Why my Australian Shepherd is out of Control

Australian Shepherds are considered one of the best companions of humans. They are multi-tasking and fit in different bonds of companionship. Keeping their energy in mind, when Australian shepherd is out of control there can be multiple reasons. But first

Why my Australian shepherd is out of controlob

Why Australian shepherd?

Whenever anyone asks me about pet suggestions,  trust me Australian shepherd is the best choice. They are 10/10 on everything. Right from herd dog to trickster, this dog has proven its worth.

Australian Shepherd breed was first introduced in the 19th century and is known to have ancestors like a collieDoberman, etc.

Australian shepherds gain massive popularity after being approved by the US kennel club and are one of the most loved and wanted dogs in North America. They are a medium-sized breed and have a height between 18-23 inches. They have double coat fur and the breed is popular for its unique coloration and variant patterns. The attraction for pet owners is that no two dogs share the same coat or pattern.

Behavioral patterns of Australian Sheperd

Men have crossed different breeds till generations to develop certain traits in dogs. The Australian shepherd is a prime example of successful breeding. They have proven to be best companions in every sense.

Australian shepherds are energetic,  warm,  loving,  obedient, and intelligent dogs. They serve almost all-purpose for which a man can keep a dog. Right from entertainment to being a working dog Australian shepherds are the best ones. Australian shepherd can be trained to perform,  being a herding dog or a socialist one.

As Australian dog is a herding dog,  so they have traits of both a predator and a protector.  They are loyal to their keepers and predators to enemies.

Sometimes Australian shepherd can get out of control. But

Why an Australian shepherd is out of control?

There could be various reasons why the Australian shepherd is out of control. Here are a few of them

He is feeling lonely

Australian shepherds can tolerate many things but they can’t tolerate loneliness. They are companions by nature and want someone to be on their side always. A little act can make them insecure and they might feel the owner is going to leave them. This can make them hyper and super active.

They are energetic ones

Australian shepherds are very energetic dogs.  If not channeled properly,  their energy can be uncontrollable. That’s why many owners train them to keep them busy. If it’s out of control maybe it wants to play or have some fun time with you. We advise,  arrange a little us session for your pup.

Spending more time with your loving pup will give you more power over your dog to control it and make it obedient.

Adaptability issues

Australian shepherds are not very adaptable to small spaces or controlled environments. They can act rebellious when they feel contained. As they are wanderers by nature so they like to be set free.

Sensing threat

As an Australian shepherd is a herding dog,  they act when they feel threatened by a situation or person. It is a very friendly dog towards people and other dogs but if it feels something wrong is going on they will be out of control. Pay attention to what is bothering it.

They don’t feel comfortable around strangers

When an Australian shepherd is in a stranger environment or around stranger people,  it can get out of control. They may bark continuously. Try to calm it down and give some love to make it realize that nothing wrong is going on. It’s ok to mix up with strangers sometimes. That’s how you socialize.


Boredom kills but to kill boredom, an Australian shepherd needs to do something, and what can be good than barking and getting out of control. Try to divert its attention towards constructive activities. Train him to play and have fun. Or every time it gets bored,  it may throw tantrums.

Complain alert!

Dogs are used to certain routines. They keep themselves ready for what is coming next.  That is how they keep themselves focused and alert. When their daily routine is disturbed,  it will irritate them causing them to get out of control. This can be their way of complaining. So organize your dog’s daily routine and don’t give him a chance to think about what might go wrong and get disturbed.

You are on the wrong path

Australian shepherds are easy to train and they love to put their effort into learning something new. If you are training them wrong,  they can get offended. Try to seek help from professional trainers or dog clubs who provide training guidance.

It is in pain

When a dog feels pain it tries to tell. This can be its way to get your attention. If your dog is aggressive somehow and that too not from a longer period, check for possible illness or pain. Sometimes when injured or in pain,  it will get out of control.

Spoiled brat

Don’t ever reward your dog for its bad behavior. When a dog is cheered up or given a reward for something it’s not supposed to do,  it will do that again. Don’t raise a spoiled brat or you will pay one day for wrong guidance.

What will an Australian shepherd do when it’s out of control?

You might get worried about how your little joy packet is going to show monstrosity when out of control. Here are few things that your dog might do when it’s going crazy.



When your Australian shepherd will be out of control it will chew and bite anything that comes in its way. If you are finding their chewed toys and other households, look where is your monster right now so you can start to sort out things.

When scared or feared, your dog can even try to bite people.


Australian shepherd barks a lot. Whenever they get aggressive,  they will bark even more. If you are hearing their nonstop barking, pay attention.


Your dog will run and chase people for no reason. It can go after kids too. If your dog is not trained well about how to socialize,  it can be out of control around people.

Aggressive to pets

The Australian shepherd is a friendly dog and mixes up with other dogs too. But if it’s not trained it can get aggressive around other pets. It’s not his fault,  you trained it to live that way.

Also,  if it’s well training and usually friendly but getting out of control around pets, something is bothering it.

How to solve Australian shepherd behavior problems?

The behavioral problems of Australian shepherds can be controlled and eradicated with proper training. You need to know what action can solve Australian shepherd behavior problems. Try to

Soothe it down

Australian shepherds are 24/7 energetic and fully charged dogs. Try to soothe them down to control them. For this, you can

Train them

Proper training helps to set their routine and channel their energy. They will learn how, when, and why to respond. It will also make them obedient and they will learn to follow orders

Keep them busy

Well, this is how to discipline Australian shepherds. Their energy bombs need to be utilized. Keeping them busy will divert their attention from barking uselessly just to spend some time and kill boredom.

Give it a proper chance to socialize

Australian shepherds love to socialize. They mix up quite well and are good with other dogs. Try to take them for a walk where there are fellow dogs to give them a proper chance to socialize. Also, take them to dog club gatherings. They are a little showoff too.

Know the reason for their behavior

Try to know why your Australian shepherd is out of control. Maybe some pain or illness is bothering it. Solving the situation will simply calm it down. If the reason for its behavior is a threat. You need to make him realize that everything is ok. Mostly these dogs are not good around strangers.

When your Australian shepherd is out of control you must learn how to tire them out? So

Exertion is needed!

Give your dog some more exercises as it will drain their energy and tire them out. This will not only keep them calm but will also utilize their energy to something more meaningful.

Its playtime

In your absence,  your dog can get out of control so try to give it some chew or fetch toys so that your dog can play and pass time when you are not around.

Don’t yell

Look for your behavior first. Australian shepherds are herd dogs. When they feel you are going out of sight,  they will try to bring you back to “herd”. Yelling back at them can make them more aggressive.

Be kind and gentle to them. Learn to tackle them with love and patience. They are such a darling that you will fall in love with them again and again.

We have provided some tricks and this is how to calm your Australian shepherd but sometimes people might think they hate their dogs. Well,  dogs and especially Australian shepherds can go crazy but whenever you are concerned about why the Australian shepherd is driving you crazy,  think of it as your best companion in good times. We know you will understand and handle their little tantrum sessions well.

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