Dog Scraped Nose

Watching your pup in the pain due to scraped nose is the least what you want. We know that the dog’s nose is the most exposed part of its body, especially when the dog sniffs; its snout has to face many circumstances. Dog scraping its nose is not unusual, but if it exceeds the normal limit, it can cause scratches on the nose that can be painful. If you are wondering that what is the reason your dog scrapes its nose, how to treat a dog scraped nose, and how can we prevent it, then you are at the right place!

dog scraped nose

What causes the dog to scrap its nose?

Dogs are one of those canines, who explore the world using their nose. Well, this may cause scratches and scrapes on their nose. You must have noticed that when a dog ends up having a wound, getting it cleaned by a vet is the first yet easy step. But when the dog reaches home, it starts licking the wound to get rid of discomfort. Since, the dog cannot lick its wounded nose to get relief, scraping it is the best it can do. Now, let us discuss some of the other reasons which can lead to dog scraped nose.

Discomfort or pain:

A lot of things can cause pain or discomfort to your dog as a result of which, they scrap their nose on the floor, wall, or carpet to alleviate the pain. Bug bite, abscess or a bee sting, tooth infection, or any object stuck in the nose can cause such pain.


The dogs can be itchy due to mites, fleas, or other parasites which initially cause redness of the skin. But after that, the dog starts incessant rubbing and scraping of the nose. Itching can also be due to any skin disease, but mostly it is allergy or parasites.

Dirty Face:

If any particle, let it be food or dust, is somehow stuck in the dog’s fur near its nose, the dog will immediately start rubbing its nose to any surface. The rubbing will result in a dog’s scraped nose. This kind of behavior is common in those dogs which have wrinkles on their face for example Boston terriers, bulldogs, or pugs.

Separation Anxiety:

If your dog is persistently rubbing its nose against a wall or crate and have a scraped nose, especially when no one is around, then most of the chances are it is suffering from separation anxiety. Try giving some time to your pooch and see if the scraping and rubbing stops.

Caterpillars and foreign bodies:

In spring or summer, when you take your dog for a walk, it might play in the park for some time. While playing, if the dog somehow manages to sniff a caterpillar, then it will surely face some consequences. If unluckily, it sniffs the pine processionary caterpillar, the nose will be injured as a result of which, the dog scrapes its nose to relieve the pan. Whereas, other caterpillars can cause itching as a result of which, you will observe frequent sneezing and a lot of scraping on the nose.

Skin diseases:

A dog can suffer from multiple skin diseases, but those who affect the mucocutaneous junctions can cause itching. To get rid of itching, the dogs scrape its nose a lot. Some of these skin disorders are:

  • Dermatofitoisis
  • Juvenile cellulitis
  • Sun burn


Allergy is one of the major causes which will make you see you a dog scraped nose. Well, the most common time for this is spring, but it can happen at any time of the year as well. Different kinds of allergies can cause itching and scrapping of the nose. Let us have a sneak peek at them that how they are related to scraped noses.

Contact Allergy:

The dogs can be allergic to the materials in which they consume food or drink water. The allergy will directly affect the nose resulting inevitable itching and scraping. To prevent this, always use hypoallergenic bowls and containers such as stainless steel.

Pollen, dust, and mite allergy:

When a dog sniffs the grass too closely, there are chances that it can suffer from pollen allergy. Pollen allergy not only results in inflammation of the eyes or sneezing but also results in a dog scrapping its nose. Whereas, dust and mite allergy have the same consequence hence, avoid carpet near those dogs.

What things should we keep in mind for a dog’s scraped nose?

When a dog scrapes its nose, there is nothing to be worried about. We have discussed all the possible causes and none of them are life-threatening hence, you shouldn’t be panicked at all. Let us tell you how to handle a dog’s scraped nose.

Have a closer look:

All scraps are not the same; some are mild while some might turn into wounds. Look closely to assess the condition of the dog’s nose, and take the next step according to that. It is quite difficult to handle a dog still so, grab a leash to help yourself, or ask a friend to hold the dog so that it may not move unnecessarily.

Keep the dog calm:

While holding the dog, or putting a leash or muzzle on it, you should be gentle with the dog as any panicking behavior will terrify the dog as well. Also, use those commands to make the dog calm, which you have made it learn during the training such as, “sit” or “settle”.

Try to stop bleeding:

If the dog keeps on scrapping its nose persistently, the nose can result in bleeding as well.  In case of bleeding, no net directly use any medicine instead, use a clean towel or swab to put some pressure on the nose as, this aids in stopping the bleeding.

Clean the scraped nose:

No matter there is a wound or not, you should always prefer cleaning the dog’s scraped nose. The major reason behind it is that, if even there is an ignorable wound, the bacteria can invade and cause multiple serious infections. Use an antibiotic ointment, betadine, or iodine to clean the dog’s nose.

Avoid using Hydrogen peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide works excellent on humans scrape and cuts, but they aren’t good enough for a dog scrapped nose. It lowers the dog’s body’s healing capacity by killing most of the fibroblasts in it. Hence, it is not a good idea to use hydrogen peroxide

Protect the wound:

We can protect all the wounds on the dog’s body, but the nose is something crucial. Well, there is a way you can protect the nose if get wounded due to scrapes. Apply any antibacterial ointment on the dog’s nose to make it black and smooth again.

What are the signs which show the dog scraped nose?

If the dog has a mild scrapped nose, you will have to look too closely to identify it also, treating it is quite easy. However, if you observe any redness, inflammation, or a wound near the nose, this means the dog has scrapped its nose badly and now it has to face bad consequences.

How to prevent the dog from scrapping the nose?

You might be thinking of some way to get the do stop scrapping its nose. Well, the best solution is to take care of the problem. Whatever is causing the dog scraped nose, get rid of that thing to prevent any scrapes. Let us discuss some of the ways here.

Take care of seasonal allergies:

We have already discussed that multiple kinds of allergies promote itching in a dog’s nose, which results makes it scraping the nose. Well, to keep the dog away from allergens, remove all the stuff that can trap them. Allergens can be trapped in any fabric hence, keep washing the sheets and other clothes of the dog regularly also, never let it live on a carpet. Regular bathing will also prevent the trapping of allergens in the dog’s fur so the dog won’t have to scrap its nose.

Correct the habit:

If for any reason that dog starts scraping its nose but continues it even when to remove the cause behind it, then it is referring that the dog is near to build a habit of scraping its nose. This habit can leave the dog with a permanent scraped nose and can become a wound as well. Hence, always say “No” to the dog when it brings its paw near the nose. However, if it is not trained, then distracting it with toys and other stuff will help you a lot.

Let your dog wear something:

You make stop your dog from reaching their face by making them wear pet cones. Pet cones will make the dog a bit uncomfortable as they are extended beyond its face, but refrain it from scrapping its nose. Also, you can buy soft boots, or let the dog wear socks on its rear paws so that, it could not impose any pressure on the nose to scrap it.

Chew toys:

The dog can almost forget about the itching on the nose if you distract them with chew toys. Among all the above-mentioned methods, we prefer this one the most as it is safe as well as joyous for the dogs. Also, Kong toys aids in drawing the attention of the dog largely as they have treats inside them.

Is there any need to visit a vet for dealing with a dog’s scraped nose?

You don’t want that your dog’s nose to get infected by bacteria hence, after giving the first aid at home, you have to observe the dog’s nose closely. Look for any unusual signs and symptoms, and in case you find one, rush to the vet before it is late. Well, if you observe any swelling, inflammation, or pus in that area, then you should understand that visiting a vet is now quite compulsory.

How to treat a dog’s scraped nose?

The most important thing about a dog scrapped nose is that the owner should always stay calm. If you are confused then the dog will also get anxious and this will lead to more and more scrapping. After examining the condition carefully, you can decide that either you can treat the dog’s scrapped nose at home, or you want to visit a vet.

Treatment at home:

If the scrapes are mild, you can deal with them at home efficiently. Wash the nose with mild soap, and dry it with a soft towel gently. Then grab a first aid box, and clean the area of the nose. Disinfect the scraped nose using dilute betadine or iodine whereas, avoid using hydrogen peroxide as it aids in slow wound healing. Remove the hair around the nose so that it may not irritate the nose. Then apply an antibiotic ointment to soothe the dog, and promote fast healing.

Treatment by a vet:

In case of bleeding on a dog’s scraped nose, or any other serious sign, it is better not to delay your visit to the vet. The vet will do some examination on the dog’s nose, and address the underlying cause of it. Then depending on the cause, the vet will suggest treatment to it. Usually, it takes 7 days to heal the dog’s scraped nose, but if it becomes a wound, it can take 14 days to 3 weeks as well.

Bottom Line:

Dogs can scrape their nose, but there is always an underlying cause behind it. You should identify the cause and try to remove it so that, the dog may not develop the habit of scrapping its nose. Well, in case of serious wounds, visit a vet otherwise, keep cleaning the nose and keep it safe from any allergens or bacteria. Lastly, it is best to take the possible preventive measures to make sure the dog does not scrap its nose again and again as it can lead to various problems as well.

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