What were Yorkies bred for?

 Yorkshire terriers are one of beauty. Their silky luscious coats, uniquely submerging tints, and their lovable traits have won the hearts of many. They are surely a delight to eyes but what were Yorkies bred for? Well, other than their good looks they are easy to train and are a loyal companion to humans. Here is an article to shed some light on Yorkies.

What were Yorkies bred for

What were Yorkies bred for originally?

No doubt,  the dog looks like a toy or lapdog but they are brave. Yorkies are way more strong than their appearance. Don’t get deceived with their fragile looks, trust us they are fearless beyond your imagination. They were originally bred to be

The little hunter

In the 1980s, rats were quite a headache in England. They were a serious problem that largely affected the business of England by destroying crops and spreading diseases. Yorkies were bred to be rat chasers. They were “ratters” who took out rats from hidden holes and small places.

Many mill owners and workers owned Yorkies at that time. So we can say that they were bred to be hunters. Also,  the breed was much bigger at that time.

Skilled dogs

Yorkshire terriers were originally bred for being “rat chasers” but their skill set exceeded their work field duties.  They proved themselves to be more than just rat chasers.  Imagine what kind of focus and speed is needed to catch the rats. Yorkies were that kind of intelligent. So hunters started taking them to retrieve hunted animals.

Since they were well trained to chase,  they chased other animals, and that too with bravery and courage. This little dog was fearless who was not at all frightened to face wild animals. So it made its place in owners hearts.

How were Yorkies bred?

Yorkies were bred by crossing several terrier breeds.  The name “Yorkie” is a smaller version of Yorkshire terrier. Before this, they were known as “toy terriers“. They look like a cute toy indeed! These dogs are unique in every way. Being small in size,  they were originally bred to become hunting dogs.

They were bred initially in Yorkshire in England. At first,  Yorkies came from Scotland to England and became famous for their unique looks. They were known as a broken-haired Scotch terriers at that time. People used them to breed other uniques dogs.

The ancestors of Yorkies are still not confirm. Many small terriers took part in making Yorkie what they have become today. Clydesdale, Paisley, and Skye are breeds that came to England initially.  Some of them were crossed with England terriers too.

A dog named Huddersfield Ben appeared in a dog show in 1960 and became famous for its looks and traits. That dog is known as the father of Yorkshire terriers.

Yorkies breed name

When Yorkies started participating in dog shows,  they became quite famous. The name Yorkshire terrier was given in 1874 and was registered By AKC in 1878 after making its way to America.

Teacup Yorkies

Small Yorkies are also known as teacup Yorkies as the name given by dog fans. The teacup Yorkie puppy can be as small as 1-2 lbs. As Teacup Yorkies are “designer ” made so we can say teacup Yorkies were bred for amusement purposes and to enjoy the perks of a pampered life.  How lucky!

Yorkies bred today

Yorkies have evolved since their first breeding days. They are no more rat hunters or retrievers. As Yorkies have proved themselves to be loyal and best companions to human beings,  they have earned a special place. Now they are bred especially to become family dogs and they fit well in a family environment.

Yorkies are safe for a home with kids too as when trained they become very good friends. Though they have not lost their hunting skills, Yorkies might want to chase other animals like cats,  hamsters, etc.

It is very important to train Yorkies for socialization when you first bring them to your home.

Why the Yorkie breed is famous?

Yorkies are famous for both their looks and their intelligence. Their appearance has changed the way dogs were supposed to look. This mini-sized breed has won hearts so much that it’s one of the top 10 breeds in the world today.  Yorkies are widely loved in countries like America,  Australia, and Itlay, etc. Overall the breed is very confident and fearless. Their heads-up attitude is worth million dollars.

Also, their long silky coats are very unique and resemble human hairs. Yorkies have a single coat. Their hair doesn’t shed more like other breeds as huskies or likes pomsky shedding. No matter why they were initially bred,  they look so royale and charming that now our heart belongs to them.

With training, they can be adjusted well in home and big-city environments.

Yorkie breed traits

Since Yorkies were bred and well-liked for their traits too. Here are some of them.

  • Yorkie are small-sized dogs and weigh between5-7 pounds. Their easy-to-carry weight allowed hunters to carry them in their pockets.
  • They are very alert and that is why they were “promoted” to be retrievers from being rat chasers.
  • Yorkies are clever and have great focus and instincts.
  • They are very good family dogs and safe to keep with kids.
  • Since they are mini hunters, they have this instinct that whenever they sense danger, they bark.
  • They are a good companion to young kids too.
  • Yorkies are good in the sense that they don’t tolerate someone teasing them. So teach your kids how to be around Yorkie.
  • Being a chaser, they are energetic and active. They love to walk, play and do activities.
  • Yorkies are a little self-centered and pampered dogs so they don’t get friendly with other dogs. They are reluctant towards strangers too. This makes them caring and protective of their owners.
  • One can never train a Yorkie, not to “hunt.”  This is in their genes and as soon as they will see some small animals,  you will find Yorkie doing a tom and Jerry chase.
  • When spoiled, Yorkie can turn up into a naughty mischievous kid. So you have to train them well.
  • Yorkies are adaptive to any living environment. They do well in both apartment and house living. Also, they are well fitted in country and city life.
  • They don’t shed much and you won’t find the hair strands everywhere. This is such a relief to apartment owners.
  • Their hair is great and adds to uniqueness but it requires a lot of grooming to keep that hair untangled and shiny.
  • They are a very committed breed.

In short,  Yorkies may have been bred to chase rats but it’s a hundred years-long ago story. With time Yorkies have proved their qualities and upgraded their worth. Now Yorkies are bred to be companions and partners and they have earned it.

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