How Much do you Spend on Dog Food?

Your pup deserves sugar, spice, and everything nice in the world and you should feed him the best dog food. But sometimes the average cost of dog food per month can cause you an arm and a leg. If you have recently adopted a dog, you need to know how much do you spend on dog food. This will get you a better insight into dog dietary requirements and your budget.

how much do you spend on dog food

How much dog food do I need per month?

To calculate how much will dog food cost monthly, you first have to make a chart of how much food your dogs eat per day. It is not good to decide on dog food based solely on your budget. Your dog needs a proper diet that should fulfill its nutritional requirements.

There are variant dog foods on market and you need to choose wisely. Before buying food for your dog always see the back of the pack to check

  • Ingredient list. Check if all the ingredients used are high quality and dog friendly. Plus if there is any ingredient that your dog is allergic to. Also, check the meat source, protein percentage, fat percentage, etc.
  • Calories per serving. This helps you in deciding dog food cup sizes according to your dog’s individual needs.
  • Amount of salt and grains used in dog food and if the amount of fillings in dog food is more.
  • Minerals and vitamins
  • Remember that each dog has individual dietary requirements and each dog’s food is made according to the dog’s age and breed.
  • Explore a dog’s feeding chart to know the minimum requirement of dog food for your pup. Feeding him less can cause malnutrition. A Bad coat is a sign that your dog is feeding less than the required amount of dog food.

Normal dog food of good brand should cost up to 70$ per month for different dogs. There are some expensive brands too but if dog food fulfills all the requirements for your dog, it’s wise to stay within budget.

How much does a small dog food cost per month

Small dogs require more nutrition for their Brian growth and strong immune system. They are active and of growing age. Usually, their food is loaded with nutrients and can cost up to 60$ per month.

The food chart for a small-sized dog is

Dog weight in kgsServing size
2 kg (toy breed)0.5 cup
3 kg (toy breed)0.75 cup or 0.5 (with 100 more calories)
5 kg0.75 cup
7 kg1 cup
10 kg1.5 cup

How much a medium-sized dog food cost per month

A medium size dog requires a moderate amount of calories. Again this also depends on how active your dog is

The food chart for a medium-sized dog is

Dog weight in kgsServing size
15 kg1.75 cup
20 kg2.25 cups
25 kg2.75 cups

Dog food for a medium-sized dog can cost you from 30$ – 50$ per month.

The per month cost of dog food for adult dogs

Adult and Senior dogs usually require dog food that is rich in calcium, and protein and have less fat content. Adult dogs need to stay fit and maintained. Sometimes senior dogs have special dietary needs according to their health requirements.

Adult dog food can cost up to $60 per month. Here is a food requirement chart for the adult dog

Dog weightServing size
30 kg3 cups
35 kg3.5 cups
40 kg3.75 cups
45 kg4.5 cups
50 kg4.5 cups (with 200 more calories).


So how much you spend on dog food per month is based upon your dog’s weight and how much he requires to eat. Divide the above-mentioned food size into at least two servings per day.  Feeding your dog more protein-based food is good as it will not make him hungry again. If you will feed your dog food that has more carbs, then get yourself prepared to spend more on dog food.

The cost of dog treats

Your dog’s treat should not exceed 10-15% of its dietary requirements and also don’t make your dog addicted to treats. Dog treats can cost you anywhere between 20$ -50$ per month.

How much do dogs cost per year

The money that you have to spend on dog food a year is simple to calculate. Roughly add all the monthly dog food budget plus treats.

Typically you spend between $600-$800 on dog food a year, depending on your dog’s breed and his nutritional requirements. Unless your dog is on a special or medicated diet, most people spend the same amount on dog food.

Is it cheaper to feed your dog human food than dog food?

Unless you are feeding your dog leftovers, the cost of human food and dog food doesn’t have much difference. However, you need to add supplements to their diet too because homemade food usually does not contain all the nutrients in one diet.

Also, homemade food requires a lot of time and effort. There are advantages of homemade dog food too that it’s gentle on the dog’s stomach and made under your supervision. If your dog has a health condition, it’s better to spend time and effort rather than on vet appointments.

Can you switch dog food with puppy food or vice versa to save cost?

Don’t switch dog food to save costs. Sometimes what is good for one breed of dog is not good for others. For example, small dogs need more energy and they can have more fat content but feeding more fat to senior dogs triggers health problems.

Similarly, medium dogs need muscle mass and giant dogs need lean bodies as they are more prone to arthritis. Some good dog food brands have categories that you can switch but in general, it’s better not to switch.


How much should do you spend on dog food depends on the age, size, and health of the dog. Normally dog food costs you anywhere between $30-$70.


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