Taste of Wild for Senior Dogs

As a dog grows old, there needs to be a shift in its diet. Just like old people have to stop eating junk and focus more on healthy food, the same is the case with senior dogs. Has your dog given up on all other dog food? Do you plan on changing it? How about Taste of Wild for Senior Dogs?

Taste of wild is dog food for senior dogs. It is a portion of healthy and balanced food to help senior dogs stay stronger and live longer.

We keep in check to get a balanced diet for ourselves but have we ever thought about our pets?  What food do they need?  And if the food is providing the proper nutritional value to them. Dogs need a balanced diet too that can keep them strong and healthy. These babies also need full nutrients not only to grow but also to stay fit. Taste of wild for dogs is a dog food that aims to serve the proper nutritional needs of your dog with better taste.

Thanks to Darwin now we can connect species and know their ancestors. We all know Lizards are relatives to dinosaurs, but only a few know that dogs belong to a family of wolves. No matter how much you tame them,  they always need that free wild flavor to satisfy their appetite. “Taste of the wild” is a finely made dog food with roasted meat, peas, and herbs that don’t only satisfy your dog’s taste buds but also help it to grow strong and live longer-term.

Let us have a look together.

taste of wild for senior dogs

Who is a senior dog? What are its food requirements?

If your dog has been able to live over half of his expected age, let me tell you it’s now time to switch him to Senior Dog food. Senior Dog food is designed in a way that it fulfills all the necessary nutrient demands of the body without contributing to future chronic diseases or obesity.

For example, an old dog needs much lesser fat content than a puppy does. Obviously, the puppy is much more active with physical activity. However, in a senior dog excess fat can lead to obesity.

Most senior Dog foods are expensive and may cost more than $50. On the other side, the cheaper ones do not have quality ingredients. What to do?

But before you buy any dog food, you should know what your oldie needs.

What should a senior dog intake?

Lipoic Acid

According to the Veterinary Cancer Society, Cancer is the leading cause in 49% of dogs. Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that is beneficial in fighting cancer germs, improving metabolism, brain and eye function.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Glucosamine and Chondroitin are important to avoid the incidence of joint pain or arthritis.

Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics

With increasing age the GI tract becomes sensitive. Digestive enzymes and probiotics make sure there is proper absorption of nutrients and easy excretion of stool.

Amino Acids

Additionally, certain amino acids also help maintain the youthful look of the doggo. L Carnitine prevents unhealthy weight gain. Whereas, L lysine and Taurine contribute to keeping the muscles healthy.


Healthy fats and oils are necessary to maintain the shiny coat over the doggo. One such example is Omega 3 and 6. After all, external beauty matters too. No?

Vitamins and Minerals

Essential Vitamins and Minerals boost up the immune system to fight infections.

Whole Animal Products

Whole animal products in contrast to animal by-products have more nutritional value for senior dogs. As an end result, the dog remains healthy, strong, and energetic.

What must be avoided in a senior dog’s diet?’

Certain food products can damage the health of most dogs. What are these?

Corn and Wheat

Corn and wheat may be suitable for pups but not for adult dogs. Especially those who have digestive issues.

In short, corn and wheat have little calories and delay the absorption of nutrients.

Meat and Vegetable By products

As discussed earlier the digestive tract becomes sensitive with growing age. Thus, by-products are not absorbed in the gut. So what’s the use?

Corn Syrup

Diabetes has risen up to 80% in the last decade when it comes to dogs. Corn syrup contains high amounts of sugar that can cause Diabetes.


Chemicals and additives must be avoided in dog food. They can lead to poisoning and even cancer.

Taste of Wild for Senior Dogs

Taste of Wild is a popular name that makes Dog Food as close to Nature as possible. What does that mean? It contains premium quality meat with vegetables and other essential nutrients.

Another good part is that compared to other dog food it’s relatively easy on the pocket and tastier on munching.

It offers a range of wet and dry dog food.

Top Five Taste of Wild for Dogs

An overall rating of 4.9/5 makes it the best dog food amongst customers.

Taste of Dog High Prairie Puppy Formula is best overall. It is grain-free with lamb as the first ingredient with the prebiotic blend. It is a hundred percent grain-free and suitable for most puppies. The high protein content is essential for growing age.

The best runner-up is Taste of Wild Wetlands. It’s wet dog food for strong muscular dogs like Pitbull. The food is rich in proteins and fats, supporting the needs of an active dog.

Taste of Wild High Prairie comes under the best budget Dog Foods. It is easily digestible and amazing in taste for most growing age dogs.

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream is most popular amongst dogs. Especially those who crave yummy food but get a lot of loose stools

And the premium choice is Taste of Wild Prairie Grain-Free canned. It is best for dogs that have allergies.

Taste of Wild For Dogs Ingredients

Most food in the market just contains high carb. But with senior dogs, you need a balanced ratio and thankfully Taste of Wild has that. It is high in protein and carbs with a low amount of fat. Remember increased fat intake has a risk of obesity.

The guaranteed analysis of March 2021 shows that it has:

  • Protein 32%
  • Carbs 30.8%
  • Fat 18%
  • Crude Fibre 3%
  • Calcium 2.1%
  • Phosphorous 1.4%

375kcal per 100g. Typically 1 cup contains 224g of dog food.

Moreover, at the back of every packet, the amount to be fed is mentioned.

The taste of wild is rich in nutritious ingredients.  It has a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates-rich food along with fiber and micro-organisms. Some basic ingredients include chicken, lamb, and buffalo meat. The vegetables used in the taste of wild are peas, potatoes, tomatoes along with blueberries, raspberries, and chicory root.

The taste of wild is rich in vitamins(A, B12, E, D), proteins, calcium, and zinc. This dog food also contains natural microorganisms that keep your dog healthy.

Apart from these basic ingredients the food is full of essential nutrients and is every bit tasty and healthy.

What are the reasons to get a Taste of wild for senior dogs?

Let’s return to the very first question. Why should you get Taste of Wild for your senior Dogs?

Made with Natural Ingredients

I mentioned at the very beginning that an old dog needs natural products for a longer and healthier life. With this concern, Taste of Wild doesn’t disappoint.

The company uses real and premium quality meat. It doesn’t use by-products.

Moreover, it also contains vegetables and purified water that is obtained from reverse osmosis. This way your dog is protected against many harmful toxins.

Taste of Wild comes as Dried Kibble. Dried kibble ranges from 25-32% protein. This means an ample supply of amino acids and proteins for muscle building.

With high-quality meat, the company uses chelated minerals that are readily absorbed in the gut. Many minerals and vitamins contribute to the shinier coat of the dogs.

On the other side, vegetables such as peas, legumes, and sweet potatoes are also used in manufacturing.

Additionally, fruits such as blueberry, raspberry, and food rich in vitamins and minerals are blended together.

Thus, you can call it a healthy dog meal for your old doggo.

Budget Friendly

The best part about Taste of Wild is that it offers premium food on a limited budget. Most dog food for senior dogs is very costly and you have no option but to buy them because the dog’s health is at stake. However, Taste of Wild is an exception, it is an affordable option.

Huge Range

Has your Dog got allergies? Does he need more fat intake? Do you need grainless dog food?

You may choose from grain-filled or grainless food. This is especially important for dogs who have Celiac disease. Moreover, there are meat protein sources and tons of flavors to fulfill all the dietary needs of a dog. They even counter certain allergies.

It has a variety of meat options, but on the top are bison, chicken, and lamb meal. The carb source is Sweet Potato which is always a better alternative to potato.

With its variable range, Taste of Wild covers all the exceptions you’d want with dog food.

Suitable for Sensitive GI Tract

Has your dog’s Gi tract become sensitive with growing age? Firstly, that’s nothing to worry about as it happens with most old dogs. Secondly, If that’s worrying you, let me tell you that Taste of Wild is a great choice for Senior Dogs. It has both a standard kibble line and a limited ingredient kibble line known as Prey.

Is your dog constipated? Does he pass gas often? You need a grain diet that’s easy to digest for the doggo.

The grain range has some easily digestible grainy food like quinoa, chia seeds, millet, and sorghum. Prebiotics such as diet chicory roots also help in digestion.

Thus, you get overall easy-to-digest dog food.

Suitable for smaller breeds

Smaller breed dogs are those that weigh less than 20lbs. They metabolize food instantly and need energy-dense food. The best percentage for such dogs is 30% protein and 15% fat that is found in most TaSte of Wild Food products.

Moreover, Toy breeds need small pieces to kibble on where Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley Small Breed Canine Formula comes in handy.

What about the Larger breed of Dogs? You don’t need to worry about them either, all the formulas are suitable for large breed dogs.

Incredible Taste

I promise you your senior dog will never turn away whenever offered a bowl of Taste of Wild. The natural ingredients and incredible blend of fruits make it a dog favorite.

Benefits of taste of wild for senior dogs

  • This is a dog food that is recommended by veterans.
  • It provides great nutrition and strength to adult dogs.
  • Proteins in a taste of wild reduce skin issues in dogs and support skin health.
  • It is a healthy and nutritious diet that copes up with the body changes of senior dogs.
  • Senior dogs who are picky in eating dog food or are sensitive to certain foods can eat the taste of the wild without any fear.
  • It ensures your dog stays full yet active.

With growing age, the pet’s body changes. Even in pets, the nutritional needs differ for every age group. People wonder how one flavor is suitable for both puppies and adult dogs.

The taste of wild is enriched with all the proteins,  vitamins, and carbohydrates that are good for the health of senior dogs. They need nutrition to maintain their strength and physique. Most dog owners claim that the taste of the wild has kept their dogs strong and healthy.

But one must keep in mind that senior dogs need fewer proteins and fats than young dogs.  Also, senior dogs are not very active like younger ones. Taste of the wild has more protein and fats as compared to other dog foods available. So we suggest less than the normal amount. Giving larger portions of TOTW to senior dogs can make them obese.


How the taste of the wild is good for senior dogs?

With growing age, the pet’s body changes. Even in pets, the nutritional needs differ for every age group. People wonder how one flavor is suitable for both puppies and adult dogs.

The taste of wild is enriched with all the proteins,  vitamins, and carbohydrates that are good for the health of senior dogs. They need nutrition to maintain their strength and physique. Most dog owners claim that the taste of the wild has kept their dogs strong and healthy.

But one must keep in mind that senior dogs need fewer proteins and fats than young dogs.  Also, senior dogs are not very active like younger ones. Taste of the wild has more protein and fats as compared to other dog foods available. So we suggest less than the normal amount. Giving larger portions of TOTW to senior dogs can make them obese.

Is the taste of wild for senior dogs only?

The taste of the wild is not only for senior dogs. It has an “all life stages” formula that serves the need of a dog’s nutritional value at different stages of life. Puppies need nutrition to grow and senior dogs need strength to maintain their physique. Taste of wild has a wide range for dogs of all ages.

Different formulas of wild taste are made for different breeds. All their formulas can serve the nutritional needs of small breed dogs.  However, for adult dogs, there is an “all life stage formula”.

Many dogs who were picky eaters,  loved the taste of wild. Veteran says it’s ok if your little monster wants to eat this dog food.

What are the different tastes of wild formulas for senior dogs?

Your dog needs that wild flavor that is encoded in its gene. The taste of wild formula brings a variety to dog food.

As senior dogs can eat all age formulas so flavor range for them is diverse. These include

  • Ancient mountain canine recipe with roasted lamb
  • Pacific stream Canine recipe with smoked salmon
  • Sierra mountain canine recipe With lamb in gravy
  • Appalachian valley small breed canine recipe
  • Ancient stream canine recipe with smoked salmon
  • Angus beef limited ingredient recipe
  • High prairie canine recipe with roasted bison and roasted venison
  • Ancient wetland canine recipe
  • High Prairie Canine Recipe with Bison in gravy
  • Pacific stream canine formula with salmon in gravy
  • Ancient prairie canine recipe
  • High prairie puppy recipe with roasted bison and roasted venison
  • Pacific stream puppy recipe with smoked salmon
  • Pine forest canine recipe with venisons and legumes.
  • Sierra mountain canine recipe with roasted lamb
  • Southwest canyon canine recipe with Beef in gravy.
  • Southwest canyon canine recipe with wild boar
  • Trout limited ingredients recipe for dogs
  • Wetland canine formula with Fowl in gravy
  • Turkey limited ingredients recipe for dogs
  • Wetlands canine recipe with roasted fowl.

Most dog owners said that their adult dogs liked the salmon flavor.

How much meal of taste of wild is enough for a senior dog?

Although the daily amount depends according to the age and size of the dog but 8 ounces of dog food is recommended for dogs. You should feed smaller puppies 3 to 4 times per day and puppies who are older than six months need to be fed 2 meals per day.

Senior dogs need to be monitored about their daily meal. They shouldn’t be given 1 meal per day. Divide the daily intake into smaller amounts. An excessive amount can stretch their stomach lining that would cause the stomach to twist.

When to switch the formulas?

All life stage formula is for all age dogs. But if your puppy is on another formula,  you can switch to adult formula after 10-12 months for small breed dogs and 12-18 months for large breed dogs.

It’s also ok if you switch formulas after every few weeks. A change in taste is good for puppies and they enjoy it too. You just need to monitor calorie intake while switching between dry and gravy food.

Taste of wild doesn’t use preservatives, or artificial colors and flavors. Their meat is pet grade and USDA approved. Also,  their meat is certified antibiotic-free.

How to store the taste of wild?

Taste of wild is recommended to be stored in original packaging. The bag must be kept in a cool dry place and closed containers. Exposure to heat or moisture can affect the quality of food.

The dry formula will stay fresh until the expiry date written on the package. However, the can formula food must not be kept open for more than 30 minutes. After the meal, if the food is still left in the can, you can refrigerate it for up to three days.

Although the taste of wild claims that their food is superb quality and USDA approved there are certain allegations too. These allegations claim that the food contains metals,  pesticides, and other harmful products that can affect dog’s health adversely.

Despite these things, the taste of wild is listed amongst the best dog food and reviews suggest that almost all the dogs like it.


Pet owners who have used Taste of Wild for years state that their pet’s coat and skin have become shinier than ever. Moreover, overall health has greatly improved. There are a variety of flavors to try, and the dogs never turn away from it. More importantly, there have been no stated digestion problems, and the dogs are as energetic as ever.

In the end, I can safely say that Taste of Dogs for Senior Dogs is the most suitable choice. It has a good price, healthy ingredients and amazing taste. What else do you want for a dog’s food?

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