Hills KD Dog Food Alternative

You may have seen a variety of commercial prescription dog food formulas that multiple vets recommend to cater to some of the common urinary problems including bladder stones and struvite crystals. The acidic content in these formulas helps in dissolving the crystals and stones inside the body also, preventing the formation of new ones. One of the most common and popular prescription brands is Hills Prescription Diet but, most people are not satisfied with it. We will discuss the cause later but right now, the important thing is that is there any Hills KD Dog food alternative available.

Unfortunately, there are not plenty of substitutes for Hills KD dog food, but we have some of the quality prescription brands, that can work well instead of Hills KD dog food. Let us have a look at Hills KD Dog Food alternative along with some other details of the commercial prescription dog food formula.

hills kd dog food alternative

Why is there not a lot of Hills KD Food alternatives?

Well, prescription dog food formulas take a lot of time to manufacture. A lot of research is done on different ingredients and aspects, and after that, a proper formula is finalized. Not every company has that much of a budget for experimentations and research hence, there are very few who spend money and make an authentic prescription dog food formula.

Why there is a need for a Hills KD dog food alternative?

We know that Hill KD dog food is quite beneficial as, it contains high levels of amino acids, concentrated omega fatty acids, controlled phosphorus, and low sodium amount. All of these ingredients make sure that the stress on the urinary tract is reduced, muscle mass is sustained, and the appetite is increased as well.

Besides this, many consumers of Hill KD dog food prescription complain that after they give their dog this food prescription, their dog faces some allergies. Research has shown that this prescription dog food formula contains higher fat levels, some allergens, and is costly as well. Hence, they are looking for any Hills KD dog food alternative.

Common Hills KD dog Food alternatives:

Here, we are going to discuss some of the quality alternatives for Hill KD dog food. Meeting AAFCO nutrient profiles for dogs, the formula of these alternatives is safe for your pup. We hope that your dog does not face any difficulty after consuming it. But still, it is good to consult the vet first to check if the prescription can affect the dog’s health in any way.

  • Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary diet:

Using natural ingredients, therapeutic nutrition is provided to your dog by Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet. The formula supports kidney function by its healthy composition with a controlled amount of minerals and proteins. The grain-free recipe makes it a healthy Hills KD dog food alternative. It consists of omega 3 fatty acids, L-carnitine, and an adequate amount of antioxidants.

Hills KD dog food formula contains grains to lower the level of protein in it. The grains including corn or gluten can serve as an allergen but the Blue Buffalo Natural Vet diet does not contain grains hence, is a nice alternative to Hills KD dog food. The protein in Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet is derived directly from chicken. But it doesn’t mean that the protein levels are higher than Hills KD dog food. Both possess almost the same protein levels as Blue buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet contains 14% protein whereas Hills KD has 12%.

  • Royal Canin veterinary Diet:

Royal Canin is quite similar to Hills KD dog food formula but is an ideal choice for all the picky dog owners who are not satisfied with the Hills KD dog food. The advanced texture and flavor of the wet food are usually liked by many dogs. The formula is safe for all dogs as its composition is very thoughtful. Low phosphorus concentration prevents the accumulation of minerals in the blood, which is very helpful for the kidneys.

To prevent multiple organs from oxidative stress, the formula includes antioxidants as well as omega 3 fatty acids. The calorie-dense formula does not have low protein content unlike other formulas, but a sufficient amount of proteins encourages a healthy appetite. So, your dog will not lose weight due to suppressed appetite while using this one.

  • Diamond care adult dog food:

One of the most major issues people face while having the Hill KD food was that it was too much costly. Well, Diamond care adult dog food is best for those customers as it is one of the most affordable dog food formulas among a wide range of products. The low price of this formula does not affect the quality at all so you can trust this for the health of your dog. By having this formula food, you can stick to your budget by getting rid of the overwhelmingly expensive products, but also give your dog proper nourishment.

Although the price of the Diamond care adult dog food is like half of the price of Hills KD dog food the formulation is quite similar. Less amount of phosphorus, high-fat content, and a low protein diet is all what this formula features. Also, the first ingredient of both the formula is the same, which is Brown rice. The diamond care dog food consists of some probiotics as well, which improves the digestive health of the dog largely.

  • Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets:

Another quality alternative for Hills KD dog food is Purina Pro Diet formula as it is formulated by keeping a lot of health risks in mind. The major difference between these two formulas is that Hills KD formula dog food contains high-fat content whereas, the Purina Pro has less fat content to prevent the risk of obesity. It contains healthy fat to some extent, but not in a high amount. Crude fat is 13% in Purina Pro Diet formula whereas Hills KD consists 19% of it hence if your dog is already overweight, or at the risk of being obese, this one is the right choice.

The sodium content is much lower than Hills KD dog diet formula as well. The most important thing one should keep in mind before buying this formula diet is that its first ingredient is corn. Hence, if your dog is anyhow allergic to corns, this one isn’t for you. The formula contains low protein content which is derived from egg products.

Other Hills KD Dog food Alternative:

  • Zesty Paws:

Unlike Hills KD dog food, zesty paws contain no corn, soy, or grain derivatives that may play a role of allergen. Also, the cranberry controls multiple infections for the better health of the dog. Probiotics promote healthy gut flora and digestive system whereas, minerals and vitamins boost immunity. Suitable for all ages, sizes, and breeds, the Zesty paws are good for liver and heart health as well. Lastly, joint and hip health is also supported by the intake of Zesty paws.

  • FirstMate formula:

First mate formula can be used as a Hills KD dog food alternative as, it does not contain any corn, wheat, or anything that can cause allergy to a sensitive pooch. Instead, the protein is directly sourced from lamb in an adequate amount. The low-calorie formula contains less fat and is healthy for the dog as well.

  • Nature’s Variety:

Containing no artificial colors or flavors, Nature’s variety dog food is a good alternative for Hills KD dog food. The first ingredient of the formula is meat. All the other ingredients are quite natural as the name refers. Fruits, vegetables, and all the healthy as well as natural ingredients of the formula aids in maintaining the good health of the dog by boosting immunity, providing nourishment, and preventing the risk of several diseases.

  • American Journey:

Free from soy, wheat, and corn, this grain-free dog food prescription is manufactured by following the Salmon and Sweet potato recipe. All the nutritious ingredients provide ultimate energy to your dog and keep it active all day long. The protein requirement of the dog is fulfilled by the deboned salmon and plenty of omega 3 fatty acids support the growth of the dog. Perfect for all the dogs which are prone to getting allergies, this dog food is a good Hills KD dog food alternative.

  • The Honest Kitchen:

Produced in a human food facility, the Honest Kitchen dog food is made up of all human food-grade ingredients such as apples, organic oats, turkey, and other natural food items. The top-notch quality and hygienic ingredients provide maximum nutrition to the dogs and are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. Soy, corn, wheat, preservatives, artificial flavors, GMO, fillers, there is no such ingredient in its formula that can compromise the dog’s health.

  • Taste of the wild pacific stream:

With quality real salmon as a first ingredient, the taste of the wild pacific stream dog food is a grain-free formula that can be a useful alternative for Hills KD dog food. Besides grains, some dogs do not feel comfortable having eggs or chicken and can develop allergies to them as well. This formula is best for those dogs as it does not contain any chicken or egg products in its ingredients. All the valuable ingredients including fruits and vegetables are sufficient for the nourishment of the dog. Lastly, probiotics play an important role in maintaining the good gut health of the dog.

  • Nom Nom pet food:

Offering you to customize the food for your dog, Nom Nom dog food is the favorite of most owners. You can choose among Turkey fare, Pork Potluck, Chicken Chow, and Beef mash according to the taste and health of the dog. All of them have a reasonable amount of calories and a high density of nutrients.

Bottom Line:

Hills KD dog food is a nice prescription diet for dogs suffering from kidney diseases. It supports good health and provides sufficient nutrients to maintain the good health of the dog. But many dog owners get scared that as this formula contains less amount of meat, their protein requirement is might not fulfilled. Hence, they want to switch the dog food with other substitutes, and want to find a Hills KD dog food alternative. Not much, but we have mentioned some of the possible substitutes for dog food. We hope that this will help you a lot.

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    I found your website to verify very helpful. My 8 year old Chocolate Lab has Kidney disease and the Hills formula is very expensive. I wanna do everything I can to keep her healthy but the cost of the food is tough on my budget right now because the cost of gas & human food does not stop increasing every week !!


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