Simparica Rebate

simparica rebate

Looking for the rebates of Simparica and want to avail benefits? You are at the right place! You must have known that different flea and tick treatment medications for dogs offer rebates as a marketing strategy, but it works for the customers well. Most customers prefer Simparica or Simparica Trio over other flea and tick … Read more

Dog Stung by a Yellow Jacket

Dog stung by yellow jacket

Well,  dogs get bitten by fleas and insects now and then, what is a big deal if dogs get stung by yellow jackets?  It is!  My pals.  In some circumstances, dogs can face severe reactions to simple bites. How?  Lets read Why a yellow jacket is dangerous to dogs? Yellowjackets belong to species of wasps. … Read more

Can You Breed Father and Daughter Dogs

Can you breed father and daughter dogs

Have you ever thought of getting a clone of your favorite dog? Is that possible? Can you breed father and daughter dogs? Let’s find out! Like human inbreeding, breeding father and daughter dogs possess several risk factors. In fact, even the sound of breeding a father and daughter dog together is wrong. On the contrary, … Read more

People that don’t like Dogs

people who dont like dogs

Loving dogs seems to be a very normal trait. However, some people simply do not like dogs. Normally individuals cannot relate to this and don’t understand why this concept exists. This is because the human to dog bond is powerful and has existed since the beginning of time.  Some people even consider dogs as their … Read more

Dog vs Wolf: Are they similar?

dog vs wolf

On the face of it, Dog and Wolf size may seem similar – even their appearance but there are many key differences between a wolf and dog. In case you encounter either of these animals on your trail (we hope not) – you will be able to tell the difference between the two.  Why Do … Read more