Can Huskies Sleep Outside in Winter?

If you are asking about survival, yes they will survive the cold because they are fine with tolerating cold weather. But why would you allow your husky to sleep outside in winter? And not near you! You need a serious explanation for this. Let us tell you about everything about what is allowed or not allowed for your Husky.

can huskies sleep outside in winters

Can a husky puppy sleep outside in winter?

Huskies were bred in a cold region of Antarctica where they learned how to survive the extreme snowy weather and cold temperatures of Siberia. They proved themselves to be a worthy companion who was able to pull sleds, transport materials and be with their owners in tough weather conditions. With time, they developed physical features like webbed feet and double-coat fur that helped them to survive in Siberia   . (You might also want to read another article do huskies have webbed feet?)

So yes, if they are outside at the night, it’s fine for them. Their ancestors have given them a gift to survive at places where others can’t even think of!

How huskies can sleep outside in winter?

We have discussed in the article can labrador survive in hot weather that how dog coats are related to their temperature tolerance. Husky’s ancestors belonged to the Siberia region and they have double-coated fur. The upper or topcoat acts as a protective shield. It keeps the snow, extreme wind, and water off their inner body.

The undercoat acts as an insulator and traps the heat inside to keep the body warm. In cold regions like Siberia and Canada, Huskies sleeping in the snow is no big deal.  They sleep outside without any problem.

What is a normal temperature for a husky?

Their temperature tolerance is -40 degrees and even colder, up to -60 degrees. Ideally, they can live under 23°C. This is a pretty clear answer to do huskies feel cold?  well,  they don’t because their body can tolerate pretty tough weather conditions.  Even if a husky is sleeping in the snow,  he will be pretty fine.

Despite, their bloodline Huskies can’t simply stay outside without proper training and guidance. If your Husky is in a habit of staying inside with you, you need to take special steps to train and prepare him. And also, his consent is important. If he wants to stay with you, leave him be.

How to train Husky to stay outside in winter?

Husky’s ancestors learned to survive Siberia because with evolution they developed webbed feet and dense double-coat. Well, Our huskies can develop less dense coats if they are used to live indoors. This is a basic survival instinct that organisms develop features that suit their environment. So don’t expect an indoor living husky to go outside and be a king of snow!

If huskies are in habit of living inside,  going outside can cause problems because they have developed a comfort level to fit in that condition. So first step would be to allow your husky to develop that double coat again. Gradually when your Husky will develop the coat again, he can live outside without any worry.

Also, keep in mind that you must decide that whether your husky will reside permanently outside before letting him develop a dense coat.

Huskies who have developed dense coats find it difficult to adjust back to indoor environments. So it’s better to make your efforts for a one-time change. The regular changing environments will make it difficult for them to maintain their body temperature and they can fall sick.

To train your husky to adopt outdoor conditions start from smaller steps and change gradually. You can start by

Simple preparations

You must realize that a dense coat protects your dog from tough weather but that was for Siberia where there is snow everywhere. Snow can’t reach the husky body because of an upper coat.

In lands, dogs get wet, humid and the temperature keeps varying. If your dog is wet, the coat will lock the moisture inside making your dog sick. So keeping things in mind, you can start training your dog to stay outside in cold weather.

So first thing first

Build a shelter

Do huskies get cold in the rain?  Yes and that is why you must provide shelter to them. The shelter is important to protect your dog from rain or other conditions that may affect his ability to use his coat for protection.  A kennel that is big enough to adjust your dog is also fine. Keep changing the bedding so that it doesn’t get wet with dogs’ body moisture.

His fur prevents him from reaching the snow to his inner body. In rain, his natural insulation can get compromised if his coat becomes too wet or moist from inside too. When you find that coat is wet, dry him as early as possible to prevent him from falling sick. So when the kennel is done, now start training your dog so that he can get used to the outside environment.

Go out often

Start by spending time out. Let him play,  eat and even sleep outside sometimes so that he can get used to living outside. Also when you are out even for a little relaxing session, take your dog with you.

Day first

Before your husky can spend a night outside in winters, train him to spend days. Let him play on his own and get used to this. When he will spend some time alone he will start being comfortable gradually.


Not for the whole night,  but you can start for few hours. If husky is used to living indoors, nighttime can make him uncomfortable and he may crave your company. He will bark and growl to get your attention. Ignore him. Otherwise, he will get the habit of approaching you with weird vocalizations.

Here another question arises

  • Do Huskies like to sleep in a dark?
    • In dark,  Huskies will sleep better. A husky must sleep 7 hours at night. In dark, it’s peace, and a husky can get uninterrupted sleep.

Feed him well

When the tummy is full,  the body stays warm and comfortable. Hunger can make your husky weak, uncomfortable and sick. A full energy diet allows husky to stay outside and fight weather conditions.

Aha! the coat!

Husky will start developing a dense coat that will aid, shield, and protect him in cold weather. Now your husky is ready to stay outside in winters. His naturally developed coat has made him a dog of steel…  Wow!

How to take care of Husky when he lives outside in winter?

Now your Husky is a little warrior who can fight the extremities of weather but he needs your co-operation to do so.  Don’t leave him on his own.  He still needs your care and protection. So

Provide food on time

To make husky comfortable and help him to adjust outside,  keep him well fed.  He needs to stay warm. Food keeps his metabolism working and maintains his body temperature.

Also,  don’t forget to provide him water regularly. He can get dehydrated in extreme weather conditions. If it’s chilling cold outside,  give him slightly warm water.


No matter where you Husky resides,  he still needs separate playtime.  Most owners think that the husky is already outside so his ” needs ” are fulfilled. No, you must give him toys and chewable, and a little playtime.

Don’t forget about him

By sending your husky outside,  you are not free from your responsibility. Just don’t forget about him. Keep visiting his kennel often. Caresses him a little. Hug him and play with him. This gives him a sense of safety,  belonging, and being loved.

The another method

There is also another method to train your husky to live outside in winter and this is effective if you have multiple dogs.

  • You need to find a suitable companion for your Husky. Spot out which dog is friendly with your Husky and two of them can stay outside.
  • Leave the dogs outside and let them get used to each other.  Huskies are friendly so a friendly companion will do well with them.
  • Both dogs will make a bond and together they will learn to stay outside.
  • The company keeps your dog busy and he won’t feel alone.
  • This method is effective.  Also, your dog won’t make weird voices to get your attention because he already has a companion.
  • If your dog has developed a bond,  don’t separate the dogs. It can make them emotionally unstable and sad.

In general,  Husky can sleep outside in winters.  They can easily bear cold weather but if your puppy lives indoors, you will need to train him to stay outside.

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