Puppy Poops in The House After Being Outside

Having a cute puppy as a pet is a treat…until they decide to poop inside the house after being outside of the house. It is annoying and can frustrate dog owners easily. But it is important to note, that dogs do have to get potty trained. Just like human babies, they require your attention and care to be able to learn all these things.

However, behavior is often derived from something. Your dog pooping inside the house has to do with something that is bothering them. Let us discuss some of the reasons why your dog is pooping inside the house. And do not worry, we have solutions too!

An important thing to note is that you cannot always rely on your internet research – check for all these problems yourself but if you think the problem is not getting fixed – always visit a vet.

puppy poops in house after being outside
puppy poops in house after being outside

Why Your Puppy is Pooping Inside 

There are several reasons why your puppy is pooping inside of you house. Let us look at some of the possible causes.

Your Dog May Be Sick

Do you know how sometimes sick people cannot control their pee? It can happen to your dog too as they might be sick. Before you burden your puppy with another session of potty training, it is vital to get them checked by a vet as they can be sick, and making them train more can add to their misery.

You should understand your dog as they cannot speak to you, but their actions do. So, if your god is peeing and pooping inside the house. They may have an infection. A urinary tract infection can make your puppy pee more.

Similarly, kidney issues are often the reason why dogs do not have control over these things. On top of this, certain hookworms and gastrointestinal problems can lead to unintentional popping inside the house.

Your dog is not to be blamed for here, so consult a vet and give some time to your dog.

Or your dog can feel too lethargic to go out of the house, just to poop. In this case, you should cater to their needs and set up a crate somewhere in the house, so they do not have to go outside to poop. However, once the dog is healthy again – make them go outside so they do not forget about their training.

Leg Injury 

If your dog has an injured leg or they fell somewhere. It can be the reason why they are pooping inside the house. When you take them out, they do not go because they do not want to bend the leg. And they probably cannot control it after some time.

Hence, if your dog is limping – get them checked by a vet so they do not have difficulty bending the leg and can go poop when they feel like it – NOT when they can no longer control it.


A lot of medicines have some side effects which can make the puppy have diarrhea or have stomach aches. It can be a reason why your puppy is pooping around the house. You can visit the vet and ask for some other medication that will not have such side effects.

Or you can just get some nappies and let your dog take its time and get better. Once they are off the medicine, you can get them back to their routine.

Your Potty Training Has Failed

We can feel you are frowning, but this is one of the most redundant reasons that can make your dog poop inside the house. Sometimes when people get puppies, they train them without any proper research. Remember that only watching a few YouTube videos does not help. You should always thoroughly research these things before jumping the gun.

Your dog needs proper training before being able to do these things on its own. Therefore, if you think that you did not do the properly – hire a professional who can help you with the training process.

And if you think it is late, don’t stress. You can hire a professional trainer so they can find out the gaps in your training. You can work together to make the amends.


When you let your dog out, it can get distracted by the outside world. All the trees and other things fascinate the dogs if they are used to being inside the house. This can be a reason why your dog gets distracted outside and does not focus on the business.

You can get your dog a fence or build a separate potty place so the little puppy can get relaxed and focus on the business.

Your Puppy Is Not Comfortable Going on A Tiled Floor

Do you have a tiled porch? If yes, then that can be the reason why your dog is not comfortable. They usually prefer to go on grass or dirt. Therefore, it is important to find out the preference of your puppy, if you have adopted the dog from a shelter then notice what type of surfaces they have. Your dog might be more comfortable there than in your garden.

Give time to your dog and train them on your surface (with patience) so they can easily poop and pee in your garden or porch.

It is Too Hot or Cold

Sometimes, dogs are reluctant to poop in weather that is too cold or hot. This is the reason they end up wetting themselves inside your house because the temperature is better inside.

On the contrary, your dog may not like getting wet from any puddles outside after it has rained. Therefore, you should have a makeshift place where they can go inside the house, so they do not have to get wet or cold outside the house.

They are animals but are living beings. As a puppy parent, you should always be aware of their needs, and if they are reluctant to do something, do not force them into it especially if they are old.

Age Of Your Puppy

Puppies can have problems such as an urge to urinate frequently, and when they notice that the door is closed, and they cannot be outside – they do the job inside the house.

Therefore, if you just adopted a puppy, it is important to train them to go on their own or dedicate a place inside your house so they can utilize that space rather than going outside during the night.

Change Of Space

Another reason why your dog is pooping inside the house is that you might have changed your house recently. Dogs need some time to get adjusted to a new place. Therefore, if you have moved into a new space – train your dog again so it can get used to the dynamics of the new place. You can use a crate for a few days inside the house so they can get confo9rtbale and then slowly move it outside the house.

And do not forget to get a freshener when you put the crate inside your house because the smell can put people off.

Why You Should Not Treat Your Puppy Immediately

Sometimes, new dog owners can get excited while their puppy is training. This makes them eager to treat their little furry friends but here is why it is wrong. When your puppy is pooping and you get excited and wag a treat on their way, the dogs get distracted as they get happy.

You should always wait for the dog to get done and then give them a treat. It will ensure that the puppy knows that they cannot stop midway.

A Few Tips for Worried Dog Owners 

Potty training your puppy is hard, here a few tips that you should know!

  • Do not be harsh to your puppy, they cannot understand your anger. Instead, give them time to get trained.
  • If you cannot manage on your own, get a professional trainer so they can train your puppy.
  • You can use a litter box inside your house if your puppy is not comfortable pooping outside.
  • If your puppy is sick, use nappies instead of forcing them to poop outside.
  • If your puppy poops inside the house, ensure that you clean it properly as the smell can make them think that this is their territory, and they can poop here.
  • Do not treat your puppy while they are pooping and keep your expressions neutral.
  • Have a few treats ready for your puppy after the training is done every day so they can look forward to it.


Puppies are fragile and they need care like humans to groom into dogs who can be on their own. Many trails can come your way as a dog parent and one of the most frustrating ones is when they start pooping inside the house after being outside. There are many reasons for this – therefore it is important to point out the issue before getting angry about it.

Your dog may be anxious or sick. If you cannot put your hand on the problem, then take the dog to the vet and get them properly checked.

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