List of Dog Pokemons

The word Pokemon directs me back to my childhood. Pokemon cartoons and cards were my top favorite as a ten-year-old child. I began to collect action figures and the love was never-ending. When I entered the teenage, I was introduced to Pokemon Go. My relationship with Pokemons is eternal. But if you’re looking forward to adding some dog pokemon to your collection, I am here to help you out. Here is a list of Dog Pokemon that greatly resembles dog but have a few extra powers too.

List of Dog-inspired Pokemons:


arcanine pokemon dog

This is a fire-breathing dog that you can use for riding all over the town. It’s fluffy and beautiful. Every dog owner would fall for its look. It’s is the oldest, first dog pokemon from Kanto generation so the initial players have this special place for him. It’s indeed a majestic and legendary creature. A great fighter!


shyamin pokemon dog list

This might be the most useful Pokemon dog you’ll come across as it has the best base start. You’ll find the sky-type in many competitions. Its attacks are super accurate and cause irreparable damage to the competitor. However, be aware if you launch it in opposition with an Ice type.


houndoom pokemon dog

This one is hound dog type. It is from the dark and fire category so don’t mess with this angry being. It is a prize-winning guard dog of Pokemon World. The appearance would leave anyone loving him, this angry bud has an arrow tail, an amazing color scheme with stunning horns. It can evolve.


houndor dog list of pokemon

Another hound-type dog in the Pokemon World with a guard-dog appearance. When it comes to the competition he is basically useless, just an addition to the dark family.


succine pokemon dog

Is anyone of you look for a water-type pokemon? This is a legendary dog from the water family.


yamper pokemon dog

It is the puppy form of Boultund. It is not someone to launch on a battlefield.


boltund pokemon dog

Boultund is an electric type. He is the other name for dog Pokemon. He is not really a fighter, but a must-have in your doggo collection.


smeargle list of pokemon dogs dog

Smeargle may not look like a dog pokemon but in reality, it is, inspired by the dog breed Beagle. It has been made with creativity. And well this dog paints. Why would anyone want a dog who paints?


growlithe pokemon dog pic

This is a dog-inspired Pokemon from the Fire category. He is a great competition in single play because of his remarkable resistance. The resistance is towards the fire, grass, ice, bug, steel, and Fairy-type foes.


Snubbull pokemon doggo

This guy is super cute and originates from fairy. The bull in the name is for a bulldog. It’s a bulldog puppy of fairy type.


granbull pokemon dog

An up-gradation of Snubull is available as Granbull. The bull in its name is for Bulldog. Although it looks outraged in reality, it is also timid and would make a poor guard dog. Indeed a popular Pokemon among young people.


furfou pokemon dog

Do you get amazed with fashion and colors? Frufou is the one for you, it can transit into nine different colors and is a pretty looking Pokemon. It was introduced in Kalou’s region. It doesn’t have very good battle moves and can get old pretty quickly.


poochyena pokemon dog

From dark origins, Poochenya is a hybrid breed. It doesn’t have much role in a competition, the best advice is to evolve it.


mighteyana pokemon dog

An upgraded version of Poocheyna is Mighteyena. This one obeys the trainer as a real dog does. It originated from 3rd generation of Pokemon. It can be easily caught. Many people say it is influenced by the German Shepherd’s look


lillipup pokemon dog

Puppies are super cute, and so Lillipup. It has a poor stat base, but if left unevolved can learn many moves like Takedown and Giga impact. The evolved version is a Herdier.


herdier pokemon dog

Herdier not only takes his looks from dogs but his loyalty too. It’s a first-year evolution from Lillipup. Herdier’s base stat might be poor but it has above-average type moves.


Electrike pokemon

As the name suggests Electrike is from Electric Fam. It is a mixture of dog and wolf. It is pictured with Smeargle.


Manectric pokemon dog

Manectric is an evolution of Electrike. He looks lupine in appearance and deeply resembles a dog. Manectric can mega evolve. You’d find them where lightning has struck.


Stoutland pokemon dog

This boy is a mixture of many dog breeds. This is basically a riding dog. I just love its mustache. He is known for rescuing people who are stuck in the mountains. It’s suitable for cold locations and doesn’t work in a hot environment.


Rioula pokemon dog

If I had to name a pokemon who is a mixture of dog, fox, jackal, and raccoon. This one is a great fighter ready to combat well.


Lucario pokemon dog

Lucario is an upgraded version of Rioula. Everything is the same except the floppy ears. It doesn’t look much like a dog. It is based on the Egyptian dog Anubis. It’s a fan favorite and is excellent for competition as it’s an amazing learner. The only trait he gets from dogs is learning, he really lacks the dog-look.


lycanroc pokemon dog

Its pre-evolution form is Rockruff. This might look like a dog but it’s a werewolf type thing. Appearance makes it popular amongst the fans.

I hope this list of Pokemon Dogs provides you enough information to decide which one is useful and which one is to be added to the collection. Keep the Pokeball game going strong!

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