall in love with that person. You just need to win its heart all over again.  Tough competition though!

You ditched him somehow

Wrong behavior can lead to broken trust. You need to be careful about your expressions and how they impact the emotional health of your puppy. When you scold him for apparently no reason or for things he has not done, he will hate you.

Your puppy must understand why you are punishing him. He will avoid those actions in the future. If he is unable to make a connection between his actions and punishment,  you will sound cruel to him and it makes sense that the puppy will start hating you.

They are not socialized very well

If you have adopted a new puppy,  maybe he was not trained to be socialized well. This can lead to his distrust towards every new person.  He will take time but will adjust to a new environment if you will do intentional hard work to win him.

You were not there for him

Puppies and dog parents share an emotional bond. This relationship requires as much effort as any other. If you work long hours or stay outside,  your puppy will miss you. Eventually, he will start becoming distant and in the end, he will not like you at all.

Now you can’t blame your dog for not liking you and you are not allowed to say my puppy doesn’t listen to me. Of course,  there were times when he needed your little gestures of affection and love. He waited to be praised for good behaviors and you were not there. Many times he was in pain and distress or was scared and feeling lonely.  How will you justify not being there? When you adopted him, you signed an invisible contract to make this bond work…

Now we have tears in our eyes and we are on your puppy’s side.  Huh!

How your puppy will like you again?

Ok,  now you are on the losing end and we know how badly you want to make things better. Here are few things you can start doing right now and you will see a visible difference in your puppy’s behavior.

Be kind!

If your puppy is distant because of your aggressive behavior. Now is the time to change. Don’t take out your frustrations on your dog. Realize that he is a living being as you are. Sometimes owners get tired from the hardships of life and take it all out on their puppies who feel everything.

Win his trust

Build your trust back. Your puppy must know that you are always there for him. You will save him from all the troubles and will love him no matter what.

Soothe him,  calm him, and love him. He will understand that you have genuine feelings in your heart. Give him a treat once a day. This is the best way to make your puppy realize that he doesn’t need to be afraid of you.

Compensate for the lost time

Your puppy needs to develop that bond of love and compassion with you once again and what is a better idea than spending time together.

You guys have already missed a lot. So now is the time to compensate. Go on walks,  have some “us time together “, watch movies, or simply cuddle up often to make up for the lost time. Now don’t say my puppy doesn’t like to cuddle. Love gives you some rights over your companion and using this right cuddle him anyway. His resistance is just a way of showing his anger.

Reinforce positive behaviors

Instead of scolding your dog or punishing him for wrong behaviors,  try to encourage him on positive behaviors. This way he will know the difference. Also when it is necessary,  don’t be cruel to your dog. Even when you have to punish him, convey the message most kindly. I have seen people doing cruel things to puppies to avoid negative behaviors in them and then asking on forums and websites that why my dog is scared of me.

In my case,  a simple light ear twist works wonders. When I have to punish Leonidas, I say “No” and twists its ear a little as if I am scolding a child and Leo never do it again. Such an obedient sweetheart he is.

Surprise him a little!

Love needs surprises. Tell your puppy that you can love him unconditionally. He is not going to have rewards only when he earns them. He belongs to you and that is enough to get rewarded from you. This will develop a strong bond between you two.

Don’t push him hard

Even when you think certain behaviors are necessary to adopt,  don’t push your puppy hard. He will adopt things with time. Especially when a puppy is new, he needs to adjust and understand things. Also while training doesn’t get frustrated why your puppy is not adopting things or picking up your commands.

Give him space and a chance to improve. Change yourself a little and you will see positive changes in your dog.

Love whom they love!

If your puppy is attached to someone else like another family member or another dog. You can’t simply break the bond and this is not even necessary. Some dogs get attached to people who care for them and play with them. Here you need to make your space and you can do this by being there for your puppy to start over again.

When your puppy will start liking you

We assure you that our wonder tricks will work. Your puppy will start liking you just in few days.  However,  some wounds take time to heal. If a past traumatic experience has lead to hatred,  your puppy can take few weeks to months to renew your relationship with them.

Don’t lose your heart or hope because the good news is that in the end,  your puppy will love you.  Every dog-human bond is based on love and even your puppy can’t deny it.

So good luck guys!

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