What State is it Illegal to Dye your Dog in?

Dyeing your dog is becoming a fashion nowadays. The industry is growing faster and larger. People dye their pets without thinking about what authorities say about this. They should know what state is it illegal to dye your dog in. There are states in which it is illegal to dye your dog

what state it is illegal to dye dog in

In what states is it illegal to dye your dog?

In some states, like

  • California,

there are no laws that assure you “can’t ” dye your dog. So people take it as a “yes”. In these states the choice to dye your dog is yours.

  • Florida
  • Maine
  • Colorado
  • South Carolina

It is strictly illegal to dye your dog for any reason. In some states like

  • Seattle

some laws prohibit dying animals for selling purposes.

  • New York

The state doesn’t allow the dog to undergo “cosmetic cruelty”. Although they have not defined ” dyeing” as cosmetic cruelty but any procedure done other than medical requirement is mentioned as unnecessary.

Many states have laws that punish strictly for animal cruelty. As long as you are using a dye that doesn’t cause any pain or harm to the animal,  the act doesn’t come under “animal cruelty”.

Why in some states is it illegal to dye your dog?

Some states don’t support dyeing your pet. It is considered a harmful activity for them and different pet organizations fully support that no one should ever be allowed to do such inhumane things to pets.

Dying your dog is considered illegal because it can have adverse effects on both the physical and emotional health of a puppy. After dying their fur,  they find it difficult to mix up with other pets. They are kicked out by their own kind and other pets find it hard to accept them for what they are.

Although there are states that regulate pet dying and have standard procedures for them. Still,  in most states,  no one cares what the dyes are made of? How they can affect the puppies or If it is a good decision to dye them?

Dyeing your dog is becoming a fashion nowadays. The industry is growing faster and larger. People dye their pets without thinking about what authorities say about this. There are states in which it is illegal to dye your dog

But why people dye their dogs?

Most people think dyeing your puppy is fun. People do it for several purposes like

  • They think the puppy will look cute in dye.
  • People dye their dogs for “themes-based ” gatherings e.g on Christmas, Easter, or Independence day.
  • They also dye dogs to make them look unique and stand out from the crowd.
  • Dying your dog in unique ways grab them a lot of attention and gives them a celebrity vibe.
  • People dye dogs for photoshoots.
  • They dye them for commercial reasons.

Reason why you should not dye your dog?

Many puppy saloons offer special deals to dye your dog and claim to make your puppy look fabulous. But there are reasons why you should not dye your dog?.

It alienates them

Imagine one day you woke up and in a mirror, you saw your face turned purple?  What will be your first instinct?  Horrifying?  Fearful? Shocked?  The same goes for dogs.  As soon as they realize their body fur has changed, it alienates them and causes frustration in dogs.

This doesn’t ask for consent

Consent is important. Every living being should be treated in a way they want themselves to be treated in. Dying your dog is entirely your decision without any consent from your puppy. Many dogs don’t like it when they are colored differently. So dog dying should be banned.

They are not unicorns

I mean if looking at a broader spectrum,  what good it does?  Turning your dog into multicolored creatures. They are dogs,  not unicorns who are supposed to have colorful braids and furs. So treat and love them the way they are.

It can be harmful

Pet dyes have ammonia and other harmful chemicals. It can be dangerous to expose your dog to these substances. Sometimes dyes cause irritation and allergy in dogs which they can’t even tell. My heart breaks when I imagine how a poor dog is not able to tell how painful the dying process is.

Dogs have feelings

A dog has an emotional age of 2yrs adolescent. They feel things. If someone laughs at them,  they feel humiliation and when someone loves them they feel that love and care too.

So when you dye your dog turning them into something they were not before, can make your dog uncomfortable. They absorb reactions and worse or humiliating emotional experiences can lead them to depression.

This is not natural

Nature is perfect. Every single living being is beautiful in its own diverse existence. What is the point of changing that?  Dying your dog is not natural.

Don’t put your dog in tough situations and let them be as they are! Stop treating them as fashionistas who are craving some change. They are just your same old pups who are still cutie patootie in that natural avatar.

Why you should strictly not dye your dog?

If you are not ok with how your dog looks and you think dying your dog will change its appearance for good. You don’t deserve to have this Gem buddy at all. Thinking your pet’s natural body is not good enough shows inhumanity.  Please don’t humiliate your buddy like that. He deserves a companion who can own its existence for who it is.

Don’t dye your dogs for commercial reasons or to gain profit from it. Using pets and risking them for monetary benefits is another level of inhumanity.

Does dyeing your dog count animal cruelty?

It depends. If you are dyeing your dog with chemical dye,  it can cause allergies or skin problems. This is inhumane.  Also, dyeing them just to sell them is a cruel act.

To prevent cruelty, People do use food coloring for dogs or natural dyes.  For example, You can use beetroot for red color. This doesn’t last long but can be a good option for a short-term makeover. As natural dyes are also not long-lasting so they have a good emotional impact on puppies too. Food coloring is considered the safest way to dye your dog.

In the last, our two cents on whether to dye your dog or not are…

Honestly, we think dyeing your pet is an expression of love. You decorate things you love and you want them to look best amongst all. So if you and your pup are happy with the makeover,  that’s all you need!


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