Oldest German Shepherd Dog

Reading about people who have lived more than the average life span is intriguing, but have you ever thought about who the oldest german shepherd is? Or like the oldest elephant?

For today, let us talk about the oldest german shepherd, the oldest german shepherd is around 15 years of age – it does not sound like a lot but if we convert it to human years then the oldest german shepherd is 105 years of age. Now that is impressive. And the oldest ever german shepherd was 18 years (yes do the human life math yourself). Although there is an account of a 20 year old GSD whose details are in this post but the claim is yet to be officially verified.

Where is the current oldest German shepherd?

The current oldest german shepherd is Zac – who was found in Scotland’s care home. His carers say that age is just a number for Zac and he is still young at heart (and his tail still cannot stop wagging).

If you are a dog owner and you want your dog to be the oldest german shepherd, then you will have to take care of its health and overall life quality.

How old is a five-year-old dog in human years?

A five-year dog is 40 years old in human years. Yes, it is fascinating but sadly these furballs do not have long lifespans. Here is a table that you can check to track the age of your dog in human years.

Age of your dogAge of your dog in human years
1 year15 years
2 years25 years
3 years30 years
4 years35 years
5 years40 years

Is my Dog Old?

This is a valid question to ask if you are worried about the age and health of your dog. If your dog is 1-5 years old then it is good to go and not old as you can tell from their energetic habits.

However, once your dog goes past that and enters year 7 – it can show some signs of old age.

And around 10 years, your dog qualifies as a senior dog. At this age, it will be the most vulnerable and will require your utmost love and care.

On the other hand, some dogs are not bound by their age as they remain active up until their last days.

Should I Adopt An Old German Shepherd?

There is no straight answer to this question. Older dogs required more care and they cannot move around as much as their younger fellows. If you can manage the time and put in the effort to take care of an old german shepherd, then you should go for it.

However, if you are not able to take time out for all this – then it is better to not adopt an older german shepherd.

But, some of the dogs are not worn off by old age and prove to be better pets because they are less likely to break things at your house.

If you are looking to adopt, your best bet will be to visit the dog first and see for yourself. You may like a senior dog more than a young puppy.

What are the factors that affect the lifespan of german shepherds?

Similar to other animals or humans, a few reasons can affect the lifespan of your german shepherd. We have listed a few of them below.

What They Eat

Even though the diet of your dog is crucial to their longevity, some pet owners do not pay close attention to it. If your dog is eating an inadequate diet that lacks minerals and nutrients, it can make them weak and reduce their immunity.

This can lead to several health problems which will reduce their lifespan and the quality of their life. To avoid this, you should do proper research and consult a vet for a diet plan for your dog. It will ensure the health of your dog, which will lead to a longer lifespan.

Living Conditions

Sadly, many dogs are often forced to be on the streets. This can lead to many health issues both mental and physical. On top of this, the dogs will not get enough food to satisfy their hunger which will make them weaker and immunocompromised.

On the other hand, some dog owners are also not considerate about the living conditions of their dogs. It can be a factor that both increases and reduces the lifespan of a german shepherd.

If you are a dog owner, make sure that they are living in a suitable environment will all the basic necessities.


According to vets, your german shepherd should get an adequate amount of exercise every month. This can include playing games or just going for a walk. If your German shepherd spends most of its time in one place and does not exercise regularly, it can reduce its lifespan.

To counter this, you should make sure you take your dog for a walk every other day and plan out activities (pick a ball and frisbee) for them so they can get some exercise while having fun.


Breeders opt for various breeding methods. For example, inbreeding or line breeding. However, according to research, german shepherds that are bred through inbreeding have shorter life spans in comparison to line-bred dogs.

You should always look into the documents of your dog (if available) to check if they are lin3 bred or inbred. Although this should not impact your decision of adopting them, as all dogs are worthy of having a house. This is just a reason that can have an impact on their lifespan.

Another Oldest German Shepherd

Another record of the oldest german shepherd dog called Abby. She has unfortunately passed away in 2018 but according to her owner, she lived a staggering 20 years. If this is true then the dog age was 160 in human years. Here is a snap of her:

oldest german shepherd dog


There are many different sources that quote different ages when mentioning the oldest German shepherd in history or current times. But, the oldest one currently is Zach who was 15 in 2017 ( now 20).

We all love our dogs, and to make sure that they live as long as Zach or the other oldest german shepherds in history – you can keep a close eye on their diet and exercise.

But, after all this, your dog can also get sick and have a shorter lifespan. So, do your best and spend some quality time with your german shepherds while they are here with you.

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