F1 F2 F3 Labradoodle

f1 labradoodle

If you want to learn the meaning of Labradoodle, look closely; it’s in the name! F1 Labradoodles have long been the best choice of dog lovers for their adorable looks and warm personality. However, the only thing that confuses many people is the several generations of these dogs. But don’t worry, we have got your … Read more

Bloodhound and German shepherd Mix

german shepherd and bloodhound mix puppy

Breeders are crossing different breeds for centuries to get desired traits in puppies. Now, what is best than crossing a bloodhound with a German shepherd? The resulting puppy will have a skill set of German shepherd and tracking abilities from bloodhound. Quick Comparison German Shepherd Bloodhound Mix puppy AKC registered AKC registered Not recognized due … Read more

Do Huskies like to Swim?

do huskies like to swim

Hell no!  Huskies don’t like to swim. They are naturally resistant to water. We doubt they have a water phobia. (But don’t worry they are built this way). Why huskies don’t like to swim? Well,  we all know that little tale of having Siberian ancestors and how Huskies are super-heroes in the snow as they … Read more

Fluffy Frenchie – What is it?

fluffy frenchie

Who can think even bulldogs can look this cute?  Well,  check fluffies for yourself.  Fluffy Frenchies are unique and long-haired bulldogs. We know,  Bulldogs have this fierce look and are known for their “attitude ” face. Fluffy Frenchies have broken those stereotypes. These dogs have not only made their way to families but have also … Read more