Chow Chow Panda Dog

Have you ever heard of the dog breed Chow Chow Panda? If you are a dog fan, you must have an idea about this strange dog breed. Otherwise, it might be new to you, like most people. Do you know what’s the most unique thing about Chow Chow Panda? It originated using painting skills to make the chow chow dog look like a panda.

Seems interesting, right? You bet! It is not a specific dog breed, but all it has is a similar appearance to a panda. In China, there is a controversy regarding this dog breed as, people of China have the custom to eat the meat of several animals, including dogs.

Want to dig into the dog’s features and other interesting facts? Let’s get started!

chow chow panda dog

Is Chow Chow Panda a hybrid?

As the name refers, some people take the idea that it might be a hybrid of chow chow. No, Chow Chow Panda is not a cross of chow chow and panda, neither it is a particular dog breed. Dying is what people do to make chow chow dogs look just like a panda.

From where does Chow Chow Panda Dog originate?

Hsin Ch’en is the originator of Chow Chow panda dog. Well, not only this dog but also he has shown his creativity in several other dog breeds. In the case of Chow Chow panda dog, he has made something attractive and good-looking. Just like the normal Chow Chow breed, this one has the same features and temperament. The coloring, painting, or dying do not have any adverse effect on the dog’s health.

CharacteristicsWhat Chow Chow panda has
Weight40 to 75 lbs
Height17 to 20 inches
PersonalityStubborn, playful, intelligent, aggressive, lazy
Pet friendlyYes
Kid-friendlyNot much
OriginHsin Ch’en
Average life span10 years
Common health concernsHip dysplasia, eye infection

Physical appearance of the Chow Chow Panda:

The physical features of the Chow Chow dog breed are something that keeps the dog in demand. However, when they are transformed into Chow Chow Pandas, they look even cuter. They are quite large and have a strong body.

The dog has a broad and flat face, tiny ears, a large head, almond-shaped eyes, a short muzzle, and most importantly bluish-black tongue which is a unique feature. They have thick bones and muscular bodies, which increase their strength and sturdiness. With quite a lot of fur, they require proper care and grooming. The dog breed does a “stilted” walk, as its legs are straight.

Coat of the Chow Chow Panda Dog:

The coat of the dog is the main character of the Chow Chow Panda because that is what makes them different from regular chow chows. The coat can either be rough or smooth also, they have different lengths; the rough one is longer as compared to the smooth one.

The tail and the neck are the two major areas that are entirely covered with heavy fur giving the dog a furry appearance. Usually, there are black spots made on the eyes and legs of the dog, but the rest of the fur is kept white.

Size of the dog:

Chow Chows are large-sized dogs with a significant weight and height. If measured from the ground to shoulders, most of them are between 17 to 20 inches tall. However, the weight is anywhere between 40 to 70 pounds no matter it’s a male or female dog.

The temperament of the dog:

If we have a look at the personality of the dog, the Chow Chow panda is a playful, dignified, and reserved dog. Most of the time, they are the owners who get to see the real side of the dog, but no others.

If a dog is close with a person, let it be, or 2, it will be highly protective about him in every situation. The over-protective behavior is not every time convenient so, it is important to train the dog properly at the right time.

Some of them are a bit aggressive as well, but usually, the breed is intelligent, wise, and dignified. They might trouble you a bit while training due to their stubborn nature and lazy behavior, but their intelligence covers this flaw.

Grooming of Chow Chow Panda Dog:

No matter the Chow Chow panda has a rough coat texture or smooth, short hair or long, they require proper and regular grooming. Also, they are furry dogs, and to maintain their attractive appearance it is important to maintain their fur.

We recommend you take the dog for several grooming sessions every week. While if you are planning to groom it by yourself, keep brushing its hair multiple times a week.

Shedding is very common in Chow Chow pandas hence they shed a lot during the spring and fall seasons. If you regularly brush the hair and prevent them from getting tangled, the shedding will be reduced to an extent.

Besides, you have to take care of the oral hygiene of the dog as well. To prevent dental problems, brush the dogs’ teeth regularly, and to keep the dog away from ear infections, make sure you clean them often.

When to cut the nails? The moment you start hearing the clicking sounds on the floor means that the dog’s nails are long enough. Cut them calmly to offer maximum hygiene and comfort to the dog.

Chow Chow Panda Breed price:

The price of Chow Chow panda is not fixed, as it varies depending on multiple factors. The gender, age, weight, health, origin, coat, lineage, location, and many other factors determine the price of a Chow Chow Panda.

On average, it costs about 600$-1000 for a Chow Chow Panda dog however, the show quality dogs are expensive starting from 7,500$ and higher. Make sure you are dealing with the right and reputable breeder, and be aware of backyard breeders.

Health concerns of Chow Chow Panda:

In general, the Chow Chow Panda dogs are healthy, but there are possibilities everywhere. Also, it is not compulsory that if you have a Chow Chow panda dog, it is ultimately going to have a disease related to the dog breed. There is always a chance, but your proper care and diet can prevent such possibilities.

First, to avoid these issues, you should check the health clearance from the breeder before purchasing the dog. The OFA should be given the health clearance for hip however eye health should also be certified by CERF.

Additionally, make sure the health clearances are of the time when the dog is older than 2 years. Why is that so? Most of the health conditions occur when the dog reaches adult age. We would recommend you to buy the dog when it is more than 2 or 3 years old.

Here, we are going to explain the most common diseases of the dog.


It is an eye disorder, in which the eyelid of the dog is rolled in an inward direction causing discomfort, pain, and irritation in the eye, especially the eyeball. The condition can either affect one eye or both eyes depending on the severity.

If you ever observe your dog rubbing its eyes or it seems like something is irritating the eyes, get the dog checked by the vet as soon as possible to avoid any complication. Surgical intervention might help to treat the condition.

Hip dysplasia:

You might have heard of this condition as it is very common in large-sized dogs. Canine hip dysplasia is transferred from the parents to the pups so, it should always be checked that parents and the previous generations were not facing any disorder.

In this condition, the hip joint fails to snuggle the thighbone perfectly. The symptoms include discomfort, lameness on legs, or pain and this condition can lead to arthritis as the dog gets older.

Besides the risk of these diseases, the dog can live a healthy life of around 10 years on average, which is a better span as compared to many other dogs.

Nutritional requirement of the dog:

Providing an adequate amount of food with high quality and hygiene should be your priority as a pet owner. Offer 2 to 2 3/4 cups of food to your dog to fulfill its daily feeding requirements. Also, make sure you give the diet in two portions, stuffing the dog at once might lead to obesity.

Several factors determine the feeding requirement of a Chow Chow panda dog. These factors include activity level, metabolism rate, growth, age, size, and many others. A more active dog requires a lot of food however, the one with mazy behavior might not be hungry all the time.

Don’t keep the food n the reach of the dog all the time as this can lead to overeating and eventually obesity, which is a risk factor for hip dysplasia. If you are unable to feel the dog’s ribs on touching it without pressing, then it means you need to get it fit by reducing the diet and increasing the activity.

Training the Chow Chow Panda:

As discussed above, the chow chow pandas are a little stubborn and lazy, which makes their training challenging. So, only if you think you can manage the challenge then think of buying this little cute pup.

Positive reinforcement has been a successful method to train the Chow Chow panda dogs, as they develop a sense of reward and praise in their personality. Punishing the dog or harsh behavior has never been helpful but, it only adds fear and lack of trust to the personality of the dog.

The Chow Chow panda dogs are also independent so sometimes, they don’t listen to you when you ask them to do something particular, which is another challenging part of training. Be patient, and wait for the right time when the dog is ready to accept things.

Are Chow Chow Pandas good with Children?

Either the dog is good with children or not? The answer is simple! This fact depends on the behavior you have taught to the dog, except those having an entirely aggressive personality. You may have heard from a lot of people that chow chows are happy dogs, but that’s not always true. There are very common cases in which the dog has shown very aggressive behavior making this dog breed a dangerous dog for apartments.  This shows that it is not good to leave the dog with the kids alone, or have this dog in a home having kids.

The dog does not have intentions to hurt your child, but as it dislikes someone’s touch, it might get offended and attack the child unintentionally. Well, if you want your child to play with the dog, always supervise them. Proper training and socialization of the dog may also bring a positive behavior in its personality making it safe for the kids.

How do chow chow pandas behave with other pets?

If you have another little companion in your house, that’s totally fine to have Chow Chow Panda dogs because they are very friendly with other pets. If the dog feels safe around other animals, it will never harm any of them but the moment someone tries to haunt the dog, it can show adverse behavior. As the dog is not a sporting breed or has hunting instincts, it can easily live with a cat as well. Just introduce the dog with other pets on good terms, and they are good to go.

Bottom Line:

Chow chow panda is not a dog breed, but a chow chow dog is made attractive to impress the pet owners using painting techniques and dyes. The dog is good-looking, but make sure you can adapt its personality traits, and then plan on buying this dog. You can find a reputable breeder, or adopt the dog from a shelter to save yourself some significant expense.

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