Can long nails make a dog limp?

dog nails clicking on the floor

Oh yes!  Totally. Long nails can make a dog limp. When a dog nails get too long,  they don’t only make walking difficult but also painful. In this article, we will see why long nails cause limping and what to do to treat the condition. How long nails can affect a dog? Long dog’s nails … Read more

Baby Ate Dog Food

baby ate dog food

If your baby ate dog food, no need to panic. The mouthful of food won’t cause him any harm. Sometimes the color of dog food attracts the baby or the baby is friendly to the pet. While having some puppy time, they can start eating their food too. Can a baby eat Dog Food Just … Read more

My Dog Ate a Coffee Bean

my dog ate a cofee bean

It’s exciting for dogs to sniff around, but it’s not unexpected that they can consume everything they smell. It is the nature of dogs, yet it may be harmful to them. Eating anything at random might be hazardous to their health. The coffee bean has a unique odor that dogs frequently detect and digest in jittery. … Read more

Satin Balls: How Much to Feed?

satin balls how much to feed

Did you know most dogs that end up in shelters are malnourished, underweight, and have a poor diet? But the question is what can you do to put weight on your dog and save him from being one of them? One of the best ways is to feed satin balls to your dogs. They are … Read more

My Dog Ate Coconut Oil

my dog ate coconut oil what to do

We have seen a lot of people in trouble saying “My Dog ate coconut oil”. Well, if your dog eats coconut oil, it does not means it is in danger for sure. Coconut oil is quite beneficial for dogs if given in a moderate amount. But if it eats coconut oil in high quantity, this … Read more

How Long Can A Puppy Go Without Eating

how long can a puppy go without eating

Food is among the few things in this world that is both a necessity and a delicacy. This applies to most species, to some extent. Fully grown dogs can go for about 5-8 days without food, provided they’re hydrated, of course. But puppies, on the other hand, are a completely different ball game. How long can … Read more

Prime Rib Bone For Dogs

prime rib bones for dogs

Chewing bones is quite a pleasurable activity for dogs. Not only it keeps them entertained but also satisfies their inborn need to chew. If you have been finding the best dog bone, the answer is undoubtedly the “prime rib bone”.  What is a Prime Rib Bone?  It is the most expensive and best cut of … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Provolone Cheese?

can dogs eat provolene cheese

Cheese is something so divine, that anybody who has never had it is seriously missing out on something. My personal favorite is Provolone Cheese that is low in carbohydrates but full in flavor. Sometimes while I am having my meal, my fluffball sits beside me. I give him cheese treats and as the cheese melts … Read more

List of Dog Foods That Meet AAFCO Standards

list of dog foods approved by aafco

Aafco does not provide a list of approved dog foods however, they do provide a list of nutrients and their profiles that would make a dog food ideal in terms of nourishment. Please refer to the attached list that contains nutrients categorised in terms of dry matter and profiles. When you buy dog food, if … Read more