Why Does My Dog Drool Around Other Dogs


Have you ever noticed extra saliva strings hanging from the dog’s jaw when it is around other dogs? We understand that it is kind of frustrating and annoying when you see the dog’s drool everywhere around your house. Now, you must be wondering, “Why does my dog drool around other dogs?” There are a lot … Read more

Dog Licking Panties

dog licking panties

Undergarments are very private, something you’d always keep hidden. If your dog jumps into the laundry and holds underwear in his mouth this can clearly disturb you. Why is my dog licking panties? What is his interest in dirty underwear? Several questions can strike your mind making you uncomfortable in the dog’s presence. On the … Read more

How to Tire out a Puppy Before Bed?

How to Tire out a Puppy Before Bed

Pet parenting can teach you lessons that might help you in nurturing your baby one day. Therefore, adopting a puppy can be a huge responsibility. You should commit to it only if you think you can give all your attention to your furry buddy. Most importantly you must know, How to tire out a puppy … Read more

Great Pyrenees- Behavior problems

Great Pyrenees- Behavior problems

Great Pyr’s white fur and black eyes can almost steal anyone’s heart. Additionally, their super protective nature with humans makes you want to have one at home. But do you know about the Great Pyrenees’ behavior problems? If not, it’s about time you have a look before bringing one home. First things first, you need … Read more

Picking Up Puppy from Airport

picking up puppy from airport

Yes! every year, millions of puppies fly safely on flights. Airline employees make every effort to treat these animals with the respect and care they deserve.  But the most important is how you will go about picking up your puppy from airport. You must keep a few things in mind if you have to pick … Read more

K9data – All You Need to Know

k9data all you need to know information

K9 is a terminology often used in English-speaking countries. It essentially refers to police dog units, also known as K-9 or K9. Hence, K9 is regarded as a pun for the words canine. Hence, it can be argued that the term K-9 or K9 was transcended from the word canine in English and French, which … Read more

My Dog killed the Rabbit

my dog killed the rabbit

Dogs are the most lovable creatures on this planet. They take away all the sorrows and loneliness in your life by replacing them with love and care. Due to the emotional connection, we share with our doggos, sometimes their vicious behavior can put us under a lot of stress. I was traumatized to witness my … Read more

Why Is My Dog Smacking Lips At Night

why is my dog smacking lips at night

Have you ever heard your dog smacking lips while you were in deep sleep? Are you getting annoyed with that sound? Are you confused with the question, “why is my dog smacking its lips in the middle of the night?” Let us talk about what basically smacking or licking lips is. Literally, smacking is basically … Read more

My Dog never wags his Tail

my dog never wags his tail

Dogs can not communicate through different languages as humans do. They choose to speak in other ways. Dogs have minimal facial expression but mostly speak through their tail. They show various degrees of emotions like happiness, anxiety, nervousness, and more by just waging their tail.  Wagging is often accompanied by moving ears, furrowing near the … Read more