Do Huskies like Snow?

do huskies like snow

Yes, Huskies like snow because they were initially bred and raised to live in snowy areas but there are some terms and conditions you must take into consideration. And by snowy areas, we mean Siberia and Antarctica… Do huskies like snow? Huskies were bred by Siberian people who needed them for multi-purposes. Siberian huskies served … Read more

Oldest German Shepherd Dog

oldest german shepherd dog

Reading about people who have lived more than the average life span is intriguing, but have you ever thought about who the oldest german shepherd is? Or like the oldest elephant? For today, let us talk about the oldest german shepherd, the oldest german shepherd is around 15 years of age – it does not … Read more

What do Yorkies usually Die From

What do Yorkies usually die from

A dog’s death is a sheer heartbreak. Dealing with this trauma is so tough. Only a dog owner can know the pain of letting your kiddo go forever. Well, life is uncertain and usually, dogs have a life expectancy of 15years max. So your dog will say goodbye at some point. Death is inevitable but … Read more

Merle Poodle – Comprehensive Information

merle poodle fully grown up

You have seen intelligent,  classy, and charming poodles in many colors. If the term “merle” surprises you,  know that it’s a dog that has light and dark patches on its entire coat. However,  being merle is more than just a coat color. So merle poodles are dogs who look like merle but have an entire … Read more

Doberman Husky Mix – Dobsky

 Doberman husky mix is proof why mixed breed dogs are so legit!. Both Doberman and Husky have earned their fame as being the best dogs and when they combine…whoop.. magic happens! Woof woof!! Doberman Husky mix This playful and extremely adorable mix is what any dog parent would want in their puppy. Let’s read how … Read more


physical appearance of ddr german shepherds

Since world wars, the DDR German shepherds, also known as East German shepherds, have been popular yet valuable in many ways. At that time, these dogs specifically worked for the military, but afterward, it was considered helpful for several other purposes. DDR German shepherds played a significant role in Police Force, and cops liked the dog … Read more

What were Yorkies bred for?

What were Yorkies bred for

 Yorkshire terriers are one of beauty. Their silky luscious coats, uniquely submerging tints, and their lovable traits have won the hearts of many. They are surely a delight to eyes but what were Yorkies bred for? Well, other than their good looks they are easy to train and are a loyal companion to humans. Here … Read more