Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix – LABBE

When the two hunters meet… Let the hunt begin… Bluetick hound and Labradors are two different breeds of hunting dogs that make a very good family dog too. When crossed together, the blue tick hound lab mix puppy will become a great pet dog with higher energy levels and excellent tracking abilities…

smokey blue blue tick lab hound coat

Bluetick hound lab mix

Bluetick hound lab mix has won the hearts of many because it has inherited genes from wonderful parents. They are another addition to mixed-breed dogs who are considered very loveable due to their friendly aura.

Let’s read about what is expected traits in the bluetick lab hound mix that makes them great pets. But first about their parents

Bluetick hounds

Bluetick hounds have a beautiful sleeky body and are known for their energy and focus. These dogs are very affectionate towards people and animals. Their adventurous nature and friendliness make them worthy companions. Despite their wanderlust nature,  blue tick hounds are very loyal pets. If one phrase could define bluetick hound it would be “fast and focused “….Furious is not on our list here!!

One other thing that defines all hounds, is their distinctive scenting abilities.


Labradors are sweethearts.  They are just adorable in every sense. Labs are indeed full package dogs.  They are significantly reliable, impressively loyal, great watchdogs, and wonderful family pets. We always love it when one of the parents is Lab because every mixed breed with Lab parent is simply our favorite.


When bluetick hounds are crossed with Labradors,  the puppy is called “Labbe”. We are simply loving this cute name.

As Labradors are the most popular dogs, it’s common to choose them as one of the parents in mixed breeding. And they do their part very well. When labradors are mixed with hounds,  the puppy adopts the traits from both parents. In this case, the blue tick hound is donating the other half of chromosomes and we assure you that the puppy is going to be superb.

blue tick black lab female coat

Blue tick hound lab mix traits

Every mixed puppy adopts the traits of either parent. Bluetick hound lab mix puppy is going to be one hell of a friendly dog. He has inherited this legacy of companionship from his parents.

Before going deep here is a summary of what to expect in a blue hound lab mix puppy.

TraitsBluetick lab hound mix
Size22-25 inches
Weight21-27 inches
ColorBluish or brownish
Coat typeShort, straight, sheds moderately
TemperamentLoveable, friendly, intelligent, active
TrainingEasy to train
GroomingEasy to groom
ExerciseOne hour daily
Life span10-13 years

Bluetick hound lab mix Size

The labradors have a height between 22-25 inches whereas blue ticks are 21-27 inches. The mix puppy could be anywhere from 21 to 27 inches tall. That is why these dogs are categorized as medium-large-sized dogs.


Blueticks are between 32- 40 kgs and Labradors can be between  23-40 kgs.  Their mix is expected to be between 25-38 kgs.

Coat color

In hound lab hybrids Black lab hound mix puppy or yellow lab hound mix are two common colors .Bluehounds have a catchy and distinctive coat color “blue”. When crossed with a retriever,  the puppy can get the bluish coat from the hound side or brown hues from Labrador.

blue tick black lab mix

Coat type

Thanks to parents, the coat of bluetick hound Lab mix is short, straight, and shiny.


The puppy will have droopy ears,  big paws, and a long mouth. His broad shoulders and tight chest area are epitomai of his strength. A standing lab hound will surely look like a warrior who has just won the battle.

Blue tick hound lab mix Temperament

This puppy is going to be extremely friendly and social. The parents have calm and affectionate nature which will dominate the puppy too.  Both Labradors and hounds are great work dogs and Labs are known for being hardworking too. Their hybrid is going to make its parents proud. He will turn out to be a loyal and hardworking good boy.

Another thing that one must keep in mind is that lab hound mix puppies are very energetic. So it is important to keep them in check. They tend to bark a lot.Train the dog at a very early age to control its barking.

As this dog tends to like being social so train your puppy at an early age.


This hybrid is easy to train because

  • His parents are very good dogs who learn well.
  • Due to high energy levels, the dog will love to indulge invariant activities.
  • The dog is intelligent and will learn the commands quickly.
  • Due to the alert nature from the hound side the dog will learn quickly from its surroundings too.
  • Make sure that your dog gets positive training. Praise,  motivation and some little treats do wonders for this tick hound lab temperament


Thanks to parents,  the coat doesn’t require much grooming. Since this puppy is low maintenance dog, grooming needs are quite less. As the coat is short and sheds moderately, deep combing once a week is enough.

Unless the puppy turns out to be a densely coated dog,  he will not need a lot of effort to keep him on point. Also, trim the nails and brush the teeth regularly to keep the puppy clean.

The puppy may have wrinkles on its face and near the neck. In this case,  the area needs to be kept dry. If the puppy has floppy ears,  cleanse them regularly to prevent infection.


Generally, this lab hound mix is going to be a healthy dog. However,  he can inherit the diseases from his parents. Labs are more likely to get

  • Skin allergies
  • obesity
  • Luxating patella
  • elbow dysplasia.

The hounds are more prone to

  • hip dysplasia
  • ear infections
  • Cancer
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Blindness

Nutritional needs

As bluetick hound lab mix puppies are very energetic so it’s important to feed them more protein and three portions a day. Also apart from homemade food,  they must be fed some dog food to keep them full.

When the dog is an adult,  he will need different nutrition to meet the requirements. So feed them accordingly. But we don’t advise switching dog food cold turkey. Always talk to the vet to assign the food portion and food type for your dog.


This dog needs at least 20 miles of running per week. Their high energy must be channeled properly or else the dog will get frustrated. Indulge him in an hour of exercise daily. Give him

Space to play and toys to keep himself busy. You can entertain your dog with cow hoof too. (Make sure they are in front of you or you may end up complaining that your dog swallowed cow hoof).

Labhound mix Life span

This hybrid is expected to live 10-13 years.

Which organizations register this breed?

AKC doesn’t register this breed but ACHC,  DDKC,  DRA, and IDCR recognize this breed because these are the organizations that register designer and hybrid dogs.

Why you should adopt bluetick hound lab mix

The reasons why this dog is highly recommended are

  • These dogs have positive nature and when trained properly they turn out to be very good partners.
  • Their companionship qualities are extremely adorable.
  • Overall the dog has an amiable and charming persona.
  • The dog is intelligent,  easy to train, and doesn’t need much grooming.
  • This hybrid is very friendly with everyone around him.
  • He can be trained to become a very fine working dog.
  • Due to hound genes,  the dog will inherit great scent abilities that will make him a skilled tracking dog.
  • The dog has playful and adventurous nature.

These are enough reasons why one should consider adopting a lab hound mix.

blue tick hound lab mix coats

Why you shouldn’t adopt lab hound mix?

There could be certain reasons,  why labbee is not your baby.

  • Don’t adopt them if you can’t catch up with their high stamina. They are super energetic and in dire need of activities.
  • These dogs need a large space to live their life. Don’t limit them to apartmental residents. This can cause depression and anxiety in dogs.
  • Since the dog is friendly around people,  it might not be a very good watchdog.
  • Dogs with hound genes tend to bark a lot. Its bawling could be disturbing. You will need to train your dog for this.

Bluetick hound lab tick alternatives

Blueticks hound lab mixes are the best dogs but there are certain other hound lab mixes too. You may consider greyhound lab mix or bloodhound lab mix

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Bluetick hound lab mix puppy for sale

Always buy a puppy from a reputable breeder to ensure if it is in good health and general condition. You can also look in shelters or pet shops too if there is any bluetick hound lab mix puppy for sale. We recommend buying a pet after having a thorough look at it. Don’t buy it without seeing it first.

So,  we conclude that if you want a family dog with great social abilities you should try bluetick hound lab mix.

blue tik hound lab mix

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