Doberman Husky Mix – Dobsky

 Doberman husky mix is proof why mixed breed dogs are so legit!. Both Doberman and Husky have earned their fame as being the best dogs and when they combine…whoop.. magic happens! Woof woof!!

domerman husky fully grown up

Doberman Husky mix

This playful and extremely adorable mix is what any dog parent would want in their puppy. Let’s read how this mixed breed is our so favorite and what to expect in them. Before that let’s have a look at their parents too


When they say beauty with brains, they mean Doberman. Doberman has a sleeky strong built and high intelligence level. These dogs were bred in the 19th century to assist as being tax collectors.  They used to accompany their masters and would protect them from any harm that comes in their way. Doberman got worldwide fame for being a protective work dog. Since then,  the breed has served police and Military and has proven itself competent. They are smart,  strong, and the best in the field.

Siberian Huskies

Siberian huskies were sled dogs bred by the people of Siberia. They served humanity in extreme temperatures. Honestly, they were one of the reasons how mankind survived Siberia through dog breeds like huskies who like snow and have webbed feet. Huskies are hardworking,  strong, and loyal dogs. They are also smart and intelligent ones.

Bringing this duo to get a power pack puppy?  Congratulations you are on the right track.


Doberman and Husky when combined,  gave us a dobsky who is a true gem!

Dobskies have developed traits from both parents and loyalty is the first of them. Expect your Dobsky to be loving, protective,  loyal, and energetic. They are wonderful companions and have playful nature. However,  their social skills depend upon with whom they are attached to and how they are trained?. Usually, Dobskies stay fine near their owners or family members and can get aggressive with strangers.

Dobsky traits

Let’s have a closer look at what to expect in dobsky?  In terms of everything

Weight20-42 kgs
Size22-26 inches
Coat typeCould be a dense thick double  coat or single coat
Coat colorsBlack, grey, white, rust with occasional markings
TemperamentFriendly, protective, energetic
TrainingEasy to train
ExerciseUp to 2 hours daily
Life span12-14 years
HealthGenerally healthy
Recommended for first-time owners?Yes

Size of Doberman husky mix

Both Siberian husky and Doberman are tall dogs. Huskies are normally 21-24 inches and Doberman are 24-28 inches tall. Dobsky is going to be a mix of them. A normal adult Doberman husky mix will be 22-26 inches in height.

Weight of dobsky

An adult Doberman weighs between 40-45 kgs whereas huskies are 20-27 kgs. You can expect their hybrid to be 20-42 kgs.  This is quite variant. A 20 kg dog and a 42 kg dog are so different in size. No doubt a Dobsky is a true surprise treat.

Doberman Husky mix Coat type

A Doberman has a single shiny short coat whereas Huskies have a thick dense double coat. Their hybrid, dobsky will have a straight and thick coat.  The coat will shed moderately 360 days a year with two heavy shedding seasons per year.

doberman husky mix brown coat

Coat colors

A dobsky will inherit its parent’s coat colors. The colors could be black,  grey,  white,  rust, etc. A dobsky puppy can inherit its parent’s markings too.


Having two handsome parents, what does a Doberman Husky mix will look like?

Keep in mind the classy powerful gait of the husky and the strong persona of a Doberman. The Dobsky will have an elongated head and a strong body. He can resemble any parent but expect a Dobsky to have that sarcastic husky smile on his face. Doberman has floppy ears pointing downwards whereas huskies have upward pointing and short ears. Expect a dobsky to inherit any of them.

Doberman Husky mix Temperament

Dobskies are very friendly to their owners. They get so attached that separation can cause anxiety and depression in them. Dobskies are playful and love being around their owners. As they are hardworking,  alert, and focused like their parents. So they are intelligent dogs.

Dobskies have parents who have mind-blowing stamina when it comes to work or energy levels. Your dobsky puppy will also be an energy bomb and if you can’t catch up to their levels,  think twice before adopting one.

doberman husky mix temperament


As dobsky is a protective dog, so definitely inclined to get upset and aggressive around strangers. They are possessive about their owners, so they won’t allow anyone else to come near. These dogs need to be trained at an early age so that they learn the difference between a “stranger” and an “enemy”. Not every stranger is an enemy. This way dogs will stay calm near other dogs and people.

Also,  teach your dobsky to be an obedient pup. Otherwise, his protective nature can make him arrogant and stubborn too. Reward him when he follows your order. He must know that only you are the boss around.

Dobsky gets attached to the owner in a very emotional way.  It is important to train him to stay separated for some time. Otherwise,  the dog will suffer depression and anxiety. At an early age,  teach the dog to stay at his own safe place. You can also crate train your dog to teach him the importance of having one’s own safe place. Our guide on crate training a golden retriever will surely help you.


Well,  grooming a Dobsky depends on his coat type. If he has inherited his parent’s husky coat,  expect more grooming. Brush 3-4 times a week. If he has inherited Doberman’s coat, brushing 2-3 times is enough. Also, Dobsky sheds more so expect hair strands everywhere.

This hybrid is usually clean and you don’t need to bathe them often. Just shove away the dirt and they will be fine. You can also bathe them every 3-4 months.

If dobsky has inherited floppy ears,  cleanse them well to avoid bacterial infection.

Exercise needs

Dobsky is a very energetic dog. He needs to play,  jump,  explore and rule the world with his massive energy. We advise dobsky to people who can afford this much stamina. A dobsky needs daily 1 hour to 2 hours of training and exercise. If dobsky is not given a proper chance to take out his energy,  he will end up destroying things and becoming a little monster!


Overall,  Dobsky is a fine and healthy dog but as every dog can get or inherit diseases,  so can dobsky. Dobsky may inherit diseases from his parents which could be

  • Hip dysplasia

Which is common among heavier dogs. The hip bone can dislocate due to joints malformation in a way that can cause pain and even paralysis in dogs. An abnormal gait is the first sign to hip dysplasia.

  • Eye diseases

Both husky and Doberman are prone to eye diseases like cherry eye,  redness,  cataracts,  atrophy, etc. So pay attention to any redness in the eye or if a dog is having an eye discharge.

  • Autoimmune diseases

Dobsky can also suffer from different autoimmune and blood diseases too.

Regularly take your dog to the vet for a checkup and if you notice any weird symptoms, take professional help.


Dobsky has high energy. Energetic dogs must be fed higher protein portions. Feeding them more carbohydrates can make them obese. Dobsky has a strong built that he has inherited from the Doberman side. So feed him up to three cups of dog food every day. For additional supplements consult your vet. They will give you the best advice of dog food best suited for dobsky from popular nutra thrive to old similar dog food to Ken L Ration.

Doberman husky mix Life span

As dobsky are healthy dogs so they enjoy a relatively long life.  If everything goes fine,  expect dobsky to live up to 12-14 years.

doberman husky mix puppy

Doberman husky mix cost

Whenever you are looking for a Doberman husky mix,  always do market research. They are rare but not very costly. A Doberman Husky mix price can be between $1000 – $2500.

Can Dobsky swim?

One of the parents,  Siberian Huskies is not at all a swimmer You can relate it with husky’s swimming abilities . While Doberman is also not natural swimmers but they can learn.

Expect your Dobsky to be naturally resistant to swimming. However,  if they show love to water,  let them enjoy it!

Alternative breeds:

Doberman and husky mix may not be for everyone because it’s hard to match their playful nature. You may consider blue hound tick lab mix puppy or bloodhound German shepherd mix if you are looking for a loyal watchdog and true companion.

Why Dobsky is not for you?

Well,  everyone is not lucky enough to deserve Dobsky. Here is why

  • They are emotional dogs and can’t handle a separation. If you have a hectic job, don’t adopt dobsky.
  • As they may have a dense coat, so they may need some high-level grooming.
  • They require early social training to fit in anywhere.
  • Being a vocal dog, you may not welcome his barking.
  • They don’t fit in apartment residences or limited areas.
  • You need to catch up with the dog’s energy level or he may turn destructive.

Reason why you should adopt Dobsky?

Reasons, why you should give this sweetheart a chance to be yours, are

  • Dobsky is a very friendly dog. They love their owners very much.
  • They are protective of their owners and won’t let any harm come in their way.
  • Dobskys are playful and fun to be around. They won’t let you get bored either.
  • Our little monsters tend to bark. This makes them very good watchdogs too.
  • He is an ideal dog if you are an outgoing and adventure lover yourself.
  • When trained, they adopt social standards well and get mixed with everyone.

In short,  Dobsky are very much recommended dogs. If you are looking for a genuine companion, consider Doberman husky mix for adoption.

Dobsky Dobsky doo!

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