Is Diamond dog food good for Pitbulls?

Pitbulls are fighter dogs and are bred for their athletic nature. What dig food can be best for them. Is diamond dog food good for Pitbulls? Diamond dog food is amongst the top 5 dog foods for any dog breed.

Let’s see what we have in our store regarding pitbull and their food.

Is diamond dog food good for pitbulls

Is diamond dog food good for pitbull?

Yes. The diamond dog food is good for all pit bulls no matter what age or size. Pitbulls are a very energetic breed and require up to 3000 calorie content. This is more than an adult healthy human. Any dog food that is rich in protein is fit for pitbull. They need up to 49% protein and 20% fats in their diet.

From their range, What is the best diamond dog for Pitbulls?

Different dog foods are made for variant types of dogs. Food for larger dogs is made different from that for small breeds. Also, dog food for puppies and adults is separate because of the nutritional requirements.

  • Talking about Diamond dog food, their chicken and rice dog food is good for all Pitbulls. Whether they are puppies or adults. The food is rich in nutritional value and is loaded with quality ingredients. The chicken used is premium quality. The choice of vegetables is healthy and special probiotics are added to food that promotes gut health in Pitbulls.
  • Diamond Natural food has been in top dog foods because they don’t use additives or preservatives.
  • Their chicken and rice food is 23% protein whereas an active pitbull requires up to 40%. Even diamond food high energy dog food has 24% protein. By active we mean an athletic dog with a lot of energy and stamina. If the pitbull is elderly or not very active, this dog food is a great choice for him.
  • The fat content in food is 13% which is also less than an active Pitbulls’ requirement. So less active dogs won’t put on extra weight by feeding Diamond rice and chicken dog food.
  • Also, Diamond dog food has two dog food lines. One is cheaper and the other is quite good. Diamond naturals are from their quality product line. Keeping in mind their quality, they are a lot better and less expensive than other brands.

Is Diamond puppy food good for Pitbulls?

Diamond puppy food is specifically designed for puppies and mom-to-be dogs. Both puppies and pregnant or lactating dogs need more nutrition. Puppies need nutrients for proper growth and brain development.

Diamond puppy food has 31% protein and 20% fat. This is very close to what an active pitbull needs. Plus the food is loaded with nutrients. So definitely you can feed your pitbull diamond puppy food.

Also, many dog owners have reviewed it as the best dog food and said that their dog got rid of allergies after eating Diamond puppy food. As the food is rich in nutrients, it makes the dog’s coat shiny and healthy.

Can Pitbulls eat any dog food from any brand?

No. Pitbulls are specifically a very active breed. Due to their high energy levels, they require more calories and nutrients. Plus they are also prone to allergies too. Whatever dog food they are feeding on must be high quality and rich in nutrition. They can’t even eat the different categories of the same brand so you have to be careful while choosing their food.

Apart from diamond naturals what brand of dog food is best for Pitbulls?

Diamond naturals are the best category amongst diamond dog food that you can feed any pit bull. However, there are other dog foods too that you can feed your Pitbull

Top 5 dog food for Pitbull other than Diamond Naturals

5 other good brands that have a dog food fit for your Pitbull are

Blue buffalo dog food for Pitbulls

In blue buffalo, there are two dog foods that you can feed your pitbull and they have proven to be best for them.

  • Blue buffalo freedom
  • Blue Buffalo wilderness

The dog food, Blue buffalo freedom is the best dog food for Pitbulls to gain muscle. This formula is rich in protein, calcium, and minerals. Their protein source is high-quality beef. The L-carnitine in food helps to gain lean muscle and the glucosamine in food makes dog bones and joints healthy. Blue buffalo freedom helps the pitbull fight skin allergies.

The wilderness category is the same as a diamond puppy. It contains chicken and fish and promotes brain and eye development in Pitbulls. Blue buffalo wilderness is overall goof dog food for Pitbulls. It makes the healthy, promotes good gut health, makes the coat shiny, and bones strong

Taste of the wild dog food

Their High Paraire Canine Recipe is very good for Pitbulls. It has 32% protein and 18% fats which is the best choice for healthy and active Pitbulls too. The food is loaded with minerals, friendly bacteria, and antioxidants.

Most of the taste of the wild recipes are good and they contain more than 25% protein. You can see which fits your dog best.

Victor dog food

Victor class Hi pro plus is also a very good choice for your Pitbull. It contains 30% proteins and 88% of that is from meat sources. The fat content is 20% which is just ideal for your Pitbull. Victor dog food supports good health, keeps your dog active, and promotes lean muscles in dogs.

Bully Max dog food 30/20

Bully max dog food 30/20/is high-protein dog food. Apart from that 30% protein and 20% fat content, the food is also recommended by vets. You can feed this food to any Pitbull.

Annamaet ultra 32 dry dog food for dogs

Annamaet ultra 32 dry dog food formula contains 32% proteins with 20% fat content. The ingredients used are healthy and the food itself doesn’t only promote good health but also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is the best food for Pitbull of any age and size.


Pitbulls are an active breed that requires high-energy food to fulfill their nutritional needs. As well as can help them to grow and develop a strong immune system. Diamond dog food is good for Pitbulls. You can feed some other high-quality brands with high protein content too.

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