Mixing Tuna With Dog Food

Fish is an important source of meat for dogs and many dog foods contain fish because it’s loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. As fish is a healthy food,  is it ok mixing tuna with dog food? The simple answer is No. Tuna is not recommended for dogs. Read our article to know why.

mixing tune with dog food

Is tuna good for dogs?

Tuna is a saltwater fish that contains high levels of mercury. When consumed regularly or in higher amounts, it can lead to mercury poisoning in your pet. So unless you are very sure of the recommended serving, don’t feed your dog tuna bluntly.

Raw Tuna is comparatively more toxic than canned. But canned fish is usually preserved in salt which is not good for dogs either. Tuna absorbs Mercury from industrial wastes and the more the fish lives, the higher the amount of mercury will be present in the meat. Most tunas are longer-living fish so mercury levels in their meat are not safe for consumption.

What are the signs of mercury poisoning in dogs?

Tuna is not going to kill your dog instantly. However, regular consumption can lead to mercury poisoning which could be fatal for your dog. So it’s like slow poisoning your dog.

Common signs of Mercury poisoning in dogs are

  • Frequent Hair loss
  • Anxiety and numbness in paws
  • Problems in the Kidney like swelling or being unable to urinate
  • Blood in diarrhea
  • Vomiting blood
  • Loss of coordination
  • Tremors or stroke

If you are feeding it to your dog and he shows any of these symptoms, you need to talk to your vet as soon as possible.

There is a common myth. As omega 3 is a good source of nutrients that make your pet’s coat shiny, tuna will do the same. In truth, feeding it will make their coat rougher and dryer.

Are there any Benefits of tuna for dogs?

The benefits of tuna surely don’t eliminate the fact that it can cause mercury toxicity. Well, Like all other fishes, this fish is also loaded with minerals. If consumed once a while, it is ok to feed your dog Tuna but still, we advise otherwise.

There are a lot of other healthy choices like salmon for your pets. Usually, dogs feed this fish because of its strong aromatic smell. Don’t let your dog get addicted to it.

Despite tuna containing healthy minerals and omega-3 fatty acids, don’t feed it to your dog for “nutritional purposes”. Whereas giving it as a treat and that too once in a while is ok.

Is canned tuna good for dogs

Tuna is a saltwater fish. Which means its meat is already salty. Usually, the canned fish is packed and preserved in salt. Consuming too much salt is not good for dogs either. If you are going to feed your dog Tuna, choose the product which uses water to preserve it.

If you are worried about how much-canned tuna should I give my dog? Know that a 10kg dog can feed one ounce every three weeks. For dogs more than  50kgs, one can of tuna every 2 weeks is ok.

Can Tuna be mixed with dog food?

You can mix tuna in moderate quantities in your pet’s food. Add canned tuna and rice for dogs. Mixing tuna with dog food is not a very recommended option. As we have already mentioned that tuna should not be mixed for nutritional purposes. Mixing Salmon with dog food will add the same value plus no toxicity. So there is no point in sticking to tuna when there is a risk involved.

What are healthy fish choices for dogs?

You can add salmon, codfish, sardine, herring, catfish, and flounder to your dog’s diet. Remember not to feed your dog any raw fish. Raw fishes contain bacteria and can make your puppy sick. Also, their skeletons are dangerous and there is a risk of choking hazards.

There are Dog foods that contain fish and all other nutrients in balanced amounts. If you ought to feed your dog with fish, buy dog food with fish as a meat source.

Can puppies eat tuna?

No, Don’t feed your puppy tuna. Puppies need proper brain development.  Usually, their food is loaded with nutrients that specifically promote brain development and eye health in puppies. Tuna can cause blindness and brain damage. Wait for your puppy to grow and then you can feed him this fish once in a while.

Is tuna a good option for dogs with diarrhea?

Nopes. It is high in salt content and can cause diarrhea in dogs. Dogs that already have diarrhea have weak immune systems. Feeding them tuna can accelerate mercury poisoning effects in dogs. Your dog may pass blood in diarrhea after consuming it. If this happens, consult your vet immediately.

It can also cause vomiting and other health problems in dogs. Consuming fish is usually considered an easily digestible and light food for pets during sickness. With tuna the case is different. You can make your dog sicker.

Can you mix tuna in dry dog food?

Dog foods are already made according to the nutritional needs of dogs. There is no need at all to mix it in dry dog food. You are just adding more salt and methyl mercury to your pet’s food.

Is mixing tuna water in dog food safe?

If your point is to make food wet enough for the dog to consume, add vegetable or bone broth. Don’t add salty tuna water to dog food. However, if you are adding it as a treat and aromatic addition to your dog food, add it once in a while. Don’t let your dog get addicted to it.


In the end, Tuna is not good for dogs and all the recipes including tuna are just fake marketing tricks. Don’t fall for them. If you love your pup, you know there are a lot of other healthy choices to feed your dog. Tuna is more risky than beneficial. Also, never feed it your growing puppies or senior dogs.


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