Throwback Pomeranian

 Throwback Pomeranians are normal Pomeranians, just bigger. With time Poms have evolved to be small, cute, and friendly toy dogs.

Throwback Pomeranian resembles more to their ancestors than modern-day poms. This means they are quite big with prominent ancestral traits as their ancestors were Spitz dogs who were larger dogs with heavy fur. Along the journey of passing this legacy of spitz, somewhere in the late 1800s, we got our mini-poms.

Is throwback Pomeranian mix breed

What are throwback Pomeranians?

Throwback Pomeranians are normal than bigger Pomeranians. We know how Queen Elizabeth introduced the trend of modern-day mini-sized pom puppies. No doubt the dog is the epitome of Royalty!.

AKC recognizes pom breed between three to seven pounds. However, many poms weigh up to 20 pounds. Breeders call them throwback Pomeranians. As poms can easily gain weight by overeating, one should not mix an overweight pom with a throwback puppy.

The weight of a dog helps in identifying how much “throwback” is our throwback pom. So we should know how much should a throwback Pomeranian weigh? This can be classified as

  • A normal adult healthy pom which is more than 14 pounds is a full throw-back pom.
  • Pom which is healthy,  adult but weight between 10-14 pounds is a partial throwback Pomeranian.
  • A pom which weighs up to 20 pounds is a full grown-up throwback Pomeranian.

One must remember that ancestors of poms were 30 pounds and above. So we can say that the throwback Pomeranians are a bridge between their ancestors and modern poms.

Also,  one can never be assured if throwback Pomeranian puppy will be completely throwback until it reaches adult age. It can come out to be a partial throwback too. Well,  we guess luck plays an important part here. You can’t just guess until you have a fully grown throwback pomeranian dog.

Throwback Pomeranian height

Only weight is not enough to tell if pom is a throwback because they can easily get obese and overweight. So a throwback will have a height of more than 12 inches whereas normal poms are 7-12 inches taller.

Throwback Pomeranian height

Throwback Pomeranian coat

Throwbacks have double fur coats like other spitz dogs and miniature poms. Their ancestors belong to a colder region which gave them this double-coated fur. The coat sheds all the year like other pom breeds.

The physical appearance of throwbacks

Obviously, they will be larger than normally breed recognized poms.

A throwback Pomeranian will resemble more to their ancestors. For example, Some may have a fox-like nose rather than having a teddy bear-type nose. Also, they will have ears and legs larger than normal Pomeranian breed standards.


They come in variant colors like blue, chocolate, black,  beaver,  brown, etc.  but white throwback Pomeranian and black throwback Pomeranian are more common. The tricolor Pomeranians are rare and expensive ones.

How to breed throwback poms

Throwback poms can not be “bred”. They can appear in any litter. Mostly long-haired and flat-coated poms give births to throwback poms.

Throwback Pomeranians are rare because the main idea of pom was to develop a lap dog breed that can easily be carried.   They were not as mini-sized as they are now. With time, their size reduced and Poms became popular toy dogs.

How to breed throwback poms

Throwback poms traits

Apart from size,  throwback poms have characteristics that resemble both their ancestral traits and the Pomeranian side.

Throwback Pomeranian vs Pomeranians

Poms were bred to be toy dogs but their ancestors had some tough duties back then. So throwback poms are more than just entertainment tools. Their traits are mixed versions of both.

Here are few alike and different traits of both short and large-sized Pomeranian puppies.

  • Poms are very “I don’t care” type of dogs. However, throwback poms are alert dogs.
  • Being a lapdog,  modern poms are very much dependant on their owners whereas throwback poms are independent.
  • Throwback poms have a very adjusting nature.
  • Both poms and throwback poms love traveling and have proven themselves to be great companions.


Throwback poms


Larger in size (more than 14 kgs)Smaller in size (less than 7kgs)
Independent in natureDependant on owners usually,  especially love being carried around.
More than 12 inchesUp to 12 inches
A little aggressive in natureMore friendly
Dominant ancestral traitsDominant pom traits
Double coat furDouble coat fur
Variant colorsVariant colors
Appear randomly in littersCan be bred
Doesn’t check on breed standardsAkc recognized
Can’t participate in dog showsCan participate in dog shows

Why throwback Pomeranian are larger?

Throwback poms have ancestors from colder regions which is a reason for their double-coated fur too. Poms back then were not this much smaller in size. They were developed from larger breeds and took time to adopt this mini size.

In modern-day poms,  the size gene has gone undercover whereas it may appear randomly. So when a throwback pom gets its big size, it’s a proud ancestral gene that can pop up anytime, anywhere, and in any litter.

Throwback Pomeranian vs Pomeranians

Is throwback Pomeranian mix breed?

No! Throwback poms are not “breed fail” or a random mistake that happens by mixing different dog breeds. They should be purebred up to five generations.

Like all purebred poms,  throwback poms also have the same ancestors from generations and are legit when it comes to being purebred.

What are throwback Pomeranians

How to spot a throwback pom?

Sometimes, a bigger pom is not a throwback pom. Yes, this could happen when

  • Pom is a mixed breed. That is why they should be purebred to qualify the standard of being a throwback. Sometimes when poms are bred with other dogs, the resulting puppy can look like a throwback but may not actually be the one.
  • It could be few extra pounds of partial throwback that may falsely suggest the puppy is a throwback. Be careful about that.
  • As throwbacks are sired by poms, so if parents were purebred this means throwback is purebred too. To spot a throwback, look for its family tree too other than just physical appearance or weight.

How throwback Pomeranian are better than mini poms?

Throwback poms are better in a way because

Their large size protects them

Typically a Pomeranian puppy must not weigh more than 7 pounds. However, throwback poms are more than 10 pounds. They have large sizes and due to this,  they are less fragile than mini poms. A throwback Pomeranian puppy can handle falls or sometimes mishandling. Whereas mini poms are very delicate and may suffer an injury when mishandled. Also,  in some diseases throwback poms have a greater chance to resist and survive.

They are “kid-safe”

Throwback Pomeranians are safe for kids because there is less risk of damage while handling a puppy. Smaller poms can easily get sprain or muscle damage when mishandled.

Throwbacks are rare

No breeder can control the breeding of throwbacks and just make it happen. They are totally random. Even when the parents who gave birth to throwbacks in past are crossed,  there is no assurance that throwback poms will happen again.

They are more like their ancestors. If one needs that typical friendly dog behavior in cute packing,  consider adopting a throwback Pomeranian.

Why throwback Pomeranian are larger

Throwback Pomeranian temperament

We have made it pretty clear that throwbacks are more like their ancestors. That is why they are more alert in nature. Their ancestors were bred not only to be companion dogs but also working dogs.

Also, the ancestors of throwback poms are linked to wolves too. So throwbacks have a more predatory nature than other breeds of poms. That means they may chase people and other animals. This also makes them less friendly towards strangers.

Apart from aggression,  poms are loveable and friendly dogs who love their owners. Many people claim that poms are the worst dogs to be kept but trust us you won’t find a finesse like that again.

Where to get a throwback pomeranian?

Understand the fact that throwback Pomeranians are not bred purposely. The main aim of any breeder is to stay close to breeding standards(for poms they are being less than 7 kgs). So throwbacks can occur randomly. Talk to a reputable breeder to give you throwback Pomeranian.

In short, throwback Pomeranians are good to adopt. They have a bigger size and loveable traits.

Just go for it!

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