Can Dogs Eat Peanut Shells?

can dogs eat peanut shells

Does your dog like peanuts? You must be wondering that can dogs eat peanut shells along with peanuts as well. Luckily, you are at the right place. Well, peanut shells are not poisonous for dogs, but their ingestion can cause multiple hazards to the health of the dog. Want to know how? Keep reading! Peanut … Read more

My Puppy swallowed Bully stick. What to do?

puppy swallowed bully stick

If you’re a dog parent, the word bully stick won’t be new in your Google search list. But in case you haven’t had an interaction with such dog-treat before, you’re missing out on something incredible. Bullystick is a chewable protein treat, that is both the dog’s and owner’s favourite. It keeps your little pup engaged … Read more

Do Pomsky Shed

The question shouldn’t be “do pomsky shed”?. Instead, you should ask “when pomsky don’t shed”? Because they shed 365 days a year. So before buying a pomsky,  get yourself ready to walk on hair strings 24/7. Do Pomsky shed? Yes,  they do.  Every time and the reason is their coat. Pomsky is a uniquely bred … Read more

Cat Flavored Dog Food

cat flavored dog food

Cat-flavored dog food is an interesting notion but why would there be cat-flavored dog food? Do dogs like it and what about the owners? And if there is food that both cats and dogs can eat? Well, Our article has answers to all your questions. First, we need to know What is cat-flavored dog food? … Read more

Chow Chow Panda Dog

Have you ever heard of the dog breed Chow Chow Panda? If you are a dog fan, you must have an idea about this strange dog breed. Otherwise, it might be new to you, like most people. Do you know what’s the most unique thing about Chow Chow Panda? It originated using painting skills to … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Flies?

can dog eat flies

“Can a dog eat flies? ” the question reminded me of that national geographic survival shows where the host would eat anything to stay alive. Yeah, they made sure to tell us,  that a variety of Ewwww insects can taste yummilicious under the right circumstances. So why shouldn’t our bud try them too? But the … Read more

Purina Pro Plan vs Science Diet

purina pro plan vs science diet

Are you one of those parents who offer their dog whatever is easily available? We are sorry to tell you that you are unjust with your little companion. As high-quality foods are important for the proper nourishment and well-being of a dog. So a duel post for Purina Pro Plan vs Science Diet is a … Read more

Purina One Large Breed Puppy Food Warning

purina one large breed puppy food warning

Are you concerned with the well-being of your dog? Every dog food comes with some warnings and precautions. Purina one is a high-quality food brand that most dog owners choose to feed their little companions. Do you have a large dog breed like at your home? If yes, then you are at the right place! … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Butterscotch

can dogs eat butterscotch

Dogs find Butterscotch famously delicious, and they go crazy for it. As a dog owners, we know that it must have been hard for you not to give your dog Butterscotch when it craves it. But remember that the dog’s health is more important than anything else. Well, the arising question here is that dogs … Read more