What Does Fully Vetted Means?

When you want to adopt a pet,  “fully vetted” means that your desired pet is all set and approved to go in your hands. Before adoption,  you want to make everything clear and it’s kind of important too.

What does fully vetted means

What does fully vetted means?

Fully vetted means that the pet has been examined by a vet and approved for adoption. Although the definition of vetted includes “clinically approved” but it is a rather broad term when things come to pet adoption.

When you go for pet adoption,  certain assurances are needed. Before Adopting a new dog, you need to prepare yourself for a new companion.  The term fully vetted dog can mean

  • that vet has fully examined and cleared the dog from the risk of existing and potential diseases.
  • The dog has received proper veterinary care and visits.
  • A dog is properly vaccinated, spayed, or neutered.
  • The dog is maybe heartworm tested, microchipped, or dewormed.

Only claiming “fully vetted” may not be enough.  You must demand proof for the dog’s vaccination to keep a check if the dog has been given booster shots or if some vaccination date is still due.

What are the benefits of adopting a fully vetted dog?

Adoption is not just a spontaneous act.  It comes with a lot of thought process where at some point you have decided to open to your heart for someone else. You may have dreamt a lot about having a companion you have always wanted to be with you. Adoption is a decision based on many little dreams,  wishes, and desires for a new buddy.

  • The term Fully vetted assures that your friend-to-be is a perfect fit for your family and home.
  • Is healthy and fully vaccinated.
  • Will not cause any harm or heartbreak.
  • Has no emotional adjustment issue.

When you adopt a dog who is sick,  it can lead to heartbreaks and hefty amounts at the vet. Also, emotionally unstable pets, make things difficult for the owner to handle.

What things are included in “fully vetted”?

When adoption shelters or breeders say that the dog is fully vetted,  it can mean many things. You are the one who should ask for proof and must know what their ‘fully vetted’ means. Be specific on demanding documented proofs of dog’s vaccination and asking questions.

A “fully vetted dog” may include all or some of the following things.

If the Dog is neutered?

When you adopt a male dog,  neutered means that dog is altered and not capable Of impregnating other female dogs.

If the dog is Spayed?

A female dog,  when becomes an adult goes through hormonal changes and feels heat and desires to find a male dog to mate. If you don’t bother to ask,  she could impregnate herself with any other dog she might find.  It could also result in giving birth to mixed-breed puppies.

Locking up your female dog while on heat is a kind of torture. A spayed female dog doesn’t go through a heating process. You must ask the adoption shelter if a female dog is spayed or you might have to adopt those teeny weeny cute pups of some roadside Romeo later on.

Proof of core vaccination

Core vaccinations are given to all dogs to prevent them from deadly diseases like parvo,  rabies or Hepatitis, etc.

Booster shots

When a puppy reaches 6 weeks,  booster shots are given every three to four weeks until the puppy becomes 20 weeks of age. After that, they receive two doses within one month. When the dog reaches adult age, they will be given booster shots every 4 years.

If you are planning to adopt a baby pup,  you must know its history of receiving booster shots.

Non-core Vaccines

Non-core vaccines are given based on the dog’s geographical location and lifestyle. If your puppy has received non-core vaccines,  it can save you quite a money.

Dog is dewormed

This is important to ask. Worms are not only a threat to dogs but also humans and since they are contagious you must adopt a dewormed dog. Deworming assurance might also include fecal examinations to ensure there is no existence of parasites.

The dog is free from flee and ticks

Flees and ticks found in a newly adopted dog can be a trauma to the owner and it can lead to adoption regret too. Ensuring if your dog has received proper care and accessories like a dog collar are your right to ask.


The dog is implanted with a microchip to track down its location and find out its owner in case if it’s lost. Knowing if the dog is microchipped is important. A microchip must be registered to the owner’s name and address. If the dog is already microchipped,  it will be transferred in the name of a new owner.

Is fully vetted approval enough for an adopted dog?

Well,  fully vetted is perceived as adopting a healthy dog. But even if the dog has proof of being fully vetted,  you must see your veteran within 24 hours of adoption. He will ensure that your dog is still fine and things haven’t changed a lot since its last vet visit.

When you are paying for adoption fees,  you must receive all the benefits that come with it. The shelter will provide you details of which of these above-mentioned fully vetted terms are included in the adoption of a specific puppy. Like, maybe the dog has received vaccinations but is still not spayed or neutered yet due to health conditions. Or if the dog has been tested for worms and found positive. Now the owner will pay for further treatment. The shelter must make it all clear.

Well, there is another aspect that can’t be ignored. Fully vetted assurance often includes a physical health overview of your pet. What about psychological issues?  These must also be included while giving pets for adoption. Sometimes pets are hard to handle. They can show dramatic changes in their behavior when moved to a new place.  Fully vetted doesn’t include veteran checkups only,  the shelter also gives you information about how friendly a pet is or how easily it adjusts in a new home. Many pet owners have returned the adopted pet because it was unable to adjust to a new environment.

Our advice!

It’s your right to ask for a fully vetted pet. As you are going to invest financially and emotionally in a new homie so you need to know what are you investing in.

Wish you luck to adopt the suitable one!

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