Diabetic Dog with Diarrhea

diabetic dog with diarrhea

Even simple diarrhea in healthy dogs must not be ignored. When you have a diabetic dog with diarrhea,  take the matter seriously. It could turn fatal to your dog. In the following article, we will see how diabetes and diarrhea are linked. How to treat diabetic dogs with diarrhea and what could be the potential … Read more

Mineral Oil For Dog Intestinal Blockage

mineral oil for dogs intestinal blockage

Has your dog been uncomfortable lately? Has passing stool become a huge problem for him? Do you suspect an intestinal blockage? The ultimate solution is surgery. However, are you looking for a non-surgical alternative? Mineral oil works for Dog’s Intestinal Blockage as the best remedy. How and when to use it? Are you sick of … Read more

Dog in Pain after Gland Expressed

dog in pain after gland expressed

 Your dog could suffer from anal problems and there is nothing to be afraid of. You just need to look out for anal sacs and see if the anal glands need to be expressed. However,  maybe your dog still feels pain after the gland is expressed. We fully understand that it’s not easy to see … Read more

My 10 Year Old Not Eating Anything

my 10 year old dog stopped eating

Dogs are like humans too, as they get older and do not care for their diet – they experience health problems. Therefore, it is common for a senior dog to experience problems like lack of appetite. However, you need to address it as soon as you can. At this stage, it is upon you as … Read more

Wolf Worms In Dogs

You have probably come here with the question “What are wolf worms in dogs? what causes them? Its symptoms? What is its prevention and treatment for your cute little friend? If you are a dog owner or dog lover same as me, you have been thinking that how much painful and haunting this would be for … Read more