Great Dane Cane Corso Mix Daniff All you Need to Know

Both the great Dane and cane Corso Italiano are mastiff breeds that act as both companions and protective dogs. When they are crossed,  the great dane cane Corso mix puppy turns out very friendly and intelligent dog.

great dane can corso coats

Great Dane Corso mix

This hybrid is a wonderful addition to designer dog breeds. Both the parents are large companion dogs.  The reason to breed a great dane Corso mix is also to have a companion dog who is friendly yet protective. Let’s see how parents are the best choice to do this cross and what to expect in a great dane cane Corso mix puppy.

Great Dane

As the name suggests, the Great Danes are very large dogs and their size can be 32 inches long. The dog is overall gentle,  friendly, and alert. Their giant size and alert nature make them very good watchdogs.  Great Danes are the 16th most desirable dog breed but owning this much larger breed,  requires some serious commitment.

Cane Corso Italiano

Cane Corso Italiano is a breed of Italian mastiffs and is the 32nd most popular breed. The breed links back to Roman times and their name mean “bodyguard”. Cane Corso’s ancestors were war dogs and their brave and alert nature is a key to their “bodyguard” instincts. They are also large dogs who are up to 28 inches tall. Cane Corso is a very friendly and intelligent protective dog.

Both great dane and cane Corso are ideal parents if you want the puppy to be smart,  alert,  focused, and an excellent watchdog.

Great Dane cane Corso mix

Great Dane Corso mix has parents who are popular for their guarding abilities. Their hybrid is an ideal mix to create a brave yet tame dog who can serve equally well both as a family dog and a protector.

These dogs are huge and the best part is they are totally unaware of it when it comes to being lovey-dovey just like huskies who love to cuddle. They will show affection as any other small dog and may even try to sit in your lap. Oops!  Be aware if you have small kids at home.

Great Dane cane Corso mix traits:

Great Dane is an ideal choice if you have a large space and you want to keep a friendly protector. The beauty of cross-breeding is that in such breeding the fetus will take “good” traits from both parents.  So let’s see how these dogs have combined the best qualities of his parents but Before that a short summary of who they are?

great dane cane corso daniff

TraitsItalian Daniffs
Size35-36 inches
Coat typeShort, less dense
Coat colorBlack, White, Brown, Fawn, Beige
TemperamentFriendly, loyal, protective
Exercise2 hours daily
TrainingEasy to train
Working abilitiesGreat work dogs
CostAbove $1000
GroomingDoesn’t require spa sessions
Recommended?Not to first-time owners
Life expectancy8-12 years


Great Dane cane Corso mix puppy is called “Italian Daniff“.  A powerful name for a powerful dog!

Great Dane Cane Corso mix Size

Since both the parents are very tall,  expect the Italian Daniff to be their better version in every sense. An adult Italian Daniff is expected to be 35-36 inches tall.  Wow, a true giant!

Weight of Italian mastiff

This hybrid is not only large but also heavy. Although they have a strong built, their weight is not any less. They can be up to 68 kgs. Handling this heavy dog doesn’t only requires a duty but also a responsibility.


Italian daniffs are giants. Their size is impressive. They have strong bodies and short straight coats. The puppy will resemble more to great dane inbuilt. However, the chest area will be more like cane Corso. The dog is expected to have brown eyes and a black nose. Ears will be floppy and the muzzle will be more outward shaped. This dog has a classy gait and overall it will have a strong built and muscular body.

Coat color

Italian Daniffs can come in any color from black to white and brown hues to fawn tints. Their coats can also show a mix of these colors. Mostly they take the coat color of any of the parents.

However in great dane cane Corso, white is the rarest color.

great dane cane corso height

Great Dane cane Corso mix temperament

Italian daniffs are friendly and despite their big size, they may act sluggish. Their appearance is powerful but their laziness is sometimes totally unexpected. These are loyal dogs but their behavior tendencies depend on their parents. So it’s important to know the temperament of parents before the cross.

One of the parents,  Cane Corso is a very “demanding dog”. They have great social needs and they want you to treat and pamper them 24/7. These dogs are sensitive but also alert in nature. They won’t allow any stranger to pass without going noticed. Cane Corso has a legacy of war dogs and their guarding nature has a lot of aggression too.

The other parent, Great Dane is a sweet, gentle, and kind dog. They don’t crave attention like cane Corso but want to stick with their owners all the time. So basically they demand affection all the time and don’t hesitate to show it too. Great Danes are not aggressive” by default”. So their puppy is also expected to be gentle.

Italian daniff is expected to be more like a Great Dane when it comes to temperament. It will have an aggressive side but clearly, the kind side will dominate more. These dogs make very good watchdogs which means they will be friendly unless they sense a threat. In that case,  you will see their Cane Corso side.

Exercise needs

Italian mastiffs have large bodies, they must exercise for 2 hours daily. It is also important for them to stay fit as obesity will cause a lot of problems. You can divide their exercise routine into half-hour sessions or long walks, brisk walks and fun activities, etc.

Work abilities

Italian daniffs are excellent work dogs. Their size,  skills, and genetic traits,  all point towards their purpose of existence… “Being a great work dog”.

These dogs have a lot of energy.  Their “quick to act” ability makes them good watchdogs. They are intelligent and alert which makes them easy to train.


Italian tariffs will quickly learn everything. They are easy to train and learn the commands well. Start training them at an early age and teach them about socialization. Like how they are supposed to behave near kids or what to do if they encounter strangers?

Also, It’s important to teach them to “obey ” you. Otherwise, their giant size could be a problem if they had started ignoring you. These dogs are massive in size and they demand a lot of exercise and playful activities.

If you can’t handle a huge dog,  consult professional training institutions to train your dog.

great dane cane corso vs pitbull

Are Italian daniffs safe around kids?

Yes!  They are safe behavior-wise which means they are good around kids and bond well.  The problem here is their giant size. Since these dogs are quite bigger than an average toddler and are very affectionate too, so you need to be careful. The dog may try to sit on a toddler which is dangerous.


Keeping all the other factors in control,  the Italian daniffs live longer than their parents. However,  they are large dogs and can have certain health issues that affect all large dogs. Some common health issues are

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Bloating and gastrointestinal issues
  • Spine issues
  • Epilepsy
  • Eye diseases

Since these dogs are bigger, it’s important to feed them full nutrition and supplements. This keeps their body and bones strong.

Great Dane cane Corso mix Life span

Italian mastiffs are expected to live from 8-12 years.

Great Dane cane Corso mix puppies for sale

You can find these dogs at any reputable breeder or shelter.  There are few things that you must keep in mind before buying an Italian mastiff

  • Don’t go for a cheaper one in the litter. They may look adorable and fine but sometimes there could be hidden illnesses.
  • Invest wisely and buy from a reputable breeder only.
  • Always investigate the parents before adopting the puppy. The puppy will not only adopt the appearance or characteristics but temperament from them too.

Why you should adopt an Italian mastiff?

Italian mastiffs are sweethearts. Go for them

  • If you are a true dog lover.
  • Can handle their responsibility and
  • Wants a loyal watchdog

They are the best dogs because

  • Their companionship abilities are excellent.
  • They protect their owners to any extent.
  • These dogs can sense threats before anyone else.
  • Their giant size will keep the enemies at bay.
  • They are good with family bonding.
  • Despite their large size,  their coat doesn’t shed much. So no more hair everywhere.
  • They don’t need much grooming as other long-haired or densely coated dogs.
  • These dogs don’t even bark a lot or unnecessarily which makes them a darling!

Reasons why Italian mastiff is not for you?

  • They are giant.
  • You have small kids at home and you may need to leave the dog with them.
  • If you can’t afford their food budget because they will eat according to their size.
  • These dogs are not good for apartment residents. Their bigger size demands a wide space where they can flourish and enjoy playtime.

Great Dane cane Corso cost

This is totally up to the breeder. Some breeders charge you thousands. The minimum Great Dane Cane Corso mix price for a puppy is $1000-$1200. A price less than that is a red flag.

Is the Great Dane cane Corso mix registered somewhere?

One of the parents, Cane Corso was recognized by AKC just about twelve years ago. While both the parents are purebred and AKC recognized Dog registry of America inc.  recognize Italian mastiff.

In short, Great Dane Cane Corso mix is a great giant dog. If you are ture dog lover and can handle one, go for it!

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