Do Pomsky Shed

The question shouldn’t be “do pomsky shed”?. Instead, you should ask “when pomsky don’t shed”? Because they shed 365 days a year. So before buying a pomsky,  get yourself ready to walk on hair strings 24/7.

do pomsky shed

Do Pomsky shed?

Yes,  they do.  Every time and the reason is their coat. Pomsky is a uniquely bred breed that is a cross of Siberian Husky(can siberian husky sleep outside in winter) and pomeranian dogs. Like parents,  pomsky also have a double coat. Their long silky coat looks cute but sheds all the year.

When Pomsky shed more? 

In warm weather,  pomsky shed more.  This is because all double-coated furry dogs shed more in warm weather. Coats are their protective shield to keep them warm. In summers,  dogs shed their coats to make them less dense. This is like taking out your sweater in summer.

Pomsky is a mixed breed and both their parents are very hairy. Being a mixed breed,  every individual pomsky puppy can take any trait from their parents. While talking about hair,  no matter they take it from which parent they will have a double coat.

Although widely loved, Shedding is one of the reasons, you may don’t want to take pomsky as a pet.

Why Pomsky shed?

We have mentioned earlier that dogs shed. But why?  Well,  they shed because they need to adjust their body temperature to their environment. This is how they make themself suitable for their surroundings. In cold areas, dogs have a dense thick coat that protects them from weather extremities. In warm weathers, the dog shed their coats so that their body doesn’t get heated. Dogs can’t tolerate more than desired warm weather too. (Can labrador survive in hot weather)

Also, the same breed of dogs living in a different environment will adjust their coat accordingly. Like a husky living inside will develop a less dense coat and if living outside,  their coat will protect them even from Siberian winds and snow.

How often do Pomsky shed?

A pomsky go through shedding twice a year. This happens every spring and fall. Dogs shed less in winters because they still need their coat as a safety shield. But in summers,  the shedding is more intense than in winters.

How much does a Pomsky shed?

As we said,  a pomsky sheds all the year. So you are dealing with two types of shedding here. The seasonal shedding and the daily shedding. If you are seriously thinking to adopt a pomsky,  we suggest getting everything aligned first. And by this we mean, buy a good vacuum cleaner and your house interior should support “shedding” as well. (we don’t want hairs stuck in your net curtains or sofa cover).

Daily shedding

As we have talked about poms and their parent’s traits,  get ready to clean a mess of hair every day. Now we also know that dogs adjust their shedding according to the environment they are living in.

We just can’t say that every dog shed,  what is a big deal with little pommy. Well,  the little pommy has a different life story. Although dogs living in cold areas shed less despite having parents that were bred for cold regions, pomsky live indoors. They are used to in-door living style which is why they shed more than normal dogs. His parents gave him a lustrous double coat and now to adjust to his lifestyle,  he needs to shed that.

As pomsky experience frequent weather changing while moving indoor and outdoor, they will shed seasonally too. Their daily shedding is moderate as compared to seasonal shedding.

Seasonal shedding

Spring is here,  so our pomsky is also blooming. The old hair needs to fall.  After spring there is summer so a pomsky is preparing for that. They will shed all their undercoat because the undercoat insulates heat to the body. Instead of that thick dense coat,  the coat will be much lighter in summers.

In fall,  winter is near so the new coat will replace the already fallen coat.  Your pomsky will get a new undercoat to keep him warm during winter nights.

Don’t get worried about “hair fall”. This is normal for pomsky.

How much time the coat will take to shed?

Well,  pomsky is shedding but how long it will take to shed the coat entirely. Be patient!  It may take up to several weeks.  What’s the hurry?  We know you are worried about hair everywhere but expect them more during the shedding weeks.

Sometimes the amount of shedding can get scary as it will fill the whole garbage bag but don’t worry it’s normal for pomsky.

Factors linked to Pomsky shedding

Your pomsky will shed all the year, but several factors can increase or decrease the amount of falling hair.

Temperature changes

This is why seasonal shedding is intense for pomsky.  As they have a double coat,  warm weather will bring a lot of hair shedding. When winters began,  the shedding may be less intense.

The health of your puppy

Hair shows the overall health of your puppy. When dogs suffer from different diseases,  they shed more. Except seasonal shedding when your poms shed more,  check if he is properly fed.  Also, there may be an underlying illness that is resulting in extreme hair fall.

Stress factor

When dogs are stressed,  it affects their overall health and shedding. Dogs can get stressed due to many things. It could be as simple as the owner not at home or they may be undergoing major trauma like a sudden change of place or owners


Pregnancy is a major reason when your mom pom is shedding during nursing their litter. This will be fine after few months. It’s just their body getting used to new circumstances.

Parental genetics

Poms are mixed breed and every pom is a surprise box. Open it and woof!  You get what you may deserve. So sometimes pomsky gets more genetics from their Pomeranian side parent and shed less. The one with husky dominance may shed more.

The beautylicious!!

Ignoring grooming practices makes pomsky shed more than usual. In summers we suggest them brushing twice a week and in winters brush them three to four-time to keep the undercoat well managed. Otherwise, it can lead to many skin and hair problems.

What to do when Pomsky shed?

Prepare your tools. Pom is shedding and you are there to pick up the falling feathers. We don’t want you to dive into a pool of falling hair.


  • Start a little pampering session. A little grooming and pampering session every now and while is a must. Regular brushing helps in maintaining the amount of shedding hair. So brush your pomsky and collect all the dead hair in one place.
  • Keep a check if your pomsky has fleas and ticks. They can cause increased shedding even when it’s not the season. The itching will also cause hair fall.
  • If he is shedding weirdly, like empty patches on the skin or sudden shedding, Talk to the vet to check for possible illness.
  • Buy a good vacuum cleaner.
  • Make sure your pomsky is well behaved.
  • Be patient! If you have him,  accept him as he is.

And stop worrying about why my pomsky is shedding a lot?

Does Pomsky second-generation shed?

Pomsky is a mixed breed of Siberian husky and pomeranian dog. The breeders are still trying to perfect the breed. Second generation Pomsky means both the parents were Pomsky. This means grandparents were Siberian Husky and pomeranian dog. There are different generations like F1, F1b, or F2 and the work is still in the process.

Well, every Pomeranian husky is different from others and that’s the beauty of it. Second-generation pom has both mother and father who are pomskies. So yes they do shed. No matter they get their gene from mother, father or any of grandparent, they will have a double coat that shed more than normal.

Pomsky that doesn’t shed

Well, that’s not pomsky guys. Get your facts right. All Pomskies shed.

So, yes! Pomsky shed a lot and this is ok and normal. If you are planning to adopt one, you will just need to manage things wisely.

Welcome home… cutie POM!!

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