Purina One Large Breed Puppy Food Warning

Are you concerned with the well-being of your dog? Every dog food comes with some warnings and precautions. Purina one is a high-quality food brand that most dog owners choose to feed their little companions. Do you have a large dog breed like at your home? If yes, then you are at the right place! Just like every other dog food, it is essential to understand the Purina one large breed puppy food warning. Let’s dig into all the warnings of Purina One large breed puppy food.

purina one large breed puppy food warning

Purina On large dog food Ingredients and their effects:

Warnings of pet food are directly related to its manufacturing and ingredients. When some of the ingredients are not healthy for the dog or can cause severe consequences, they become a warning for the dog. What’s more? Also, if some unsuitable manufacturing methods are used to make the dog food, that can affect the dog’s health. What’s the case with Purina, one large breed puppy food? Let’s see!

Usually, Purina One Large breed puppy food benefits the dog, but in some cases, it has shown adverse effects on the stomach and liver of the dogs. Why is that so? The owners have no idea about the ingredients, and they let their dogs eat food without doing proper research. For those dog owners, we are here going to do a little research on how some controversial ingredients are harmful to the dog’s health.

Garlic Oil:

Garlic may be a controversial ingredient of the Purina One Large breed puppy food. Maybe? What does that mean? While most of the vet nutritionists have explained the benefits of garlic, we are not sure if it is entirely adverse for the dog or not.

But the controversial thing about it is that when garlic reacts with oil, they have a chemical relationship that can affect the dog. These experts have linked garlic with Heinz body anemia in dogs, which is quite rare but possible. However, the small amounts of garlic haven’t shown any severe warnings in the case of Purina, one large breed puppy food warning.


Probiotics are pretty necessary for dogs and should be present in their food as they boost up the pup’s immune system, helps in absorption, and prevent diarrhea. But we have not found and presence of Probiotics in Purina, one large breed puppy food warning. So lack of friendly bacteria is a Purina One large breed puppy food warning.


Minerals present in the Purina One Large breed puppy food are not chelated. Why is it so crucial for them to be cheated? Well, Chelated minerals are bounded with any organic acid or amino acid, which requires minor acid release from the stomach, and the food is absorbed readily. But in this case, as the minerals aren’t chelated, many acids are released from the stomach that can cause stomach pains afterward. As non-chelated minerals are components of poor-quality dog food, this is a Purine One large breed puppy food warning.


What’s Menadione? Menadione is a contended sort of Vitamin K. The controversy here is that Menadione is present in Purina One large breed puppy food. It makes the dog prone to the abnormal breakdown of RBCs, allergic reactions, and liver toxicity. As mentioned earlier, most people with complaints state that their dog had a liver failure. Well, this may be the cause. Check before giving the food to your dog if it can tolerate Purina one or not.

Fish meal:

Fish meal is an essential ingredient of the Purina One dog food as it contains about 300% more protein as compared to the fresh fish. Well, the concern here about the fish meal is that one is not sure about its source. Different fish meals have other fats, and we don’t know what fat is good for our dog. What’s more? Usually, by-products of commercial fish operations are used to make fish meals.

Also, ethoxyquin is a chemical that is contended in Purina One dog food. It is a preservative used for fish meals, and it is added before the manufacturing process. It might be the reason they do not mention it as an ingredient and tell its concentration. If only trace amounts are used, then it is not a concern, but it may be alarming in another way. While the Purina One has not even mentioned that their dog food is free from ethoxyquin.

Animal Fat:     

Another ingredient of Purina, one large breed puppy food, is animal fat. The same high-temperature process mentioned earlier to make meat meals is rendered by animal fat, a generic by-product. The matter of concern here is that it is never noted which kind of animal fat does the Purina One consists of. They can use the one from dying or diseased cattle, spoiled supermarket meat, salvaged roadkill, or from anywhere unsafe. It makes animal fat a low-quality ingredient of Purina, One large breed puppy food.

Wheat and Corn:

Although inexpensive, corn and wheat are still considered controversial due to their modest nutritional value to the dog. These ingredients are never liked by any dog owner in the dog food for specific reasons, but they are present in Purina One, another Purina One Large breed puppy food warning.

Poultry by-product meal:

What is poultry by-product meal, and how is it controversial? Poultry by-product meal is basically the dry matter sourced from all the waste of slaughterhouses when there is nothing beneficial left. Now what kind of waste can it be? It can be undeveloped eggs, beaks, feet, and a lot more dirty stuff. It is pretty evident that all these things are not good at all for the dog’s health. Hence, the chicken by-products lower the quality of the dog food and are one of the Purina One large breed puppy food warnings.

Added Coloring:

We know that caramel coloring is natural as caramel itself is a natural ingredient and caramelizing carbohydrates is not that much of a concern. Then what’s the catch? We use caramel coloring to give a golden brown shade to the dog food for better presentation and finishing. But have someone considered its side effects? If the caramel coloring is used in a concentrated form, it can be more than worse for the dog. It is controversial, but its concentrated form has caused cancers to the dogs in few cases, and lab test results have confirmed the issues.

Why is that so? Dogs do not appeal to colorful things when it comes to food. The food companies only do this to appeal to the dog owners, which is in Purina One as well. So, even if the food color is natural, we don’t consider it healthy, warning.

Dried peas:

Dried peas are one of the significant components of dog food. But how are they controversial? Although they offer suitable dietary fibers and carbohydrates, they can lead to conditions like diarrhea, vomiting, and even DCM if given in a concentrated amount.


The Purina, One large breed puppy food, contains soy, which is more concentrated and hazardous for the dog’s health. Not only is soy controversial, but it can compromise the entire endocrine system of the dog. More importantly, it is more dangerous for female dogs as compared to male ones. Why is that so? Research has shown soy intake causes disturbances in getting female dogs pregnant. So, it is good not to use a food containing soy in concentration.

Includes Corn, By-Products

Among all the warnings, the most concern is the presence of corn and poultry by-products in the Purina One large breed dog food. Although the good thing about the food brand is that its first ingredient is real meat, the use of corn and soybean makes its quality compromised.  For all intents and purposes, these food sources are known to be fillers, and Purina should plan to eliminate them for a superior survey.

A few dogs have had terrible responses to Purina One Large breed puppy food, likely because many canines have delicate stomachs that can’t cycle the corn, soy, and other side-effects present in large numbers of the Purina food varieties. It is a matter of concern; however, the food may be fine for your canine. Screen their advancement to be sure they’re dealing with the food well.

In this way, I would suggest that you considered utilizing the Instinct raw food varieties as an enhancement to a canine’s ordinary kibble for some additional protein and changed it up into its eating routine. Therefore, you can guarantee your puppy is getting every one of the supplements it needs for the most extreme energy and well-being.

Anti-Nutrients in Purina One large breed Puppy food:

Among all the ingredients, the three elements which are anti-nutrients include:

  • Soybean meal
  • Pea fiber
  • Dried peas

Bottom Line:

Purina One large dog breed food has many benefits, but it also has warnings due to some controversial ingredients. We have tried our best to let you know all the contended ingredients along with their associated signs. First, make sure your dog can tolerate the food and isn’t prone to the side effects, then try offering it Purina one as a diet.

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  1. Hi if this is all true and my puppy dies from feeding him Purina one .then someone at Purina will pay dearly.the plant in Dunkirk NY is only 30 minutes away from me.

  2. My 8 month old BullBoxer (I adopted 4.5 months ago is eating this and I am concerned, but don’t know what to feed her. Her stools sell “BAD” & are not as Solid as I believe that they should be. Any suggestions. She does have gas, but I have dealt with worse and more often gassy dogs…HELP!!!


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