Tampons for Dogs

The world has been capable of tackling taboos around sexual health. Therefore, as pet parents, we need to come together and understand the Canine Heat Cycle in females. It can prove to be helpful for new pet owners. However, the main goal is to cater to their needs and provide them with all the love and care they deserve. On the other hand, it is also crucial to highlight male dog obsession with menstrual products. Are tampons made for dogs? Can we use tampons for female dogs? Well, I am here to help you find out the answers to these questions. Let us begin!

In short, you can use tampons for dogs but they aren’t the best solution to your problem. Dogs unlike humans really seem to dislike them. In fact, there are more health risks associated with them than any benefits. Why? Let’s find out.

tampons for dogs

Canine Heat Cycle

First of all, the pooch heat cycle can vary depending upon the size, breed, and age. Usually, big breed dogs experience a delay as compared to the smaller dog breeds. Your doggo can have two heat cycles in a year between the ages of six to fifteen months. But again depending on the breed, it can also have more than one heat cycle.

On the other side, it is normal to experience a delay in the onset of the heat period.

Proestrus, The Bleeding Phase (4-20 days)

The heat cycle will begin with this stage. It is during this phase that your dog can experience uneasiness. Moreover, a burst of hormones will bring about physical and behavioral changes. Your friend can be extra clingy these days. Shower her with extra love and care.

Bloody Discharge:

Notice for any discharge, as it can be one of the most evident signs that your dog is undergoing her heat cycle. A few breeds leave a trail of sprinkled blood here and there while others would splatter at a spot.

So, you do not have to worry if you see either of the patterns, they are normal.

The real question is can you use tampons for your dogs? Well, 10/10 for the idea. However, I am sure they will try to pull it out at some point. Dogs are very curious and mostly don’t like anything on their body.

You can always try, though but stay cautious. Nevertheless, most dog owners prefer dog diapers. And according to this research, there will be expected growth in their sales for the same reason.

The real question is can you use tampons for your dogs? Well, 10/10 for the idea. However, I am sure they will try to pull it out at some point. Dogs are very curious and mostly don’t like anything on their body. Apart from anything on the body they like blood during the periods. You can learn more here”why do dogs like period blood?

Swollen Vulva:

The hormonal changes will cause the vulva to swell up to protect her from mating. Along with that, your friend can experience excessive secretions. Due to which you will see her licking her genitals quite often. And thus, there is a chance that you might not see the blood at all. This does not mean she is not on her heat period.

Estrus, The Mating Phase (5-13 Days)

It is the second phase of the heat cycle in which the female attracts male dogs and sends mating invites by releasing pheromones. It can get a little messy since your dog might urinate all over the house.

Never get mad at her and try to understand what she is going through. Besides, you can always work your way for the solution. We will come to that in a bit.

Straw Colored Discharge and Tail Positioning

The highlight of this phase is a pale discharge which was initially bloody. It marks the start of the estrus phase. Nonetheless, you might not notice it at all because it stops by the end of this phase. Thus, tampons for dogs are not required here.

Another prime behavioral change comes with tail tucking. Your pal initially covered her genitals with the tail. But, now she holds it to the side for the male to attempt. According to research male dogs can detect a female on heat from miles away.

However, if the discharge is colorless then you need to measure it with other measures.

Diestrus and Anestrus Phase

These two phases are of little significance as the signs start to disappear. Although, your dog is still fertile during this period as well. The Diestrus phase can last for sixty to ninety days. Meanwhile, the resolution of the cycle in the anestrus phase takes place for about two to three months. The uterus prepares itself for the next heat cycle.

Dog Diapers/Pads VS Dog Tampons

As you know, during the bleeding period, your female companion usually covers her genitals with the tail. Thus, tampons for female dogs can make them aggressive or reject them overall. After all, she is going through mood swings.

And if by chance you are successful, she might try to pull it out. Hence, it can lead to grave problems that I am going to discuss in the next section. On the contrary, dog diapers are a safe and reliable option.

Yes, she can pull the diaper, unwrap it. Even then, there is still a chance she gets comfortable with it.

Moreover, diapers can help with the frequent urge to urinate and poop in the second phase. Not just that, the diaper will cover the genitals of your dog to prevent mating if that is what you want.

You can either go for disposable pads or reusable diapers. They are durable and have an absorbent fabric with little tail space for its comfort. Besides that, you can use the same diapers for male dogs too. Isn’t that killing two birds with one stone?

You can find popular brands such as Haartz Diapers and Pet Magasin Reusable Diapers on amazon. They are not only budget-friendly but, they serve the purpose well.

Why are Tampons Dangerous for Dogs?

The body of your furry baby can not accept something foreign inside it. Therefore, a common problem with tampons is bacterial infections. Different kinds of bacteria reside on the skin of your doggo that can enter your doggy’s system.

Thus, it activates the defense mechanism of their body. It can lead to a severe state of shock which can be life-threatening. Furthermore, it can cause grave damage to her kidney, liver, and heart.  Why put your dog at risk of infection?

Besides that, there is a constant hassle to change them every four to eight hours can be costly. So, Tampons for dogs is not a wise option to consider.

What to do if your dog ate a tampon

So far, we have established that tampons are not for female dogs and how they can cause harm to them. Now it is time to talk about your male dog’s infatuation with human menstrual waste. One of the most crucial reasons behind this is their natural capability to sense pheromones.

Just like dogs release pheromones to attract males, humans produce pheromones as well. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why they get drawn towards female genital and anal regions especially, during their active cycles. The smell makes them curious and, if they get their hands on the biowaste, you will see them licking it or at least sniffing it. Creepy, right? Not in the canine world that knows little about hygiene.

But wait, why is that an issue? Dogs are born hunters and, this is how they are, right?

However, this obsessive behavior can lead to the ingestion of tampons. This can be a medical emergency and needs immediate help.

Do not Panic and Call for help

Your dog might not even understand the gravity of the situation but, I am sure you do. Therefore, do not panic. Try to figure out how many tampons your canine buddy has eaten. Save up their wrappers as it will help you remember the count.

Never attempt to induce a cough by giving any liquids or try to pull it out forcefully as it can choke your friend. Call the vet as soon as possible and wait for his instructions. He might tell you to bring your friend to the clinic or, he will ask you to monitor it at home depending upon his availability.

Signs and Symptoms

With all of that going on, you have to stay vigilant. Observe any signs of discomfort and uneasiness as it can lead to life-threatening complications. Some of the most common noticeable findings are as follows;


The tampon, after entering the gut can lodge anywhere in the system. As a result, your doggo can experience pain. It can be cyclic as the body might try to expel it using peristalsis.


Be prepared to face an emergency if it gets stuck anywhere. It can impair the blood flow to the damaged organ. After which, there is a high chance of the affected tissue going under necrosis or oxygen deprivation.


Tampons can be a big problem for your dog’s intestines as they can cause obstruction. The cotton fibers and the string at the end can obstruct the lumen of any duct or simply the intestines.

Natural Protection

Yes, you heard that right. Some dog breeds have natural protection from such incidents. Can you make any guesses?

Well, Big breeds like Great Dane have a large lumen of intestines. Hence, it allows the ingested tampon to escape effortlessly. Thus, it is not a problem for them. Do remember that tampons are not for dogs to play with ever.

Similarly, if your dog has had a meal rich in fiber before this incident, then he may pass the tampon in his stool. Lastly, the amount of tampons your dog has eaten plays a significant role in the outcome.

I have already advised you to keep a count of the tampons your dog has ingested.


I am sure you would want to know how you can prevent all the problems we discussed. Well, it is easy breezy. All you have to do is keep a good check on your dog, be it a male or female.

She Dogs

When you take her for a stroll in the dog park, make sure you keep her away from the male dogs. And if you want my advice, stay home. Your dog can get aggressive so can other male dogs. It can be dangerous for you. The hormonal hype is never pleasant.

Apart from that, you can pamper her by providing all the comfort at home. Be it cuddling with her favorite blanket or the best quality diapers. Most importantly, tampons for dogs should not be on the list!

Make sure she has eaten well and is hydrated enough. Allow her to play with the chewable toy from the collection for as long as she wants.

He Dogs

There is not much you can do. Just dispose of the menstrual waste properly in a place that is unreachable for your male dog. As far as the sniffing is concerned, you might have to deal with it. They have over 300 million olfactory receptors and a strong sense of smell. For this reason, they are interested in different and new odors. The suspicion is indeed uncontrollable.


As we come to the end, by now, you must know that tampons are not for dogs. Thus, you should always keep them away from your dog. It does not matter if they are used or unused. TAMPONS are not dog-friendly items.  Knowing all of this information about our canine friends, you can think of yourself as an expert. It is common for dogs to ingest tampons. So, If you find yourself in such a situation, call the vet immediately. Never take matters into your hand.


Take good care of your female furry ball and educate other pet parents. Have healthy discussions and share tips on how they care for their dogs during this phase. It will be worth it in the end. Repeating again, Tampons for Dogs is a ‘NO’ from my side. It cares way too many risks than actual benefits. When the time comes, your dog will give you puppies. And, you will love your dog more than EVER!

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