Pomeranian Lab Mix

pomeranian lab mix puppy

Pomeranians are cute little friendly creatures. No doubt they are still considered royalty in pets. Labrador, on the other hand, has won the hearts of many. They are quite famous worldwide due to their skills and friendliness. Pomeranian Labrador mix puppies are sure going to be the best mix breeds dogs ever. How?  Let’s have a … Read more

Golden Retriever Eye Discharge

Golden retriever eye discharge

One of the most popular breeds in America, Golden retrievers were bred specially as a gundog. The breed is popular for its temperament, abilities, and looks. As they were bred to be “retrievers” their exposure to the outside environment brings a lot of uninvited problems too. Although eye discharge is common in dogs, golden retriever … Read more

Golden Retriever in Apartment

goldren retriever in apartment

Golden Retrievers are the friendliest companions one could ever ask for. Initially bred for retrieving purposes,  Golden Retrievers have proved themselves to be efficient as both work and family dogs. Today we are going to have an overlook if Golden Retriever is apartment friendly dogs or not. Well,  Golden retrievers can live in apartments. Given … Read more

Throwback Pomeranian

 Throwback Pomeranians are normal Pomeranians, just bigger. With time Poms have evolved to be small, cute, and friendly toy dogs. Throwback Pomeranian resembles more to their ancestors than modern-day poms. This means they are quite big with prominent ancestral traits as their ancestors were Spitz dogs who were larger dogs with heavy fur. Along the … Read more

German Shepherd Basset Hound Mix

German shepherd basset hound mix

Both German shepherd and basset hound are power pack parents. When they are crossed together,  expect the German shepherd basset hound mix puppy to be a brave,  intelligent and loveable dog. Let’s read how a German shepherd and Basset hound mix is a wonderful dog in every sense. German Shepherd Basset hound mix German shepherd … Read more