What Is Chicken Meal In Dog Food?

Have you ever heard of a chicken meal when it comes to dog food? We are sure you did! But the major query here is, what is chicken meal in dog food? If you are looking for the answer to this question, don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Several pet food companies utilize chicken meal as an ingredient of their products. The basic reason due to which this is used as an ingredient is that the chicken meal can be stored for a long time also, is also quite budget-friendly. What’s next? The making of this ingredient is quite easy and doesn’t require any expensive or complicated stuff.

If we give a short introduction to chicken meal; it is the residue of the chicken which is left behind after the meat is extracted from the chicken for us humans. This refers to the fact that a chicken meal is only for the dogs or other pets, but not for humans.

All the 4D meat is allowed to be included in the chicken meal. For those who are unaware of 4Ds, they mean dead, dying, diseased or disabled chickens, which can be dangerous for humans.

Rendering is a process used in the manufacturing of this ingredient. It is basically converted into a meal or powdered form by grinding it first, then cooking it at extremely high temperatures. Chicken is definitely more nutritious and digestible for the dogs, but the chicken meal can be a critical ingredient of the dog food as well.

what is chicken meal in dog food

Meat meal in dog food:

At the point when you are perusing all the ingredients for canine food, there are sure popular expressions to search for. If you see any ingredient that says it is a by-product it means that ingredient is not good, and you should prefer not to pick an item that depends vigorously on anonymous supply for proteins and fats.

Now you must be wondering how Meat meal is related to it? The answer is simple! The quality of meat meals is never the same for all the manufacturers; some use poor quality and unhygienic meat meals, while others prefer clean and quality manufacturing hence, it can differ fundamentally in quality.

Luckily, it’s really simple to differentiate the poor quality and excellent quality Meat meals. Do you want to know which one is a quality meat meal or not? Let us tell you! When it comes to a meat meal, its quality is decided by what kind of meat meal it is. If the label says some specific kind of meat like a salmon meal or chicken meal, then it’s a quality meat meal.

 Chicken Meal in dog food:

Now that we know most of the things about meat meal, it is time to have a detailed overview of the chicken meal. Many pet food organizations have told several definitions about Chicken meal, but according to the AAFCO, chicken meal does not include entrails, feet, head, or feathers of the chicken. Moreover, they say that although it is derived from the chick’s carcass, it still comprises clean chicken leftovers including skin, and bones (not necessarily).

The chicken meal may be entirely made from hygienic, top caliber, deboned chicken, similar to the type you would discover in a supermarket; or it very well may be produced using the whole body of the hens who had stopped producing eggs, and are of no use for the farm people. Usually, such hens have relatively little meat on their bones because they have put all their energy into delivering eggs.

Note that a chicken meal is prepared two times during the preparation of kibble. Yes, right! The first time is during the process of rendering and the second time when the actual kibble is made.

Difference between chicken meal and whole chicken:

It might be a bit shocking for you to be a good pet owner, but many canine parents don’t realize that chicken meals have a larger proportion of protein than entire chicken meat. As the chicken Meal is cooked at a high temperature until the water is entirely removed, the water concentration is only 10%, however, the leftover is protein so the remaining part is protein making the meat meal protein-rich.

The process of rendering separates the protein from the meat, and interestingly, an entire chicken contains 18% protein while the chicken meal contains 65% of protein. About water, real chicken meat contains 70% of water which is very high as compared to meat meal.

Production of Chicken Meal:

For the most part, the items used for the production of the chicken meal include the intestines, feet, necks, bones, and skin. Recall that at times, 4D meats are allowed to make a chicken meal which means, many manufacturers use disabled, diseased, dying, or dead meat to make a chicken meal. With these fixings, there will be an expected presence of unfamiliar items and an increased amount of drugs.

As we know, the presence of such ingredients in chicken meals means that it is never safe for humans and causes several health concerns in them. They are entirely for dogs. But what’s its benefit? Let us tell you! If the manufacturers start to use fresh meat instead of chicken meal, they will have to invest a lot of money while the chicken meal is quite budget-friendly for them.

Rendering stage:

The start of the process of making a chicken meal is rendering. The leftovers of chicken are cooked at extremely high temperatures after they are dehydrated. What happens next? The water is evaporated, fat is removed, and the residue is the concentrated form of protein in a powder form.

The size of the particles is adjusted to a particular standard, and all the harmful organisms are managed to be removed from the powder. Lastly, the required nutrients by the dog are added to the kibble to make it beneficial for dogs.

Is real chicken the source of the chicken meal?

Indeed, real chicken is used to make chicken meals. When real chicken meat is ground and rendered, it turns into meat meals. Also, if you see a packet of chicken meal having a mark which says that it is made from real meat, you don’t have to doubt that because that’s valid. The hygienic chicken meat is used along with the skin of the chick which is also safe for dogs, and in some cases, the bones as well.

The chicken, which is quite safe for the dogs except for those who have an allergy, is cooked for an hour and a half, or just an hour at the temperature of 115 degrees. Why is the temperature so high? Because it helps in killing every microorganism and bacterium. Besides, the fat is isolated.

Chicken meal safe or not:

We know that chicken meal is available in dry powdered form, and they are brownish in color. The particle size is quite fine, and chicken meal fills in as the main ingredient for the dry canine food industry throughout the planet.

Chicken meal is safe for dogs containing a reasonable amount of protein. It is easy to discover chicken meals in the form of different names like rendered chicken, chicken meat meal, or dried chicken.  In case you are having a chicken meal from a notable organization or an eminent pet merchant, you don’t need to stress over it.

Is it good for dogs to have a chicken meal:

Some pet owners worry for their dogs and are confused if they should feed the dog those food items which contain chicken meal. If you are one of those pet owners, we are here to help you! All things considered, the answer to the question about the chicken meal being good or not is yes.  Let us see how!

Chicken dinners are loaded with proteins. Additionally, an amino acid known as glucosamine is derived from chicken meals. Also, glucosamine plays an important role in maintaining the good health of a dog’s joints and keeping them active all day long.

Chicken meals comprise many dietary advantages. Protein is a necessary supplement for canines, particularly with regards to immunity and muscle development.

Whether it is for canines or felines, both can have a chicken meal as it is a good source of protein. However, notwithstanding, it isn’t the best choice. Obviously, it’s a decent form of protein, yet studies have shown that absorbability is a more significant factor to ponder. Home-cooked chicken is more easily digestible of the multitude of significant amino acids including chicken meal.

Reason for using Chicken Meal:

The major reason why the makers utilize chicken meals is that it makes the dog food less expensive, making it more reasonable. However, with regards to your canine’s wellbeing, you should care for quality.

Another explanation is that the final product made from a chicken meal can be stored for a long time without compromising the quality, just make sure the container is air-tight.

Drawbacks of Using Chicken Meal:

We know that no food is completely beneficial for pets. Every one of them has benefits but they also come with disadvantages. The same is the case with Chicken meals. Here, we are going to discuss the most common drawbacks of chicken meals. Have a look!

Low amount of vitamins:

One of the major reasons why the chicken meal isn’t the best choice is that it is less nutritious as compared to other food choices. When the chicken leftovers are rendered, practically most of the vitamins are gone including vitamin E, D, and A.

Why do you think these vitamins are important? Well, they play a very important role in the immune system and the growth and development of your little companion. Fat metabolism and cell functions are the major functions performed by Vitamin E. If the dog lacks it, it can have several reproductive, muscular, and ocular disorders.

Next is vitamin D, which is quite necessary for maintaining the better health of bones also, it has a major role in homeostasis and fluid balance. And lastly, Vitamin A provides good eyesight and better growth for your pooch.

Legally allows 4D animals:

We have discussed above that chicken meal consists of 4D animals, which means any of them could be diseased, disabled, dead, or dying. While it is not entirely unsafe for dogs, the fact that this thing is not good for humans puts some pet owners in doubt. After all, how can diseased meat be any good for your dog?

Not easily Digestible:

We know that real chicken meat, the one we humans consume, is more digestible, (95%) as compared to chicken meal. But why is that so? When the rendering process is done, many manufacturers use multiple chemicals to make the chicken meal edible, but those chemicals can be harsh on the dog’s stomach. This means the chick meal digestibility is only 65%.

Are dogs allergic to chicken meals?

Some dogs have a very weak and compromised immune system which makes them sensitive to several food ingredients. Chicken can be one of them, same as for a chicken meal. Always make sure your dog is not allergic to the chicken before letting it consume anything containing chicken meal. Because, if your dog does, it will give a very negative reaction to it making the condition worse.

Symptoms of Dog Chicken Allergies:

  • Compromised appetite
  • Excessive scratching causing skin infections
  • Loss of hair
  • Itchiness
  • Digestive problems
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

Bottom Line:

If you were looking for an answer to what is chicken meal in dog food, we hope you have found it in this article. In a nutshell, chicken meal is a rich source of protein. It is not unsafe for dogs, but neither is the healthiest option. Well, it is quite affordable for pet owners, but the quality of brand and wellness of the dog should be the priority. We can recommend some alternatives to a chicken meal including rabbit, chicken, salmon, beef, duck, and other freshly cooked meat sources.

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