Do Huskies like Snow?

Yes, Huskies like snow because they were initially bred and raised to live in snowy areas but there are some terms and conditions you must take into consideration. And by snowy areas, we mean Siberia and Antarctica…

do huskies like snow

Do huskies like snow?

Huskies were bred by Siberian people who needed them for multi-purposes. Siberian huskies served them as a mode of transportation in a tough region, companion in hard times, and a partner in entertaining activities. The love of snow is encoded in their DNA. They are the sons of the White castles.

How huskies can survive snow?

Well, in a cold region like Siberia, people needed animals who can survive in this chilling and cold. There is so much frost everywhere that sometimes it’s hard to see one meter ahead. Siberian huskies have physical features that support their living in a tough region like Antarctica.

To survive in this cold, Huskies needed body fur to protect them and keep them warm. They developed a double coat. The upper layer acts as a protective shield. It keeps the snow away. and the inner layer acts as an insulator. It keeps the body warm for a long time.

Also, huskies have webbed feet. You need a different kind of grip on snow. Ice is slippery, melting, and cold. To walk on ice huskies developed a thin webbing in their feet. This webbing is different from other webbed feet animals who use webbing to float and swim. Siberian huskies’ webbing gave them a strong grip on snow keeping their feet warm.

That is how huskies survived snow and frost.

Why do huskies love snow?

Don’t we all love from where our roots grow?  This is because we are built in this way.  Nature has made us all comfortable in our ecosystem. Huskies were bred in cold. It’s in their genes to love snow. Their body allows them to tolerate the freezing temperatures for up to -60°.

And apart from that, it’s a little fun to run, play and walk-in snow and Huskies love it!

Do huskies like to sleep in the snow?

Yes! We all see fantasy movies where a dragon is sleeping on a treasure, cuddled in his tail. Huskies are that dragon,  except you will love them in that posture. They love sleeping in the snow with their tail wrapped around their neck. Their body fur keeps them warm and cozy.


This should not be for extended periods or a permanent practice. Huskies can live outside for longer periods but we don’t recommend too much exposure to cold. To survive that long in cold,  they must be very well fed and healthy or else they will get sick.

How “Huskies in Siberia” are different from “our Huskies”?

Well,  our huskies don’t live in Siberia anymore. Is there any difference?  Yes.  Huskies are known to be adaptive in different temperatures. They can survive chilling frost and they can tolerate moderate to hot temperatures. But how do they do this?

Huskies adjust their coats according to the ecosystem they are living in. In cold,  they develop dense thick coats.  When they live in moderate to hot temperatures,  they shed the inner layer to keep the body cool.

Our huskies are different in a way that when we keep our husky indoor,  it sheds away its coat. But when we train our husky to stay outside,  it will develop the inner coat again. How magical!

If huskies like snow,  do they like rain too?

Well,  snow and rain are different things. Huskies can survive snow but they may doesn’t bear rain. Why?  Because their outer coat allows them to keep hard things like snow away.  Meanwhile, the inner coat keeps them warm.

Whereas, Rain seeps into their coats and makes their body moist. Now the inner coat will trap the moisture inside and make the dog sick. So if huskies are good in snow,  it doesn’t mean they are good in the rain too. If your husky is wet in rain,  dry him as early as possible.

What temperatures huskies can bear?

Huskies have good temperature tolerance. They can survive up to -60° cold and can live up to 26° C in moderate temperatures.

Do huskies get frostbite?

We have heard about frozen death. When a thing gets too cold,  it dies. You might have experienced this with your vegetables in the refrigerator.  Where after a certain time,  the vegetables get frosted and lose their taste and texture. Huskies are bred for snow and they keep the cold at bay because of their paws and fur. The cushioning under their feet keeps them warm and fur under the paws keeps the cold away from getting inside the body.

But of course, there is a limit of tolerance for every living thing. Huskies can live and survive snow for a comparatively long time than other animals or dog breeds. Still, if exposed for longer periods,  huskies can get frostbite.

How to know that husky is feeling cold?

Huskies like snow,  that is fine. But they are no exception from getting sick. Even a simple rain can make them sick. When your husky gets cold,  it will shake and tremble. Also, it will make a specific body posture to keep itself warm and pressed against its body fur.

When a husky is wet,  we recommend that dry him as early as possible even if you have to keep him in front of a fan.

Do Siberian Huskies like the cold weather?

Yes,  as long as it’s dry and cold,  huskies love living in the snow.  It’s better to keep huskies outdoor. Although they can be adjusted indoors too a little exposure to being who they are is welcomed.

Can you take your husky to snow?

Yes.  He will love it. Let him explore his ancestral gift. Your husky will enjoy the little chilling session.

How to keep your Husky outside in the snow?

Well,  direct contact with the snow is not recommended even if huskies are ok with it. The longer exposure will make the husky sick. If you want to keep husky outside in snowy weather,  make a kennel for him. The kennel must be of suitable size so it can adjust the dog but not very open or airy. Your dog needs protection from rain or melting snow too.

Don’t ever put a blanket in the dog’s kennel to keep him warm. He will bring moisture along with his body in a form of snow. When the snow will melt,  it will make the fabric wet. This can make your dog sick. Instead,  you can let your dog enjoy his coat as a blanket.

That was enough for huskies and their connection with snow. Now you know your husky love snow. So we suggest taking him on a little vacation where you can enjoy snow skating and your husky can re-live its ancestral gift.

Happy vacation!

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