Taco Bell Dog Food

When the taco bell fake meat lawsuit surfaced on social media, dog owners started gossiping if they can feed Taco bell to their dogs or if Taco bell dog food is for real. Well, In this article we will share some inner scoop of the story. But first,

Taco Bell Dog Food

Can your dog eat Taco bell?

No. Taco bell serves fast food for humans. Fast food is oily and salty. This could be very harmful to dogs’ health. Also, some ingredients used are onions, garlic, and spices. So don’t feed your dog Taco bell. Give him dog treats instead.

We have seen that people have proudly quoted how their dog eats at Starbucks or another restaurant. Well, dogs can eat human food but feeding them fast food is not a good idea. If there is any fresh salad with dog-friendly ingredients, that can be an exception.

What can happen if your dog eats Taco bell?

If your dog will eat fast food, he can be very sick. Oily foods are not good for your dog’s heart health anyway. Also, the spices in food can cause inflammation and the food itself can cause diarrhea. Oily food is hard to digest.

Does taco bell use dog food in their meals?

No. Their meat and other ingredients are USDA standard approved. They don’t use dog food in their cuisines.

What was the Taco Bell dog food scandal?

There are two stories to this dog food scandal and one resulted in another. So what happened is that a statement got viral that Taco bell uses lower-grade meat. The news reported that the meat used by Taco bell is so much lower grade quality that it can be used as dog food.

One famous fast food chain being alleged for using dog-graded food is not a small issue to be ignored. It causes a nationwide stir that Taco bell’s meat grade is lower than dog food. People started questioning Is taco bell meat close to dog food?

 As a result of a conspiracy,  there was a significant decrease in sales in a few outlets

If not dog-food grade, What kind of meat does taco bell use?

The whole Taco bell scandal was about the meat used in their tortillas. The lawsuit claimed that their beef contains only 35% beef and 75% fillings. That doesn’t qualify as “beef”. Plus their meat quality is so low grade that Taco bell uses dog food.

As an answer, Taco bell claimed that they use 85% beef and the meat quality is not a lower grade. Although they didn’t publicly issue about their meat source and chain of delivery. That mystery yet remained but Taco Bell issued statements claiming that their meat is USDA standard approved. They further claimed that their beef is prepared just like it’s prepared in the home.

Taco bell spent a hefty amount of 3-4 million to fight the case and in the end, they won. The lawsuit was withdrawn. Taco bell management also clarified that they haven’t changed any product to falsify the claim. The claim of Taco bell dog food grade meat was just a false allegation from the beginning.

So, the withdrawal of the lawsuit clearly shows that no one needs to worry about “is Taco bell meat fake?” Because it’s not. Even if they have not revealed their source publicly, the meat used is not a dog- food-grade meat. It checks the USDA quality requirements and is completely safe for humans to consume.

Well, the gossip mongers didn’t settle here. They started a new gossip that even if the food is not “dog food grade”,  still it is bad enough to say that Taco bell meat is one grade above dog food. These allegations were not true either.

So, in the light of the above conspiracy, some commonly asked questions and their answers are:

Is Taco bell dog food?

No! It’s not. It’s a human-grade food and the whole Taco bell dog food was a simple scandal that got resolved on its own when the lawsuit was withdrawn.

Does Taco bell have anything for dogs on their menu?

They are fast food restaurant chain that has nothing to do with dog food. If you want to feed human food to your dogs, that is something else.

Did Taco bell change their meat in 2022 after the scandal?

Nopes! According to management and the CEO, they didn’t change any product to eliminate the scandal. The fake allegations were not true from the beginning so Taco bell doesn’t need to change anything anyway.

What was the actual scandal and what is the connection between taco bell and dog?

Here is an actual story of the Taco Bell dog food scandal.

It appears that the company used a dog as a marketing strategy. The dog appeared in ads and became the voice of the brand. As the dog used some sentences that hurt the sentiments of people and wore a cap that ignited the scandal. People called the taco bell dog racist and insulting. The company was forced to remove dogs from its marketing campaigns.

According to management, the dog died and that is why they get rid of the Taco bell dog. Some inner resources say that the marketing campaign with dog backfired and it was not generating any revenue for the brand. So due to a decrease in sales, the company decided not to use dog for their marketing.

Is there any Dog-friendly food at taco bell?

Taco bell doesn’t have dog-friendly food. They only have a dog-friendly zone due to their dog-friendly policy where you can leave your dog while dining.


Taco bell is a fast food restaurant that faced some allegations regarding its meat quality. They don’t use dog food in their meals nor do they serve dog food. Also, it’s not a good idea to feed your dog Taco bell. It can cause upset stomach, inflammation, and diarrhea.

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