How to Tire out a Puppy Before Bed?

Pet parenting can teach you lessons that might help you in nurturing your baby one day. Therefore, adopting a puppy can be a huge responsibility. You should commit to it only if you think you can give all your attention to your furry buddy. Most importantly you must know, How to tire out a puppy before bed?

Dogs are hyperactive beings that hither and thither throughout the day. And, unlike a baby, you can not expect them to sit in one place. By the end of the day, you need to sleep too. After all, rest is crucial to be productive.

So, I will tell you some tips and tricks on how to tire out a puppy before bed. You can practice them in your daily life. It will help you in setting up a good daily routine for your dog. Thus, with time your canine toddler will start following the same sleep pattern you follow.

However, your puppy might take power naps in the middle of the day. It is usual for them to behave like this. Other than that, your dog will have a comfortable deep sleep at night as well.

How to Tire out a Puppy Before Bed

A Walk to Remember, the ideal time!

Walking is at the top of the list if you ask me how to tire out a puppy before bed. It is widely popular as it is a good habit. Physical exercises are great to enhance blood flow for both the owner and the dog. However, you do need to consider certain things. What are they?

First and foremost, you should know that rigorous walking can cause injuries and growth inhibition in your puppy. As a toddler, his bones have not fused yet and, any strain on them can be dangerous. Do you want to know how to keep your dog out of danger? Sure, I’m here to help!

Pro tip: Multiply the age with 5. You can spend this much time walking twice a day. For instance, a four months old puppy can have 20 minutes of walk twice a day!

Nonetheless, you can increase the time after one year. Because by then, all the bones will permanently fuse and, there is little chance of getting a fracture. So, are you ready to take her for an ambling walk after dinner time?

Gush of emotions

Children love to play with toys. Similarly, dogs are particular about their toys and, they often get too excited when you bring them new toys. Have you put on your thinking cap? Yes, you can’t keep spending bills on them. There are other expenses too. Thus, shuffling is a better alternative to it.

Curious to know how this will help to tire out a puppy before bed? Well, you can hide some of the toys that your puppy barely uses. Take them out as a surprise after a couple of days. He will drain all his energy in jumping out of enthusiasm. Isn’t this pretty and simple? For you yes, for the puppy no!

Mind Games

Activities that boost their mental strength can be a great way to stimulate development. On the other hand, it will be a great help if you need answers on how to tire out a puppy before bed.

Yes, that is killing two birds with one stone. You can purchase toys based on the idea of solving puzzles like the Sniffiz Smelly Egg and Joansan’s Treat Dispenser for Dogs. It will help in developing the reward centers in his brain.

Besides that, it will also enable you to teach him manners. He can play around, chew and sniff these puzzles. To extract food out of it, he will have to play with it. Thus, it will tire him out fast without even needing you!

Take it or leave it!

Unlike, adult dogs you need to take extra care if your puppy enjoys playing the fetch game. No running up and down the stairs due to their sensitive bones. However, you can still take a piece of cloth and throw it at a distance. Your puppy will bring it back to you.

Make sure you teach him to stop chewing it after handling it to you. Do not start again if he does not sit.

Why is that so? It is because if you do not teach him, he will never stop. And, it can be dangerous for you once he grows up. Adult dogs can get aggressive out of excitement. Remember, learning starts from a young age.

Chase the bubbles

Just like we love chasing our dreams, dogs enjoy chasing bubbles. It is one of the most joyful hobbies for them. Besides, it is way easy and budget-friendly as well. All you need to do is mix some dish soap, water, and a little sugar, and voila, work done.

You can play this game with your puppy in your backyard or take him to a dog park in the evening. It brings a great form of pleasure for them. Meanwhile, you will have to put in minimal effort and for the rest the wind will do its wonders.

It will boost a healthy prey drive in your doggo and, in my opinion, it is necessary for them. Warning: Make sure you do not have an excess of this activity in flat-faced breeds as it can cause breathlessness in them.

Flirt pole

Sounds interesting, right? Well, let us begin so you can figure out how to tire out a puppy before bed. This one holds a special place in my heart (wink). Wait! Do not get me wrong.

I am sure you might have seen some dogs are a little aggressive than others. Ever wondered why? That is because they have not learned how to control it. Playing flirt pole will help develop self-control along with consuming all your puppy energy.

It is best for cognitive development as well as physical. You can use a chewable toy tied with a rope and attached to the end of the pole.

Just stand in one place and wobble it. As soon as your puppy catches grabs it, put the wand down and wait for it to let it go.

Start over until she is super tired. It is way economical than buying expensive toys. And, you can easily DIY it at home or buy it from Amazon.

Find me!

Are you looking for an indoor solution on how to tire out a puppy before bed? Well, this is it! Your puppy will enjoy all your attention while playing hide and seek with you. As canine toddlers, it will be a little difficult for them to find you. Basically hide and seek, but here the roles are fixed. Only you get to hide and the pup gets to seek.

Therefore, you can hide behind a wall and shout, find me. Your puppy will follow your voice and starting jumping with excitement after seeing you. What a beautiful sight to imagine, eh?

There is another important lesson to learn from this activity. Money does not bring happiness. Yes, it is true! Why? The reason is you hardly spend a penny on this one.


Oxytocin and Dopamine are two of the happy hormones released by your dog’s brain while they socially interact with someone of their age. Finally, serotonin, the third one, comes into action.

It stimulates happiness and sleep. Thus, inviting a friend over for a play date might work for your puppy. You can also take him to the park after dinner. He can play around with a friend while you socialize with the dog owner. It is a win-win, no?

In addition to that, the exposure will help in developing friendly nature in your puppy from a very young age.


You can create obstacles for your dog using old, unused stuff lying in your store or attic. Not only will it help in draining his energy but, it will also enhance agility in your dog. Moreover, it can do wonders if you’re trying to give him lessons on patience.

To begin with, you can place old books and a broomstick on top and tell him to jump over it. Set an appropriate height depending upon your puppy’s age and size. You’ll see him dozing off in no time. Again this requires zero bucks to be spent.

The Bedtime Ritual

Before putting your puppy in bed, you should dim the lights, put on some calming music or sing a lullaby to your friend. But, I’d suggest you not make them too dependent on you. Just like children, puppies can refuse to sleep in your absence. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a habit of going to bed even when you are not around.

Nonetheless, you can choose to massage his legs. I get it that you love him a little too much. So, no pressure.

Most importantly, take your puppy for his business to avoid interruption during sleep. However, baby pups need frequent visits to the loo so, be ready for it. Generally, a puppy can hold their bladder for the same hours as its age.


After knowing all the nitty-gritty on how to tire out a puppy before bed, I hope you will be able to follow my advice. To make this all work, be efficient and never use these tips and tricks just before you’re about to put your dog to bed.

It is significant to slow their brain activity before bedtime. Playing any of this will excite your puppy and, thus, it will be difficult for your dog to sleep. Ensure that your puppy’s cradle is warm and cozy. Place it somewhere near you so you can keep a constant check on your furry buddy. And, since they are young, they might get scared of sleeping alone.

Therefore, you should take this slow and gradual. Your doggo will be okay in sleeping alone once it grows up. You can give it your old T-shirt to make him sleep around your smell or a personalized chewing toy as well. Whew, this completes our article on how to tire out a puppy before bed. I wish you and your lifelong friend deep sleep with happy dreams!

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