Zimecterin Gold for Dogs

Zimecterin gold is a deworming medicine for horses and if you are curious about is it ok to use zimecterin gold for dogs? Then we have your answer and that is a big NO!  Zimecterin gold is not for dogs.  In fact, it can be fatal if given to pets other than horses.

First, Let’s understand

zimecterin gold for dogs

The science behind Zimecterin Gold

Zimecterin gold is another name for EQVALAN which is an effective dewormer both for internal and external parasites. Zimecterin gold has the active ingredient ivermectin and praziquantel. Ivermectin is known to effectively kill worms,  mites, and larvae in horses. The product is FDA approved and it can kill

  • Lungworms
  • Pinworms
  • Strongyles and ascarids (young and adult larvae)
  • Hair worms
  • Stomach worms
  • Threadworms can cause Dermatitis and skin issues.
  • Summer soars

Zimecterin can kill almost a large variety of worms in horses but there is still a chance of product failure due to resistance or misuse of the product. It clearly comes with a safety warning of “never use on humans,  cats, and dogs”.

Zimecterin gold can kill worms in horses with one single dose.  It is not recommended for horses younger than two months of age or pregnant horses. This medicine absorbs in body fats and stays in the horse’s body for 2 weeks.

Why it is not safe to use Zimecterin gold for dogs?

Just compare the size of a dog and a horse. Now the size of dose ‘ok’ for horses is definitely a high dose for dogs. They both have different body weights with different amounts of the dose required. If you treat your dog with a horse dewormer, there is a big chance that you will overdose on your dog which can eventually kill it.

Also, people must understand that every animal has a different reaction and metabolism for different medicines. You can’t compare any two different species on the same level. What might be good for one can be worst for another.

Zimecterin has the active ingredient ivermectin which can be fatal to dogs. Even if the dog accidentally ingests the feces of horses who have been treated with zimecterin, it will cause sudden poisoning. This medicine is highly toxic for dogs.

Side effects of Zimecterin

If your dog has ingested zimecterin accidentally or if you have given it intentionally,  there could be serious consequences. If you see any of these signs,  contact your veteran

  • Your dog is being lethargic and less active.
  • Less focused
  • Difficulty in moving or breathing
  • Losing control on movements
  • Disorientation
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Blindness
  • Dizziness
  • coma


  • Zimecterin can make your dog “dumb”. You will notice a change in your dog’s behavior if you are feeding him ivermectin.

But the question arises

Why give your dog Zimecterin when you have other options? Maybe people use zimecterin gold for dogs because it was an easily available or cheap way to deworm your dog. Also, sometimes people feed their dog zimecterin by mistake. Anyway,  Zimecterin is toxic to dogs, and it’s like feeding your dog with poison.

Zimecterin poisoning in dogs

Dogs are naturally sensitive to ivermectin in zimecterin. The ratio of ivermectin in zimecterin is very high and dogs can’t ingest it as nothing has happened.

Ivermectin is strong parasitic medicine that kills parasites by paralyzing them. This product is designed to destroy parasites by damaging their neurological system. When dogs ingest it,  it attacks the dog’s central nervous system causing the same damage it’s supposed to do on parasites.

The effect of ivermectin can be different on different breeds. Naturally sensitive dogs are more at risk here. Dog breeds like German shepherd,  Terrier, Windhound, and different breeds of sheepdogs are most likely to be affected by ivermectin toxicity.

Dog’s DNA testing shows that these dogs have mutant genes which show an adverse reaction to ivermectin. Research also shows that older dogs are more at risk than younger pups. This medicine can cause brain defects in dogs and the gene responsive to this drug, even if given in low doses, can create toxicity in dogs.

If your dog has been exposed to zimecterin, Don’t try to treat it your dog yourself. Consult your veteran as soon as possible. The  Sooner you get professional help the better are the chances of recovery for your dog.

When will the dog show symptoms of zimecterin Gold poisoning

After ingesting the drug,  the dog will show symptoms within 12 hours. Symptoms could be acute or mild depending on dosage and dog breed. The symptoms could range from mild discomfort to severe ones like coma or breathing difficulty.

Treating ivermectin toxicity

Bad news!  Symptoms can’t be reversed. Then what to do?  Well,  you can try to ease your pet. If your dog has ingested ivermectin recently (within 6 hours)  try to induce vomiting. Emptying stomach to clean out poison is the best-case scenario here. Dogs are also fed activated charcoal to minimize absorption in the body because ivermectin is a highly absorbing drug.

Keep in check if your dog has started showing severe symptoms. In that case,

  • Feed your dog electrolytes to maintain energy levels.
  • Supplements to help the body fight against toxicity
  • Ease and comfort your dog as much as possible. Provide him comfortable bedding and space to rest.
  • Give him physical therapy to help him gain control over his body.
  • In case of breathing difficulties,  your dog may need a
  • If your dog is having high fever, try to keep the body cool.
  • Give proper medication if necessary
  • Your dog will take a lot of effort,  care, and quite a time to recover fully. Be with its side to ease the healing.

How to know if your dog is sensitive to zimecterin Gold?

As this drug cause more damage to sensitive dogs so you can test if your dog is sensitive to ivermectin by feeding him a very low dosage.

Remember that ivermectin is used to treat worms in dogs. But particularly in Zimecterin Gold, first, the dosage is very high, and secondly, there is another ingredient praziquantel. So feeding zimecterin to treat worms in dogs is not a good idea at all.

In the last,  here is advice from us

Be kind to your pets. Don’t try to treat them according to your convenience. Never give them medication,  that doesn’t say their name on the label. The drug is clearly for horses then why would you feed Zimecterin Gold to dogs. Consider using another alternative.

Stay safe!

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